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[Vocal Profile] Christina Aguilera

Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano
Vocal Range: 4 octaves. C3- C7
Whistle Register:Yes
Longest Note: 20 seconds - 'At last' (live)
Vocal Pluses: Christina Aguilera is in possession of a nimble and dexterous voice that is most known for its intricate melisma, slides and edgy belts. The Diva is able to jump between the different parts of her range with ease and swiftness, while possessing the stamina and breath control to sustain notes for extended periods of time [At Last (live)]. Holding these notes, she often forgoes any vibrato [Ain't No Other Man / Let There Be Love]. But when she does choose to add it, she favours a non-traditional, stop/start technique and a seesawing jaw to create the effect. It's a choice that results in a wider vibrato than some of her contemporaries.

The midrange is where the Diva’s singing most mirrors her actual speaking voice, with little to no affectations added. It Leads up from the breathy low register with an easy, light, feminine sound, and a sweet lyrical quality [Birds of Prey]. However, it is entirely possible for it to take on the thick and weighty tone associated with the Diva’s lower belting range by moving the larynx out of the neutral position [Prima Donna].

The texture of the belted notes is variable. The Midrange belts are often full and heavy, with a nasal placement and an almost congested sound [Blank Page]. As the voice climbs, a coarse, throaty edge is more than often heard, as the larynx is pulled up to create the desired sound [Sing For Me]. This roughness can be eliminated, and a more stable and cleaner tone produced, by managing the balance of the chest and head voice [Nobody Wants To Be Lonely]. Whichever way the Diva belts in the upper fifth octave the sound produced is lighter and sheds resonance the higher she goes (though more so with the "mixed" style).

Aguilera is in possession of an extensive head voice that stretches up into what is conventionally considered whistle register territory [The Voice]. These notes are usually breathy, sweet and light, with an airy, falsetto-like quality [Hurt]. This timbre doesn’t lend itself to crescendos- since the volume remains moderately soft- but she is able to solidify the tone to create a sharper, more incisive one [contrast: airy tone / incisive ]. Whatever style she uses, she is able to conduct intricate, fast melisma [Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ] here and jump into it easily from other parts of the range

Vocal Negatives: The higher, coarser chest notes- above a C5- tends to be forced, pulled and unhealthy. They also lack stability because of this technique, potentially leading to the voice "cracking". 

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  1. No offense, but Christina never was and never will be a soprano. To this day, that is perhaps the most laughable claim there is about her voice. Not only does she have a vocal timbre characteristic of a mezzo, but ALL of her power rests in the lower/middle register; that is also where her intonation is the strongest and she has the most color. The last note she can really even get away with in pure chest is E5, and that's with her pushing hard; above that is mixed; and mostly head-driven at that. Her technique (breath support and placement) are good....but she is not a soprano.

  2. Her "whistle" notes are more like falsetto; the kind that you can reach just from screaming. The only difference is, she practiced hers and sort of "forged" it into an area of her range. But it's nothing special, and nothing that requires a high vocal range, as it is DISCONNECTED; you don't even need to be a female, much less a SOPRANO to reach those notes in that register. Just run a search on youtube for "Christina Aguilera whistle register vs youtube."

  3. She doesn't use the whistle registry but so what? Alot of people consider being able to hit c#6 and higher using headvoice rather than whistle register more skillful because they don't have to disconect to hit them and if they can mix well they can smoothly go back into chest voice from headvoice.

  4. Christina Aguilera has the most beautiful singing voice of all times.I am amazed at how perfect she can sing.The way she belts out a note so perfectly and can sing both high and low notes effortlessly.She makes even the greatest singers sound plain.Not to mention she is an incredible songwriter,dancer and is a creative genius.And to top all of that she is such a sweet,strong,confident,smart woman who does'nt care what anybody thinks.And knows there is nothing wrong with being sexy and isnt afraid to be herself.

  5. her whistle register is definitely not disconnected...as a matter of fact, when she accesses that register, it's often through scales and it's actually VERY connected...although i agree, that her timbre is more of a mezzo...

  6. Some of her notes can reach Soprano level although it is not in the comfort zone. Mezzo is her "speaking" range.

    She did some whistle registers like in Soar (Stripped) and Hello (live). Others are just falsettos.

    I think her vocal runs are good especially when polished. Her melismas are stronger as compared to Mariah's whispering melismas.

  7. Mariah 'whispering melismas' ???

    I think you need to see a doctor.

    Carey's melismas on Butterfly,Outside,etc. are outside Aguilera's solar system.

  8. Она божественна...Но,у меня один вопрос,вы заметили,в её голосе сила выражается чем-то типо "рычания"...Я сама занимаюсь вокалом и очень хочу научится такому приёму,кто-нибудь может помочь!?!?!?

  9. I translated the above comment as best I could and it read ;
    "It is divine... But, I have one question, you have noticed, in its voice force is expressed something типо "growls"... I am engaged in a vocal and very much I want will learn such reception, somebody can help!?!?!?"

    There is a tutorial on how to growl when singing here "http://learn2sing.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-growl-like-christina-aguilera.html"

  10. Shes definitley a mezzo. She can hit pretty deep notes, and shes the most powerful in the mid- range. Of course she can also hit quite high notes, but theyre most of the time belted notes.

  11. yes! mezzosopranos can sing as high as sopranos, the difference is in the lows and in the colour of their voice! :)

  12. ok guys I concede! Will change the vocal fach!

  13. To be fair guys out of all of the divas Xtina is one of the most difficult to place. Sure she could be a Mezzo as technically she has that range but its rare for a lot of contemporary Mezzos to get up to the 7s. I would say due to the sharp and powerful cutting force she uses to reach her higher registers she could possibly be a Spinto Soprano but then as she does tend to scream now and again thats not surprising. As for the Mariah comparisons - thats pointless as MC can get into her upper registers easily without such blatant brutality to our ears lol but then Mariah was trained to sing by her mother who just so happens to be an opera singer, so guess its down to better technique all round. Stuey

  14. Christina is most definitley a spinto soprano. She a very strong recording voice as well as a powerful live voice. Her studio range is Bb2-C#7. Her live range is Bb2-A6. That is proof of her strong vocls

  15. Xtina in between 4 and 5 octaves, we recently discovered, that she goes of G*2 (vocal "Elastic Love" album Bionic) to G7 live Dirrty (high exclamation notes), F7 Car Wash (2:28), Eb7 "Tilt Ya Head Back" live final note, D7 ( whislte / exclamation) genie in bottle live the beginning of 2000...

    She made enormmius of notes during her career, melisma, note dives, long belts notes. Xtina on its albums, its lives and its tours fantastic, Belts and Falsettos, and she also goes to whilsltes and lowest notes, she is really the voice generation, is really impressive, she deserves quite medals level voice and experiment.

    Its stamp in voice breast changed the court of its career, in the sense or he seemed less strong at the beginning of his career (Genie and My Reflection) than he is him since Stripped in today. Go Xtina !


  16. she is probably a contralto. she is never comfortable above D5. her voice is heavy. she has the range of a coloratura soprano though, considering she can reach F6--and a few notes above it. but the range of a singer is only one factor in determining her vocal classification. drop the spinto thing. you don't use that word to classify pop singers. 

  17.  I think her voice is getting there. Her recent performance of "move like a Jagger" on "The voice" showed her heavier darker voice. But I still think she's a mezzo at the moment because her real strength comes from her mid range, much like Whitney Houston.

  18. Contralto? Please, are you mad? Really? She's clearly a mezzo. A contralto will never, and I say never, be able to sing in Whistle Register like Christina has always done in some cases. Every single thing in her voice show that she's a mezzo, it's waaaay to crazy to think that she's a low register singer

  19. I thought she was a dramatic soprano....?

  20. Is she comfortable singing the high mezzo soprano notes--F5, G5, and A5? 

  21. Yeah, she's indeed confortable since she's been singing those notes from the very beginning (Reflection, I Turn to You) to these days (You Lost Me, Bound to You). Also I've never heard a contralto hit notes two octaves above middle C, that's just crazy. If she were a contralto, her timbre would be different too.

  22. All right, then, have it your way. I don't wish to spend much time arguing with you on this issue.

  23. i believe she's a real soprano, her head voice/falsetto is very light

  24. if  you can sing an F6 or higher (in head voice/falsetto in women, without strain, connected) means she's a soprano..
    christina can go as high as G6 and hit it any day.in operatic singing, they dont belt as what pop singers do,they access to their head voice most often.and the vocal types are based on operatic/choir singing.
    she may sound as low as a contralto but her head voice shows that she's a soprano (spinto)

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkczv72fslE her live G6 in falsetto

  26. Most of Christina's songs are within the alto range. She could belt to the mezzo highs, but in many cases she shows straining of her voice, signifying it has left the comfort zone. She could have been a soprano, considering she could hit soprano notes (even coloratura soprano notes), but she doesn't sing in the soprano tessitura. There's a difference between hitting soprano notes and actually singing lines in the soprano tessitura. Besides no matter where Christina's voice belong, she remains an amazing singer and performer. If you insist that she's a mezzo or soprano, by all means insist so.

  27. After listen to Fighter I noticed that she sings a G2 in the part "Before I'd realized your game" in the background (octave unison). Could you please check up?

  28. Your comment made me laugh. Have you ever even listen to her songs? Alto range? That's just freakin' insane. Do you think that songs wich most of the notes are within the 5th octave are in an alto range? That what you really think? God, mercy on this user and his comment!! In Studio she never shows straining of any type, and live most of the times she can hit all the notes properly, is in the abuse of melismas where she starts to break and her voice turns stressed along the rest of the song. An alto hitting an G5 (I Turn To You), that's funny... Not even in a millon of years!!

  29. Shut up and read my last sentence. Can you even READ?

  30.  hey guys, play nice! It's only a vocal classification. Its good that you are passionate about it, but you've both clearly made up your minds. Lets agree to disagree for now. We'll wait for her next album to reassess her voice.

  31. I can hear the voice, but I'm not sure it's hers. Its got a vocal quality that I've never heard Christina sing with before. Do you know if the song credits any backing singers? I've got the album somewhere, just need to rummage through some boxes to find.

  32. I was nice, but someone here obviously needs to go back to school and do their homework.

  33. Voice faCh is detrmine by,range,weight,timbre,tissutura and many othr thngs,if celine,who has a deep timbre and strong mid belt,cn b classified as a soprano,she cn Cris,sh is a spinto soprano,one cn say,leavng al that not classfyn pop nonsne out,and mariah also sings in alto/low regstr,why nt mke her a contralto,lol.Her bieng gud in mid belt,doest mke hr a mezzo,she is a SPINTO SOPRANO!Voice faCh is detrmine by,range,weight,timbre,tissutura and many othr thngs,if celine,who has a deep timbre and strong mid belt,cn b classified as a soprano,she cn Cris,sh is a spinto soprano,one cn say,leavng al that not classfyn pop nonsne out,and mariah also sings in alto/low regstr,why nt mke her a contralto,lol.Her bieng gud in mid belt,doest mke hr a mezzo,she is a SPINTO SOPRANO!

  34. Voice
    faCh is detrmine by,range,weight,timbre,tissutura and many othr
    thngs,if celine,who has a deep timbre and strong mid belt,cn b
    classified as a soprano,she cn Cris,sh is a spinto soprano,one cn
    say,leavng al that not classfyn pop nonsne out,and mariah also sings in
    alto/low regstr,why nt mke her a contralto,lol.Her bieng gud in mid
    belt,doest mke hr a mezzo,she is a SPINTO SOPRANO!Voice faCh is detrmine
    by,range,weight,timbre,tissutura and many othr thngs,if celine,who has a
    deep timbre and strong mid belt,cn b classified as a soprano,she cn
    Cris,sh is a spinto soprano,one cn say,leavng al that not classfyn pop
    nonsne out,and mariah also sings in alto/low regstr,why nt mke her a
    contralto,lol.Her bieng gud in mid belt,doest mke hr a mezzo,she is a

  35. For your information, Celine does not possess a deep timbre. And before you say Christina is a spinto soprano, I urge you to watch YouTube videos of real spinto sopranos. Then tell me if you think they sound like Christina.

  36. Hw does Cris soun differ frm that of a'SPINTO SOPRANO'and tell me how does she sound to you,as for celine,a persn wth expertse cn see,tht she has a thick/dark/deep tone,of course nt to an extent of an alto,her bieng a soprano was due to her gud vocal technique sh has,and nasal technique,do sme research on her voice,thts ur hmework.

  37. Ok whoever said she hit a G2 in Elastic Love ur nuts bcuz she used auto-tune & she is a soprano & a damn good 1 at that

  38. Her falsetto is at its best in Get mine, Get yours cuz she holds a C#5 but its C#5 D7 & E6 all together which is easy for someone with her talent

  39. I'd argue that she's a mezzo who's just horribly untrained.  Remember that most mezzo-sopranos are singing in the head voice from E5 and up, and Christina has shown remarkable ease of access around the 6th octave in her falsetto. She really couldn't be a contralto, and I only say this because she doesn't sound anything close to healthy or loud below a G3.

  40. That's how I like to think of her voice.

  41. She does not sing in a healthy manner above E5 too. Now, that's one dilemma. The stark difference between the tone of her chest voice and the tone of her head voice is another thing. Her head voice is distinctively light and could soar to the high soprano and even to the coloratura scale. She might have been a soprano but one with an overdeveloped chest register. Such overuse of the chest register through belting has caused her to have disconnected registers. The disconnection in my opinion gets in her way of being able to sing mezzo soprano or soprano songs without committing flats, without straining, and without resorting to vocal tricks and melismas to sing around a difficult note. She has a lot of fifth octave notes, many of which are belted, but she shows signs of discomfort when singing them. As for being able to hit notes in the 6th octave, Mariah Carey could hit notes in this octave and in the 7th. But she considers herself more of an alto.

  42. I read that Christina is being trained by Seth Riggs. Now, let's see if he can unleash her real voice from within. On the other hand, we could enjoy her music without having to label her voice, which like Mariah Carey's is difficult to classify. I mean no offense. I just gave an honest opinion.

  43. To make it simple, I will say it this way. Her voice could visit the mezzo soprano and soprano territory, but it CURRENTLY does not live in these areas. Again, as I have always said, if you disagree, that's your prerogative.

  44. It wasn't hers. It was from one of her male back up singers.

  45. she used to be an alto but now she is a soprano. she is comfortable singing e5 and sometimes even f5. but she uncomfortable sustaining an e5.

  46. She is definitely a contralto.  Her head register is basically non-existant.  Her higher belted notes (A5-ish) seem strained and scratchy.  In contrast, her lower register is very rich and filled out.  Even though her tone is not very dark, she definitely possesses a contralto tessitura.

  47. Christina is nearly as versatile as Cyndi Lauper. she can sound like a child (I'm Okay, Bound To You), she can sound throaty (Impossible striped tour), she sound soft (Can't Hold Us Down)
    and her belts can sound either powerful (ain't no other man mtv) or smooth, light and unique (Understand B2B tour).

  48. Christina is soprano spinto

  49. you need to have all this + Christina or Mariah or Beyonce's voice to be "The Artist".

    Vocal Pluses: a powerful, expressive and versatile voice that have many colors through out her range. her chest voice can have a bright but powerful color that is full of confident or have a warm and rich color that is covered with vulnerability. her lower notes have a smoky timbre that is pleasant to hear and can have a darker color then her chest voice. mixing allows her the impressive feat of being able to ascend to a C6 that have a bright and warm quality. her head and whistle notes are colorful, wide and versatile being able to sound airy, soft and elastic at time or heavy and powerful the next time. her chest voice is wide and powerful being able to belt notes to a G5 with  a healthy texture even when notes mixing with the headvoice. an amazing control over the higher notes whichmeans they can be either thin and sharp or full and solid.her voice is capable of complex runs and manipulatinghealthy sounding growls and grunts. her voice have anamazing and powerful vibrato that covers every note ofevery part of her voice. her voice is able to sustain verylong notes due to her excellent breath control. overalla brilliant singer with a unique texture through out hervoice.

  50. Vocal Pluses: a powerful, expressive and versatile voice that have many colors through out her range. her chest voice can have a bright but powerful color that is full of confident or have a warm and rich color that is covered with vulnerability. her lower notes have a smoky timbre that is pleasant to hear and can have a darker color then her chest voice. mixing allows her the impressive feat of being able to ascend to a C6 that have a bright and warm quality. her head and whistle notes are colorful, wide and versatile being able to sound airy, soft and elastic at time or heavy and powerful the next time. her chest voice is wide and powerful being able to belt notes to a G5 with  
    a healthy texture even when notes mixing with the head 
    voice. an amazing control over the higher notes which 
    means they can be either thin and sharp or full and solid.
    her voice is capable of complex runs and manipulating 
    healthy sounding growls and grunts. her voice have an 
    amazing and powerful vibrato that covers every note of
    every part of her voice. her voice is able to sustain very
    long notes due to her excellent breath control. overall 
    a brilliant singer with a unique texture through out her 

    you need all this + Christina or Mariah or Beyonce's voice to become "The Artist".

  51. I can't believe nobody but me noticed how versatile she is. her mid range is thick but it can sound soft and if listen very good to
    you lost me the color of her is not the same it was warmer and richer then her usual voice. her head and whistle notes are colorful and versatile they can sound thick and powerful and kind of unsustainable and they can sound soft and a little bit airy. her belted notes aren't throaty all the time. but most of the time. her low notes can a bright and what everybody has been calling week (listen to her I Love You Porgy Performance) or it can be smoky and heavy (listen to vocal range during stripped era). listen to this 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKYhQFCsUxU to understand what I meant about her head and whistles her G5 was
    thick and colored, her G#5 was airy, her A5 was piercing, her Bb5 and B5 were just bright and normal, her C6 had a different color,
    C#6 had the same color as her G5, her D6 was thick and sounding
    like at was her highest note, her Eb6 was airy and piercing, her E6 sounding normal, her F6 sound thick. and other then the she can sing almost everything.
    Ballad = Bound To You
    Soul = Mercy On Me
    Jazz = I Got Trouble
    R&B = Tough Lover
    Rock = Fighter
    Gospel = Makes Me Wanna Pray
    Pop = What a Girl Wants
    Dance pop = Falsas Esperanzas
    Hip-Hop = Can't Hols Us Down

  52. I see you have changed Christina's vocal type here to Mezzo-soprano. I believe it used to be Spinto soprano? Whatever the reason that made you switch it, I believe you were right when you first tried to classify her voice. Unlike what many people believe, Christina's tessitura truly lies in the soprano range. Remember that in classical music, soprano's almost always rely on head resonance alone to reach their high notes. For one to be classified a soprano, there must be the ability to reach C6 and above, as well as a certain quality and texture to the voice. 

    That being said, I believe that Christina tends to rely on chest resonance alone when she sings, as do most other pop artists today. She also tends to depress her larynx when she's singing in her low to mid register, as to give her voice that 'Big' quality that so many people have labelled her with. You'll also find this evident in singers like Charice. They try to over amplify their voice unnaturally, to mimic certain dramatic qualities, and this leads to this perceived 'heaviness' you hear when they're singing. The big issue that arises is when she ascends above C5 and her bad technique causes her larynx to rise, which we term a 'high larynx' condition, which is evident in Whitney Houston.  

    What made me feel she is actually a soprano, is of course, the notes you hear when she's relying on head resonance alone, such as in the recent tribute to aretha franklin at the Grammy's. She ascends into head resonance with such ease, and the voice sounds so healthy, resonating well, as she ascends up towards the Eb6. What's heard then isn't what people term 'falsetto'. That is actually her singing with head resonance, because there is vibrato, as well as a ring like quality to it.
    Her natural voice I believe is quite bright and clear. However, years of incorrect placement as well as bad technique has lead to her main vocal negative, that is, the vocal strain that's evident when she reaches notes above C5, and the subsequent vocal deterioration. This is due to her trying to prevent her larynx from rising by depressing her tongue, which is the body's natural reflex/reaction to the raising larynx. Watch a few close up videos of her singing recently and you will find it evident.  

  53. Hey , I had labelled her as that originally but there was a big commotion in the comments about it- I'm not sure where they've gone. Besides her latest live performances are not the voice of  a soprano http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nv10-Bc0m0

  54. Christina aguilera we love so much and we "Understand" all you have been through and we won't let mimi, Dion, Whitney and bey fans attack you cause we are "Fighter"s and we are gonna "Lift you up" and they "Can't Hold Us Down" cause we are "Beautiful".  your voice was there from so, "I Will Be" there for you whenever you "Got Trouble"s so don't you ever feel "Underappreciated". and we can't live "Contigo En LaDistancia" and don't care what other people say about cause we are with and we well never give "Falsas Esperanzas".  and we can hear your "Voice Within" our hearts and we can you in our "Reflection"s and we can't "Imagine" "what kind of a world would be Without You".  and everybody knows that there "Ain't No Other Woman" like you. your is "Impossible" and it "Makes Me Wanna Pray" and say "WooHoo" everytime i hear you. so, don't ever "Walk Away" from us.

  55. Vocal Pluses: a versatile voice that have many colors through out her range. has a very nimble voice  and dexterous that allows her incredibly and complex melisma. she also has the stamina to hold very long sustained notes with or without vibrato. her mid range is confident and versatile being solid and thick or smoky and dark or rich and warm depending on what is called artistically for her. the texture of her belted notes are unique and powerful. though the straining on her belted notes they are quiet controlled being thin and sharp at times or solid and strong the next time. her head and whistle notes are versatile being thick and heavy at times or airy and bright the other times. the thick and heavy parts of her head and whistle notes are colorful then other part. her low notes are smoky and dark and easy to hear. she can move between the different parts of her voice with easy. her voice is expressive and
    powerful through out her range.

    Vocal Negatives: her belted are often forced above C5 due to her
    questionable technique. her low notes can lose the smoky timbre
    and sounding bright and forced. though she is able to sing in the
    whistle register the tend to be laboured.

    Side Notes:
    1-the things about her mixed voice is right but she never sung in
    the mixed voice live so it shouldn't be here.
    2-about the mid range.
    A-the solid and thick is what she use all times.
    B-the smoky and dark is in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DlaZ4jRmkI
    C-the rich and warm is in You Lost Me.
    3-about her belted notes being controlled 
    in here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg3wyv5iflk if you listen very good when she beltthe word "Made" on 1.9 it was thin
    and that note was an E5 a note that she hits everywhere and they
    are usually powerful and solid.
    4-about her low notes a lot of people say that her low note are weak but during her stripped days they were quiet powerful.
    5-about her voice being expressive. she was praised by aretha
    franklin about her Ain't No Way cover she said she was "feeling it".

  56. G3 – C♯7 it's her vocal range, and she's a soprano.

  57. shes a soprano, but i diferent type of soprano.
    it's a soprano spinto. and believe she's a soprano. i study singing.

  58. A vocalist's voice is not categorized or characterized by her range alone, but along with other vocal traits as well. The vocal weight, tessitura, texture, timbre must all be taken into account as well. To simply say ‘I am a soprano just because I'm able to hit C6' is unfounded. Which you should know well, if you study singing.

  59. Wow!!! I missed this! She sounds a tad harsh?! What happened to her....no wonder she is taking vocal lessons!

  60. i don't think that in the video that's a C3....

  61. IMO i think christina has a raw and natural gift its just her over-singing ruins it for me  

  62. id consider christina to be a spinto soprano. her vocal timbre is definitly a soprano. she has a light. and brilliant voice at speech level talking.

  63. these performances will show you how colorful Xtina's tone is.1-in this performance of You Lost Me her tone is thick, smoky and warm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqXmI7ovQNk2-in this performance of Walk Away her tone was very dark andsmoky in her low mid range though her tone was very bright onthe C#3 on the word "sweet". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DlaZ4jRmkI3-in this performance of beautiful her tone is richer, warmer andlighter then it ever was even the falsetto at the end didn't sound the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEmdn9G9hDo4-in this performance of beautiful her tone was bright and as hard as my dick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEJTqdAvAt84-in this performance of Impossible her tone was very amazing inthe low mid falsetto range it was so soulful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJX27o7v0A45-in this cover performance of imagine her tone was pure gold and just soulful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0vI3PandcQ&feature=related

  64. these performances will show you how colorful Xtina's tone is.
    1-in this performance of You Lost Me her tone is thick, smoky and warm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqXmI7ovQNk

    2-in this performance of Walk Away her tone was very dark and
    smoky in her low mid range though her tone was very bright on
    the C#3 on the word "sweet". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DlaZ4jRmkI

    3-in this performance of beautiful her tone is richer, warmer and
    lighter then it ever was even the falsetto at the end didn't sound the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEmdn9G9hDo

    4-in this performance of beautiful her tone was bright and hard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEJTqdAvAt8

    4-in this performance of Impossible her tone was very amazing in
    the low mid falsetto range it was so soulful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJX27o7v0A4

    5-in this cover performance of imagine her tone was pure gold and just soulful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0vI3PandcQ&feature=related

  65. christina aguilera is a soprano 

  66. thank you so much for that .. fighters forever<3

  67. Christina tends to deepen the tone of her singing voice by causing a lot of compression to appear in her throat as she is forcing down her larynx to create her big voice. This may also have a play in her incredibly fast runs as the wobbly runs would come easy if she were to quickly relieve and reapply the pressure in quick intervals. This would mean that the singing we hear is definitely unnatural and the true colors of her voice are revealed when she uses her Falsetto/Head voice as her natural voice is easily capable of ascending in this form of singing. She doesn't seem to know how to mix and her vocal positives and negatives seem to change quite often as her vocal styling's adjust to the genre of music she sings. But for the most part her upper belts are strained as she is carrying this huge compressed ticking time bomb of a fake voice all the way up her larynx while belting instead of mixing. Her voice is very versatile and her stamina is amazing. To still be singing at all with the years of improper technique she has done is godly. Overall the characteristics of her voice is as goes: A smoky shifty lower range, strong mid singing, Powerful mid belts, Strained upper belts, Pure and bright falsetto, Piercingly powerful Headvoice, Minor strained Whistle.

  68. i don't think she force her larynx down to have a big voice.
    and her whistle register sounds more like very high falsetto
    then a whistle, they are great but if you hear mariah's whistle
    it's from a different placement of the voice. her belted notes
    aren't that bad at times she can't belt crazy notes and she can
    sustain an E5 with pure chest voice so maybe if she learned
    how to mix she can be able to sustain a G5 or an A5.

  69. The reason I say that she is forcing her larynx down is because of the many things she has shown she is capable of doing with her voice. She's like a chameleon. She is great at improv and knowing how to change the tone of your voice is a benefit. She has done recordings where she shows the true tone of her voice (save me from myself for example). Her voice is naturally light and very pure. But when she sings her notes sound large and a bit throaty. This is where her compressed throat comes in. She has shown the proper timbre of whistle before (live performance of hello) but this is the only time I have heard it. All of her other whistle notes are falsetto ascended into whistle range which is why they sound strained. She has done many great belts. However when she ascend up they generally turn into screams. Especially recently.

  70. Yeah. I totally agree that she's employing a depressed larynx to deliver such a large and chesty tone. I can't believe how much natural talent she has, to be singing with such improper technique for all these years.

  71. Wow! She has such powerful voice I've ever heard! She is a great belter. Why did that stupid GaGa tried to copy her while she knew that she is far out of Christina's league? Christina can easily outsing her if they are on a same stage because GaGa is horrible when she sings live, believe me. That stupid GaGa is just lucky that her career was boosted by the duet of her and Queen B.

  72.  she has a very deep tone , as i person who have seen her live listen to her music on a 24 hour daily basic , she doesn't deepen her voice , i think you are mistaking her for charice

  73. No. Christinas natural tone is light. It has deepened with age and has become heavy with improper technique. But it is very easy to deepen ones tone unnaturally. Christina's voice is just versatile enough to be able to fix to this tone without sounding too unnatural. Heres a way to tell. If a singers speaking voice is very different from their singing voice, then they are altering their voice while singing. This is considered unnatural. A singer must be able to sing with a relaxed and clear throat with singing coming naturally and easy to the vocalist (for the most part). Christina unnaturally deepens her tone using her technique which in turn makes her struggle more as she has so much tension in her throat. A good example of her real voice would be save me from myself. In that song her voice sounds so pure and innocent. So beautiful and melodic. This is very different from her to her songs as her signature "sound" is a very throaty forced sound. I don't particularly hate this sound myself, but knowing how damaging it is I just wish she would hold back. Also compare her singing style from her debut to stripped then back to basics. In her debut she relied more on her natural voice while only deepening one her belts. Within stripped she began to transition to her current form of singing. In back to basics she had completely turned as she may have liked the sound produced by this technique. I've never payed much attention to charice. But I am a big Christina Fan and definitely can hear all of the little details of her voice.

  74. Have you seen her performance which she sang It's A Man's World? There was a part where she sounded like she made a mistake. But, it was a very great performance though.

  75. even at the age of 7-9 her tone was deep and by time she was 12-13 her voice was deeper , and she was till improving, her tone i naturally deep 

  76. Christina's tone isn't light. when she was young like "9 years" her tone was rich and slightly thick. then when her first album came out her tone was bright and thicker then before at times "it sound so ugly and manly". when stripped came out her tone was the darker and stronger.
    when B2B came out her tone was so thick and bright. when she sang
    Single Ladies her tone was completely thick and powerful because she was pushing her larynx "for the first time". and there is nothing called pushing her larynx while belting cause her larynx is high most
    of the time.

  77. i thought you said she was a soprano? ;)

  78. Christina Aguilera:

    Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
    Vocal Range: 4 Octaves (C3-C7)

    Vocal Pluses: a powerful, expressive, versatile and nimble voice that is able and suits complex melisma. her mid range is bright and confident with a controlled weight on it, the weight can be increased to achieve a
    vulnerable, rich, heavy and smoky timbre that is pleasant to hear. the
    weight can be dropped to achieve a smooth, airy, elastic and pleasant.
    the belted notes are unique, powerful and bright and it's most pleasant and comfortable in it's lower half below the 5th but is extending up to a
    G5 it's sound brighter with an edgy quality to it. the lower range is dark
    and smoky with a pleasant and interesting timbre to it. the head voice is bright, clear, colorful, wide and versatile with a good control of the dynamics allowing her to ascend to a D6 with an airy, breathe timbre.
    the head voice can be either thin and piercing or airy and soft or clear
    and rounded depending on what is artistically is called for. her voice
    is able to jump between registers and hold sustained notes effortlessly
    with or with vibrato. she can also manipulated healthy sounding growls
    and grunts.

    Vocal Negatives: Belted notes are usually force and are achieve via
    questionable vocal means. her whistle register is laboured and require
    a vocal run to access.

  79. At a young age she was always had a "Big" voice due to trying to imitate her favorite sultry blues singers. Therefor she has always had the larynx condition. If her voice is naturally so deep then why does she have many recordings with a pure bright tone?

  80. Yet you can hear the tension that has always been in her voice. At any age and performance there has always been a lot of vocal tension in her throat. Her larynx only rises when she is either screaming or using head voice. She has always tried to imitate her favorite sultry blues singers. Which is why she always tried to sing "deep". Her voice can be thick however it's ability to instantly become bright and pure should definitely strike a cord in everyones mind. She is has a depressed Larynx condition for most of her singing.

  81. Also why is her speaking voice so incredibly different from her singing voice then?

  82. I've always wondered that too...

  83. Amazing vocalist. Bad technique.

  84. i know that but she has a light timbre, not  enough dark to be a mezzo.
    she has a powerful voice.

  85. Her non belting vocals seem to be improving a lot however the courseness of her belts/screams don't seem to be fading.

  86. DEFINITELY not mezzo,for me,she is a coloratura spinto sfogato soprano

  87. Im beginning to question her Range along with her Voice type. In the beginning of her career she showed the timbre of a Soprano. Even in the Stripped era you could tell that her lower notes were very pushed and forced. However in back to basics she did show the abilities of a Mezzo Soprano with her timbre becoming thicker and most of her notes being less strained. However in the Bionic Era a backlash from her technique began to show and her voice began to fail her. I think originally her octave range was 4 but has definitely shortened. Im having trouble classifying her voice for myself along with her range because her negatives are in a sort of roller coaster. They become incredibly bad and improve a lot in fluctuation. For now to me she is a Coloratura Contralto. Her actual vocal range though is beyond me as she will be straining one day and strain less the next. Her Falsetto is very light and agile though which is great for her as its one of her strongest points as long as she doesn't push it.

  88. Christina Aguilera is so versatile in terms of genres she can sing and in terms of the
    timbre of her voice.

    she can sing:
    R&B= Tough Lover
    Jazz= I Got Trouble
    Soul: Impossible
    Rock: Fighter
    Pop: Prima Donna
    Ballads: Mercy On Me
    Hip-Hop: Can't Hold Us Down
    Gospel: Makes Wanna Pray
    I think if she had have operatic training she would easily able to opera cause her falsetto is strong (The Queen Of Falsetto)
    Country: as long as Taylor can sing country Christina can

    her timbre sound:
    Soft: Save Me From Myself
    Strong and slightly nasal: Mercy On Me
    Rich and Strong: Beautiful on oprah
    Bright and Powerful: Hurt
    Childish and soft: I'm OK
    Rich and Light: Beautiful on ellen
    Rich and Thick: You Lost Me

  89. Personally, I believe that Xtina's belts are really scratchy and raw, and are pushed. Her singing voice is falsely made to sound powerful by squeezing her throat, which could make her runs easier, as she could do them by squeezing and relaxing her throat. I know that's how I do my runs.

  90. diva does christina aguilera uses head voice or falsetto especially that Eb6 in the queen miss aretha franklin tribute?

  91. she did that song so badly 

  92. That's head voice, most people, specially in this site, tend to confuse head voice with falsetto or even think they are the same thing. Falsetto is a techinique to produce very airy sounds because the vocal chords let a space in which air can pass with ease. You can hear Xtina falsetto when she sings very softy in notes under E5, like in You Lost Me (the first verse) or in  almost the whole song Lovin' Me 4 Me. When she sing in very high notes is clearly head voice like in the bridge in What a Girl Wants or in some part of Get Mine, Get Yours (after the bridge). 

  93. yes, I don't use the term "falsetto" with female singers specifically because its not widely accepted as existing to them. I am not of that opinion, but to avoid confusion I don't use it. 

  94. Well, but the falsetto DOES exist in both male and females. You can use it to hit high notes, but those notes will be breathy and thin. That's not a bad thing, it depends of what are you looking for artistically. Falsetto can be use to sing potentially any note, both lows and highs (and the space between) since the only difference is the quality of the sound, being chest/head stronger, more resonant and cleaner than the falsetto.

    Going back to Xtina, you can clearly tell how at the beggining of her career she used a lot of falsetto to make a more radio-friendly soft sound. Even in Stripped and Back to Basics she uses a lot of falsetto in songs like I'm OK and Save Me from Myself to achieve a smoother, airy and soft sound.

  95. I can't wait until she drops her new album, I hope she hits the nail on the head with this one and gets it marketed better than Bionic (which I really enjoyed despite it being slated) Hurry up X-tina lol

  96. Another con in my opinion would be her tendency to do too many vocal runs.

  97. You are totally wrong, because is NOT a con in her voice per se, but in the way she uses it. Therefore, it shouldn't be listed here with the cons because how many vocal runs and melismas she wants to use is up to her. You may dislike that style, but it has nothing to do with her voice.

  98. @19ea5e4733c5132dc6a958ee9f0d0b3a vocal runs are like jewery,if you put some here,some other there,you get your own style of the same the thing(the song).no one can be like you,they may try your style,but,its not the same.
    but if you put too much,you kinda look like patetic(no offense to xtina,i like her songs and how she is so confident about herself)
    you may love xtina and her style as much as i do,but,you gotta admit,her technique is REAAAALLY bad.

  99. I have to agree with you, but I've left it out because its more a subjective criticism, and some people see it as a sign of skill. I do not though. To me it shows a lack of musicality and is more mimicry, and showmanship than musicianship.

  100. I think that in Xtina's case, she just wants to prove herself.

  101. Hey Diva. Do you think in the near future you could do a comparison article of Christinas technique in the past compared to her now improving technique which is showing off more of her matured voice?

  102. i feel that xtinas voice over the years has been damaged because of her improper technique i mean any note above c5 sounds like her throat is on fire seriously its not pleasant to listen to 
    i feel that she always wanted to show off and she damaged her voice 
    i mean on the voice a few nights ago she went up to sing im going down with a contestant and the belted notes sounded forced 
    idk if she can get her voice back to perfect health but i think she needs to learn how to use proper technique

  103. I hope things go well with her training Cuz when it comes to singing her real strength is her voice not her vocals while Beyonce's strength is her vibrato, dynamics and runs. Mariah's strength is her range, dynamics and her amazing skills in the whistle register. Kelly's strength is her confident voice and her amazing belts. Whitney's strength her amazing resonance and her amazing belts. though Xtina's voice alone is enough to destroy them all it would be nice to hear her hitting a pianissimo and fortissimo belts like bey and mimi and to hit and sustain effortless G5 like Kelly and to have vibrato above a D5 live.

  104. Spinto soprano? LMFAO do ANY of you know anything about singing? There is absolutely NOTHING "spinto" about her voice. Leontyne Price is a spinto soprano. Christina is NOT. A spinto is a "baby" dramatic voice. Heavy, but not as big as the dramatic. Christina's voice is naturally light. She tries to make it heavy and "weighty" when she belts, which is where the pushing and straining comes in. But that's ONE of the reasons her scale is so uneven. And she's no one's soprano. Her songs aren't even in soprano tessitura, nor is she most comfortable in her higher range. Her voice is not the color of a soprano. 
    If she was a spinto, her voice would have a lot of "cut" ("ring", "squillo") to it, and it doesn't. Stop applying classical terminology to pop singers. It doesn't work. There are requirements in classical music singing, none of which are met in popular singing. 

  105. Using head resonance is not proof that someone is a soprano. There's NO ring to her sound at all. Vibrato isn't proof of head resonance.

    For someone to be classified as soprano, they need to have:
    1) Vocal color of a soprano- She doesn't
    2) Tessitura of a soprano- She doesn't.
    3) Vocal registration of a soprano- She doesn't
    And of course, vocal range is a factor, but these three are more important, especially registration and tessitura.

    Christina's songs aren't even in soprano tessitura for the most part, and when she sings in it, it's for a very short while.

  106. Diva I'm very sorry to say this but your work is becoming kind of annoying?

    1-there are more pluses and more negatives about Xtina's voice.


    A-her voice is capable of varied timbres and tones giving amazing versatility and to adept nearly all music genres. "you wrote that in tina turner's profile though Xtina is more versatile. Xtina can sing Pop, Gospel, R&B, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Ballads, Blues and Hip-Hop".

    B-her biggest strength is her tone in the mid range, her belting when not pushing her larynx down and her amazing wide head that is able to stretch up
    to an A6 and is very well connected.

    C-her lower range is well connected, dark and smoky and is well supported
    till an Eb3 but it able to reach a C3 with a healthy technique where it's darker
    piercing and raspy.

    Negatives: she tends to force her larynx down to achieve a heavy tone which cause her to strain on the belted notes.

  107. I'm not sure but I think Xtina have mixed a couple of belts live.

    in this performance there's an E5 at 3:05.

    in this performance there's a F#5 at 2:55.

    Overall these two belts sound rich, heavy, powerful, healthy and natural.

  108. If you ignore the line about some fans enjoying her coarser notes, in the negatives, then its two lines for the negatives. So its basically the same as what you've written, plus the whistle note comment. 

     But you can't please everyone all of of the time, so fair enough.

  109. agree with everything but even her when she is not pushing her larynx her
    belting is still great, powerful and better for me cause it sound more natural like in her lift me up live performance.

  110. There's a problem with Xtina's haters the always say her belting isn't strong and that it's because of her larynx being pushed down. well, there are right about her larynx being pushed down but even her natural belting is amazing and strong. they always compare her voice from the Stripped, B2B, Bionic and Burlesque eras to her Debut era (when she was 18-19). her voice back then
    was note that great or special and yes it was lighter back then but because of her larynx being pushed and growing it became heavier, better and stronger.
    but even Xtina herself is comparing her voice now to her debut and that's why she pushes her larynx down.

    Note: I love and her voice but I have to say she's a stupid person she should
    have taken lessons long ago. wasn't she jealous she couldn't sustain higher
    then an E5 while Beyonce and Mariah can sustain a F5. Whitney can sustain
    a F#5. Kelly can sustain a G5.

  111. I meant that her higher notes are strained because she's pushing her larynx down but they sound healthy when she is pushing it.

  112. D-her dynamics on her head voice are great.

    in the end of "angels we have heard on high" she did an amazing C#6 that sounds slightly airy and soft.

  113. Correction: Her hight belted notes. Her high notes with head voice (A5 and above) are crystal clear and she hit with ease. Her head voice is amazing.

  114. yeah thank for correction and sorry. and yeah her head voice is powerful
    and robust.

  115. No offence Diva, but you got her vocal range wrong. She's a dramatic soprano, not mezzo. Sorry!!!

  116. Diva gimme your opinion please.

  117. ... spinto or dramatic soprano  !! :DD

  118. who do you think have a better voice and why Xtina, Mimi, Leona, Whitney (R.I.P) or Kelly? and please no bashing. for me it's:

    1-Xtina: because her voice is so unique that it can take on any music genre.

    2-Leona: her voice have the sweetness of mariah's voice and the deepness and
    richness of whitney.

    3-Whitney: I like when she performs gospel songs because of the amazing soul in her voice and her timbre is just tender and pleasant.

    4-Kelly: her voice is ridiculously confident, warm and rich.

    3-Mimi: she came last because her voice isn't very special in the mid range but her voice is dark, smoky and pleasant in the lower range, warm and solid in the belting range, sweet and rich in the head voice/whistle register.

  119. Diva i think you should put her live range not studio. and for the record she have a harmonised Bb2 in on the song "I am" and a C#7 on "the christmas song".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDpsywRX2lI  there are all here. and her live range is C3-Bb6 though i think she well be able to go higher after taken some vocal lessons Cuz i think she is forcing her larynx down Cuz it is unbelievable how her head voice maintains wieght on notes such as high as A6 here is a video about female singers reaching high up into the sixth octave and they starts to lose weight after a F6  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NODyViXnWok  but in christina's live vocal range video she maintains weight on A6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jonoa63R2Gs but her exclamations are very light an easy to reach. 

  120. She's my favourite singer who has a beautiful spinto soprano but she's not a mezzo. Does pregnancy affects the women's voice? Please explain this question. I love her voice from beginning until now. FIGHTNG!

  121. yes!that's what i mean...she has a spinto-like voice...just saying,but her improper technique via larynx push i think that made it deeper.pregnancy MAY affect the voice,it's up to your life style.lets take mariah carey as an example.when she got pregnant,she stoped alcoohol(that we know she loves...) and other things that would be bad for the baby.alcoohol is kinda bad for the vocal chords,she said that after pregnancy her vocal chords came back stronger,no,they didnt,she just gave em time to heal.the hormones may affect the voice too...who knows (:,but that's from one to one.

  122. well,let me share with you my toughs.i honestly think she is a spinto soprano,who through EXTREME forcing&bad using made her voice deeper.but i dont agree with you about NEEDING to lose weight up into the 6° octave,following that thinking every singer should have a bassy-like weight on the 2° octave,lets take me as an example.im classicaly a high lyric countertenor(you may call it lyric-male soprano),and i reach low notes such as G2,but they are,indeed,very light in colouring :/.another example would be cher,she still has INCREDIBLE weight on her head voice,indeed,she has a very good technique (:,it depends on one to one.i heard somewhere that she never took vocal lessons :/,thats so sad,but i also heard she's taking em now (:,thats very good.her larynx push is mostly live,in studio she doesnt seem to do it quite much...charice had a similar problem,BUT,she stoped it,you can just hear the diference CLEARLY,her voice when she was doing glee was deeper than on her previous performances and her actual performances,she was larynx pushing (:,i think it was just me but her voice sounded a lot "x-tina-like",well,those are my toughs :>

  123. id say all of them are unique in their own way ^^.but if it is to compare techs,id say mariah wins(whitney gets 2° place for me :/,but she still has amazing control over her voice).christina has an awesome voice,but doesnt use it as well as it should be used...leona is a jack-of-all-trades,is good at many things,but not the better at any :/.and which kelly are we talking aboutkelly clarkson o.o?kelly rowland?

  124. i would say mariah is first because for me she is just so attuned with her voice and she knows exactly how to use it 
    for example her vocal runs fit perfectly with the melody of the songs she sings unlike christina who just uses those runs to show off and sometimes she wavers in pitch when she does that 
     i would put whitney second because she has a rich tone that seems natural for her  - idk if its me but i feel so many female singers force themselves to sing with a deeper texture whereas its second nature for whitney to sing with a deeper tone 
    i would put kelly third because shes a solid singer 
    xtina as fourth because although her tone is impressive her horrid technique just doesnt sit well with me 
    and leona last because although she has great control i just feel the others are better than her  

  125. Christina is no one's spinto. She doesn't have the vocal weight or registration, her voice has no cut, it's a light voice that she tries to darken and make weighty. And she's not even a soprano. She can barely handle mezzo tessitura.

  126. Of course kelly C. and you all got me worng it was just a comperation of tone not technique.

  127. Why is my name agron2020

  128. u said better voice u didnt indicate u were comparing tone 
    but yes xtina has a great tone but for me tone is nothing if u dont have good technique 

  129. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-UIiK8MdeA&feature=g-vrec&context=G21843a9RVAAAAAAAAAQ I feel that this video truly shows how much of a perfectionist Christina is in studio.

  130. Christina is possibly the worst technical singer I have ever heard in my entire life. 

  131. Go listen to Jessica Simpson.

  132. Yep, she can mix and I've mentioned that in the profile "This texture can be eliminated, producing a smoother tone, when the
    voice is mixed effectively but the sound produced is lighter and less

  133. Ok, she doesn't have the best technique, but she's far from the WORST, unless you have just heard a few singer only. She's not the best but say that she's the worst is competly stupid and false.

  134. You don't know what you are talking about. Why then she can hit so easily notes above A5 with head voice, she can hit notes like A6 or B6 with extremely ease using her head voice. The only problem is her high belted register (between D5-G#5) due to her bad technique. She has a natural soprano tessitura, specially when she sings with her real voice instead of her deep and heavy trademark voice.

  135. I cringe everytime I hear Christina sing.  Seriously.
    Her voice used to be really beautiful, but I feel she's been messing with it too much recently.  I've read that she depresses her larnyx to achieve her sound, and that doesn't seem good.
    Her voice sounds so strained when she's belting, and sometimes, it sounds more like shouting.

    I wish she'd go back to "Reflection".

  136. Her voice on the voice has improved. Working with Seth Riggs has really helped her singing. Im not sure if the raw scratchyness of her belts will go away but from what i've seen Christina has been mixing a good majority of her notes (even when not singing mind you) and her voice sounds a lot purer.

  137. Good point...

  138. the song "save me from myself is beautiful". she does not scream/shout in that song. i have heard far worse singers, but in no way is she technically on point. i have never heard her actually sing high notes that are not pushed, or sustain notes with a relaxed sound or consistency of vibrato. i noticed practically everything she sings sounds forced, except when she sings softer. the beauty and essence if her voice comes out. it has a vulnerability and innocence that has a very authentic and truthful sound. all the runs and pushed sounds become overbearing and i can't connect with the songs. i hear someone trying too hard to sing a song, and singing it in an attempt to prove she can sing, as opposed to singing it to convey the mood/feeling of the song. 
    that is all subjective and i am sure i am one of the few that feel this way.
    i would love to hear her actually sing a song from the heart and not from the ego. i would not put her on my top list of singers, but i would put save me from myself in my top 5 favorite songs. her voice is amazing in that song. i just can't believe it is the same person! i 

    i am not sure how this website came to the conclusion on these artists vocal ranges. 
    if you listen to some of these songs you will understand what i mean about relaxed/controlled/ as opposed to shouting/screaming/over singing
    i noticed with the artists listed below sing a more forceful sound , it is always controlled and when the vibrato comes out it is consistent and not forced. 

    mariah carey - vanishing / outside / if it's over / oh holy night
    whitney houston - i will always love you  / saving all my love for you
    chaka khan - gotta be there / my funny valentine 
    celine dion - with this tear / oh holy night
    lara fabian - you are not from here / adagio
    barbra stresisand - the way we are / you don't bring me flowers / i can see it 
    aretha franklin - call me / why does it hurt so bad
    pink - glitter in the air
    anita baker - sweet love/ you give me joy

    i hear these artists expressing the meaning of the song. i feel they believe what they are singing. their is an urgency in their voice to make others believe. when they sing i do not feel like they are thinking about the notes or thinking about how they are singing it or how they want to sing it . 

  139. Sir, drinking alcohol is the worst habit for all the singers. It may cause their voice to risk. Okay?

  140. yes,but that i think its from singer to singer...ozzy is a great example,he drinks whisky as if he was drinking water,still he keeps his voice better than it should be right now since he was drinking like that for...years i think.coach told me this: "if you drink alcohol often,it makes your voice become a lot unstable,since it may dry the chords,its like singing with a cold,you will still be able to,but belted notes become harder to control,this may make you push and cause severe damage". in my opinion,it shouldnt be done quite often,and if done in moderate quants,never done in 3~5 days before any perform,if so,alcohol is fine (:

  141. is it just me Christina lost some weight. she looked stunning last night on the voice.

  142. this singer is better then all the divas in this blog 

  143. She did, but I think she beautiful either way. 

  144. I feel that Christina is both overrated and underrated. Many people find her to be one of the greatest singers ever when that is definitely not the case. But for those with knowledge of vocals they become too nit picky with the technique to find the beauty in the imperfections. Although she's not a great technician I find her to be a great artist. Art can't be perfect. In fact it's the imperfections that makes an art piece unique.

  145. Her vocal technique in "Reflection' is still the same edgy coarse belting that we hear today in my opinion. It's just that the song is tamed by the melody and her voice is less thick back then. Watch her live performances of Reflection.... <3 

    I love her though.

  146. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRwjkWLVIIs
    At 11.50 in this video, her vocal run is one of the most impressive I've ever heard. If you listen with headphones on, the speed of the last few notes (around 12.04) is astonishing! 

    Sorry for the title of the video, it's not one of my making and I tried to find this performance elsewhere but could not.

  147. she is one of the best but not the best not as long as we have heard Aretha, Patti and Cyndi. Xtina have the best i've ever heard but she lacks technique and need more skills.

  148. Xtina is one of the finest vocalist ever. the only problem is her larynx condition, she pushes her larynx down to have a fuller tone and she belts high her larynx rises because doesn't mix her notes, so larynx rises she forces it down causing her to strain. her whistle register needs some some work to achieve it with more ease. her head voice is the best but i feel like her highest two notes (G#6-A6) are pushed and she is pushing her larynx down on these notes. her lower range used to be amazing but is weaker now because of her bad technique, straining and larynx condition. her belting is amazing when she isn't pushing her larynx like the F#5 in "Ain't No Other Man" live on MTV or her G5 and G#5 in "Lady Marmalade" live on Grammys, and the idea of her reaching those high notes without mixing just freak me out i think she will be able to belt at least a B5 when she learns how to mix. and please Diva could explain to me How To Mix?

  149. many talented singers can belt an F5 or a G5 in chest without mixing but they choose to mix because it's much easier, safer and more proper.

    Christina has one of the finest gifts ever but the fact that she strains and oversings from beginning to end in most of her songs turn me off. She has the instrument but not the skill of a "singer" or a "vocalist".

  150. I don't think she has a true whistle register. She just has a very expansive Head range. She has only shown the true qualities of a whistle note once before during her live performance of "Hello". (while she was sick therefor it was probably unintentional for her to sing in that range with as much ease as she had). Im not saying that she will never have a true one but until her larynx improves her ability to get away with fifth octave head notes won't last much longer. Christina's beautiful voice has let her get away with a lot in the past. But as her tone continues to deteriorate and become huskier the shrill belting will only become worse in the end...WHEN IS SHE RELEASING MORE MATERIAL SHE PROMISED US A NEW SONG IN JANUARY. DX

  151. the runs at 11:05 are amazing as well.

  152. this is wrong i posted this on the above comment so sorry.

  153. the runs at 11:05 are amazing as well.

  154. diva or anyone else please tell what is the high note at 2:28 in this video? 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAff-Vbrdds i think it's a D5 but I'm not sure.

  155. are you sure i used a piano and it sounds like D5 more of flat D5.

  156. she is amazing her runs are so yummy.

  157. The comments here have gone nuts recently so allow me to chip in my 20 cents! lol

    Personally I LOVE Christina, always have! Not only is she a fantastic musician with an immaculate voice but a sadly underrated songwriter too! Indeed sometimes her technique has been questionable at best but there is not denying how incredibly gifted she is. Hopefully with the vocal coaching to maintain her impeccible instrument and some fresh new material she can hit the scene big style again!

    Add to the package an alluring beauty and you have one fabtastically perfect pop diva!

  158. i totally agree i feel that she has this incredible gift at her disposal and yet shes refused to use it correctly 
    there are times when her runs completely butcher a song - national anthem
    but there are times when she shines - dancing with the stars how you burlesque (which features my favorite run from her)

    i honeslty dont know if she will learn to use proper technique when she is belting or if it's too ingrained in her already 

  159. i dont like those runs 
    personally my favorite run from her is from dancing with the stars - how you burlesque

  160. i totally agree about nothing being perfect but technique is a huge part of being a singer 

  161. you know what irks me is that when christina gets fat the whole world bashes her about losing herself but its perfectly fine for adele to be fat 
    i mean adele is twice the size of christina even when christina gains weight yet she gets no criticism for it 
    people are such hypocrits

  162. i feel that christinas voice is one that people will either love or hate 
    some love her edginess but some hate her improper technique 
    personally im on the fence

  163. Well hopefully she's taking her time making this new material great, instead of well, I'm sure you know. 

  164. I've seen that video before! It's funny as hell!

  165. Well, I think those things kinda play on one another. She's got a great voice so everyone's like "Oh shit! Voice of our generation" and others are like "Hold up! She has shitty technique!". I think if people didn't over-hype her as the voice of our generation, people wouldn't go in on her technique as much.

  166. Hold up. Adele has taken plenty of flack for being overweight. And your comparison doesn't make any sense at all because Adele has always been fat throughout her professional career and Christina gained weight. Totally different situations but either way it's not fair to bully both women for their weight. 

  167. exactly and no the media praises adele for repping overweight women - but when xtina gets fat its a whole different story just because xtina isnt always fat doesnt mean people should hate on her and not on adele 

    i love both women but i just find it to be very two sided

  168. did you see her on the voice doing fighter? 
    idk it seems her belting is getting even worse 
    what do you guys think?


  169. She's been singing incorrectly all her life so it will be very hard and a long process to unlearn everything from her damaging technique. I'd say it could take a year or two of intense vocal coaching but she's busy with her career so I doubt she'll even really get there soon.

  170. If she really wants to do something about the backlash she is getting, all she has to do is wear clothes her size and quit wearing 10 sizes too small. She can say she's happy with her size but come on, if she were she'd be wearing normal clothes. She needs to respect herself first by not wearing those skimpy, sexy outifts a few sizes too small if she wants the media/public to respect her.

    People/media will always hate for a reason but you should also make sure not to give them MORE reasons to pick on you. Just my two cents.

  171. The media does not "praise" Adele for being overweight. She's had her share of criticism.  

  172. http://www.divadevotee.com/2012/04/review-christina-aguilera-sings-fighter.html just posted on it. ;)

  173. "This texture can be eliminated, producing a smoother tone, when the  voice is mixed effectively but the sound produced is lighter and less resonate."  I don't think it's lighter, I think it's thicker, more rounded, smoother, warmer, richer and way clearer. you can see it yourself.
    at 2:55 is Christina's mixed F#5 in "Lady Marmalade".

    and at 3:34 is Christina's unmixed F#5 in "Ain't No Other Man".

    at 3:05 is Christina's mixed E5 in "Merry Christmas Baby".

    and at 3:06 is Christina's unmixed E5 in "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)".

    and this is just for fun.

  174. the things you wrote about Chrisitna's HV are so underwhelming.

    here is her best Head notes:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSZknjIS_kw at 3:08

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46Tmfbj294g at 3:23

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XekVg6U7E-8 at 4:51

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srMgsgKV5v8 at 2:21

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGlv9XIN-FI at 3:47

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkczv72fslE at 1:02

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IMiTDR9mw0 at 2:32
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge75SbMENBc at 5:09

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKYhQFCsUxU at 2:27

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35e0ZbFQp-c at 2:48 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q639__surGc&feature=channel&list=UL at 0:09

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1a_KqlC6AI&feature=related at 4:00

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftva4G2vmDw at 2:21
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PzgcGgPfds at 5:57
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge75SbMENBc at 6:14

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPRM7gvd65w at 4:44

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16vqS2Q7tT0 at 0:34
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kinrptbwkA&feature=related at 3:14
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrIOf8S-p0k at 3:30

    G#6, A6 and Exclamations up to a D7:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge75SbMENBc between 6:52-7:20

    Eb7 (Whistle Exclamation):
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFB3QknOBhQ at 0:16

    1-Christina's A6 & Bb6 Exclamations sounds healthy.
    2-Christina's Eb7 Exclamation was achieve via sucking the air inside instead of pushing it out.

  175. so Diva please tell me what you think.

  176. tbh, classifying her as spinto/soprano is utterly useless. this is an opera classification, meant only for use of head/chest voice WITHOUT microphone - it does not include any mention of belting. additionally, aguilera often produces through falsetto - again, not included in classical categorization. finally, any whistle register notes are not counted as part of a range unless the singer can hit soprano c without whistling.

  177. i thought she is a Lyric Soprano

  178. this is intresting

  179. I agree. When she does it right, her head voice is in my opinion one of the best in the business & is like the golden crop of her voice.

  180. yes her head voice is great 

  181.  Aside from her voice her career and body of work is inconsistent and unfocused and not in a good way and so much so it's just quite frankly a hot ass mess.

  182. this is rouwaida atteih she'd a syrian singer her voice is as thick as Cher's, as confident as Kelly's, as rich as Mariah's, as clear as whitney's, stronger then Xtina's and her runs and vibrato are way better then Beyonce's. so basically she is better then all of them. here at 3:44 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfxmqv-zDWQ  she does some great runs and even when she sings from her nose like when a m her voice maintains robust and clear with nasality at all. here 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TJy5Z4C7gs between 2:45-3:32 she shows how versatile her lower range being either solid and rocky or warm and pleasant and how funny she is. here 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubHCpp-wyzM at 5:02 she gives an outstanding solo.

  183. Hey DD I found the PERFECT example of Christina's natural singing ability. It's here 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwKyeDqiYMk&feature=related in the back to basics documentary when she is singing I got trouble @4 her throat is so clear, free, and her voice is crisp and smooth. I honestly do think she knows how to properly sing, but perhaps goes for those edgier sounds that gives that old blues effect that is in the voices of many old singers such as Etta James. I'm not really sure anymore. I just know that she CAN sing properly.

  184. 4 : 30 @ btw is where it is in the clip.

  185. Christina has hit a G#2 in elastic love

  186. christina has talent and i think the only problem with her and why she isnt as successful anymore is because people have seen her big ego and everyone shes encountered and some people shes worked with have said that she has a horrible personality 

  187. Who do you think you are to judge her? Do you know how much she had to overcome to be where she is now? She's not super-hiper nice like Britney, but she's more real and honest. She lived in an abusive home and even there she saved herself with music and singing, and has become and inspiration for people in similar situations. Linda has been working with her for 10 years, and you can hear in every interview how much they respect and admire each other. If you are going to take the bad comments, take the goods as well. We don't really know how is she out of the cameras, but someone who sings a song so deep and real like Oh Mother, or The Voice Within or I'm OK can't never be a horrible person.

  188. i totally agree with you!!!!

  189. you don't have to be so paranoid!! geez! Justine said that she is talented and OBJECTIVELY criticized her bad attitude.. Christina is a great and talented woman but she needs to work on her attitude 

  190. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN4_V_py-r0

  191. Many people lived in abusive homes too but that doesn't make it okay for her to be on the "bitchy" side. I actually think she finds it hard to be nice sometimes when I watch her on The Voice.

  192. I agree with the first part but being a judge isn't about being nice. It's not about being mean either but constructive, so I don't know where you're going with that "hard to be nice" argument. But one thing I do realize about her critiques on The Voice is that whenever possible she always brings up herself! It never fails! Juliet sings It's a Man's Man's Man's World (better than Christina) and she just had to point out the fact that she sang that song at the Grammys even though it's not in any way relevant.

  193. "Bitchy" side? What the hell is that? She's nothing but honest. If she likes something she say it so; if she dislikes, she doesn't hesitate to speak her mind. I think that's even more valuable. She's a woman who's not afraid to say what she thinks and doesn't feel forced to be always nice and smiling. Some people may find her attitude "bitchy", people who don't have a clue about anything, but the reality is that it is really refreshing to hear and see someone so frontal and real. She doesn't feel like she has to please anybody and I love her for that.

    If you are looking for someone extra-nice and smiling all the time, you should look somewhere else. Christina will never be afraid to say what she thinks. She sings about that in her songs Can't Hold Us Down ("Call me a bitch 'cause I speak what's on my mind / Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled) and Stripped ("Sorry that I speak my mind / Sorry don't do what I'm told / Sorry if I don't fake it / Sorry I come too real).

    In other words, she and I don't care about what people like you think. Honesty is an invaluable quality.