Tuesday, 29 July 2014

[Listen] Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Team Up on 'Anything Goes'

lady gaga tony bennettLady Gaga is back where she sounds most comfortable: singing Jazz! Yipee!

Teaming up with Tony Bennet once again- the pair previously dueted on The Lady is a Tramp- the resulting track, Anything Goes, should remind those who view Gaga as merely a shock jock that there is real talent behind the clownish costumes. And it's a side we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months, as the duo are set to release album Cheek To Cheek this September.

[Review] Jessie J Feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang"

Jessie J kind of fell off with her second album Alive.

Hoping to reclaim former success with album number three, the Diva has released its lead single, the much hyped Bang Bang. A song that should make her relevant alone with its featured artists: vocalist Ariana Grande and rapper Nicki Minaj.

With a gospel influence and two capable singers at its helm, I was expecting one helluva vocal show from Bang Bang. It's an expectation that never really fulfilled, with the song peaking after halfway with a throat-busting (A Cappella) run from Jessie that should see the singer blow out her voice box sometime this year when attempting live. After that "moment", it's a noisy stumble to an unsatisfying conclusion.

Friday, 25 July 2014

[Free For All Friday]

I am currently watching videos of cats...who says I have no life!

If you don't know the score, here be the rules:
  • Try not to get too perverted- this site needs to basically be "safe for work".
  • If somebody starts a controversial subject, try keeping it civil when dealing with it. If things get out of hand please flag the conversation.
  • It would be nice if it stuck to music, but it's not a requirement! So talk about news, current events, how you're getting your hair done next time you hit the hairdresser! Whateves, really!
  • No nasty comments aimed at other users.
Inappropriate hugs to all of y'all (hi-fives to the underagers), and wishing you an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kimbra Serves Up Irresistable Disco-Funk With "Miracle"

Wow, Kimbra's Miracle is giving me life today!

I woke up feeling pretty grim - a feeling compounded by the sun and its mocking fierceness. However Kimbra has come to my emotional rescue with this disco-inspired ditty.

Miracle doesn't quite sound like anything I've heard from the Diva before- vocally or production wise- so either I've not listened to her debut album properly, or she's changing direction with her new LP, The Golden Echo.

Whatever the case, I needed this today, so thanks Kimi!

When The Music Moves You, Don't Let Nothing Stop You...

...even your son's second-hand embarrassment.

Watch Crazy People Attempt To SingThe Fifth Element's "Diva Dance"

the Diva Fifth Element.If you've watched The Fifth Element, and are a fan of this site, then there is a part of that movie that has got to have stuck with you long after the end credits rolled. Yes, it's time to finally show Diva Plavalaguna some love and feature the The Diva Dance

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Paris Hilton Returns with "Come Alive"

So this happened yesterday [see video].

Having viewed/ listened to it, let's now play the "how nice can you be" game. Leave a positive comment, about what you just experienced, below.

Listen to Brandy Cover Coldplay's "Magic"

If you happen to be a fan of both Brandy and Coldplay, you are (potentially) in for a treat.

Clearly feeling Coldplay's new sound, the Diva took to the studio to record a cover of their single Magic. It wasn't a total rework, mind. Instead, the Diva added her own spice to the production by throwing in some of her trademark vocal harmonies to fill out the song.

Honestly, the original did little for me, so Brandy's version- which changes little- also left me feeling like I was being assaulted by a Jigglypuff. Her voice sounds good, don't get me wrong, but the song isn't for me.

Perhaps you guys will appreciate it!

[New Music] Traci Braxton - "Last Call"

Look who's going solo, everyone: say howdy to Traci Braxton!

The surname should be a big giveaway, but for those still unsure, let me go ahead and confirm that she is indeed the sister of Toni (and Tamar) Braxton.

Taking a similar route to her siblings, Traci is serving up Rnb with her debut song Last Call. Unfortunately, it also sounds like she's giving us a side helping of auto-tune, with some parts coming off almost robotic in tone. I could be wrong though, so don't quote me on her being computer assisted!

I guess a live showing of Last Call, or further material, will help me get a better feel for her real tone and timbre. Till then, I'll leave you all to make up your own minds.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Jezebel Tells us what we All already knew: Mariah Carey's Photos are retouched. Go Feminism!

We all know that Mariah Carey's promotional photos are airbrushed to the gawds. In fact, it wasn't too long ago we were all laughing about the ridiculous album artwork for Me. I Am Mariah. The Diva even seems to be self aware enough to know when it's gone too far, recently calling her own team out when the awfully edited cover for You Don't Know What To Do hit the net, tweeting: