Friday, 9 December 2016

[Watch] Lady Gaga @ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

lady gaga victoria's secret

With hundreds of millions of social media fans between them- performers and models alike- you may be surprised to hear that this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show had the lowest viewership ever. Welp!

Lady Gaga- along with Bruno Mars and The Weeknd- were the acts that took part in the annual event, this year held in Paris. Gaga offered up two separate performances, one being upbeat, the other sombre. It was similar in many ways to Rihanna's Diamonds/ Phresh out the Runway slayage at the 2012 catwalk.

Madonna Takes A Ride On the Carpool Karaoke

Anyone want to watch Madonna's Carpool Karaoke session?

I don't, so I won't. I'm too hungover and too damn tired to stand for James Corden's shtick and (please don't call me) Madges' attention seeking antics. Granted, this could be a simple sing and drive scenario, but knowing the Diva, she's going to want to be extra and I can't stomach that right now.

For those of you who can, enjoy Madonna's ride on the The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

[Review] VH1 Divas: Unsilent Night

"Never get your hopes up" is a phrase I mostly abide by. But knowing VH1 Divas was returning after a four year hiatus, I couldn't help but put aside my natural pessimism and be hyped after reading who was taking part. Silly me.

Friday, 2 December 2016

[Free For All Friday]


If you don't know the score, here be the rules:

  • Try not to get too perverted- this site needs to basically be "safe for work".
  • If somebody starts a controversial subject, try keeping it civil when dealing with it. If things get out of hand please flag the conversation.
  • It would be nice if it stuck to music, but it's not a requirement! So talk about news, current events, how you're getting your hair done next time you hit the hairdresser! Whateves, really!
  • No nasty comments aimed at other users.
Inappropriate hugs to all of y'all (hi-fives to the underagers), and wishing you an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

[Discuss] The Vocal Slide

We all know what a vocal slide is, right?

Also known as a glissando, it's the technique where a singer slides up (or down) the scale with a smooth and continuous sound. But I'm not an expert. Let's let a real singer- a "singer's singer," if you will- explain it to us laymen.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Brandy Performs Medley Of Hits @ Soul Train Music Awards 2016

Brandy was the recipient of The Lady of Soul Award at the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards. With such an accolade being bestowed, Brandy had to come out and represent her material. And that's what she did with a nine minute medley of her biggest hit.

The reviews said she slayed; I wouldn't go that far. Even though it was enjoyable, the choices she took when rearranging the melodies of some of her songs didn't work for me. It wasn't just that they were iffy to my ears, they sounded darn right dissonant at points. Also the lows didn't appear to come as comfortable to the Diva, which made some of her (usually flowing) runs end abruptly.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Aretha Franklin takes US National Anthem To Church @ NFL Game

You ever wanted to hear Aretha Franklin take 5 minutes-ish to sing The Star Spangled Banner? Me neither! But here we find ourselves.

To those of you with patriotism running through your veins, maybe this rambling rendition will have you waving those flags fervently in reverie. Either that, or you'll find this to be so entirely self-indulgent that it's tantamount to treason and will now be boycotting Aretha and pianos hence forth. After all, it wasn't just Aretha up on that stage. Piani gotta take some of the heat too.