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Friday, 31 July 2015

[Free For All Friday]


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

[Vocal Profile] Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly

Vocal Type: Lyric Coloratura Soprano
Vocal Range: C3 - Bb6 (3 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone)
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Strengths: A strong, bright voice characterized by its feminine, sophisticated nature. Tori Kelly possesses superb vocal dexterity that is shown by her elaborate, nimble and soul-influenced vocal runs and inflections, which can cover multiple notes effortlessly [P.Y.T.].

In addition, Tori has displayed exemplary versatility and musicality. This allows for her to take another's material and make it unique and personal[Thinkin' Bout You], and also canny enough to play with, and create interesting harmonies- such as the neo-soul and gospel-influenced ones found in Falling Slow.

Tori's lower range is dark, lush and well-supported, showcasing a full, controlled quality down to E3. It is easily accessed from the mid-range [Bottled Up]. Below that, are notes that despite their fogginess, sound audible and well-controlled [First Heartbreak]. In a live setting, she has no problem descending to the lower extremities of her voice, and although it lacks the audibility within a studio setting, she sounds controlled and measured when attempting them [Star-Spangled Banner].

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Macy Gray, you Iz Tew Much!

Macy Gray has just released a new song (and video) espousing the virtues of her own vibrator....Yes, you read that right! Her VIBRATOR!!

Take a look at some the lyrics if you don't believe me :
He fits like a glove, always up for love,
steady like a caterpillar.
Rabbit from a hat, he knows just where it’s at.
Give me what I want, and I want that.
I am officially done for the day...

Michelle Williams Performs "Believe In Me" @ BET Sunday Best

Our favourite member of Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams (as if you didn't know), is still out there promoting her latest Gospel Album. Hallelujah!

BET Sunday Best was honoured by the anointed ones' presence, where the Diva sang Believe In Me. It's not my favourite song from Journey To Freedom, however it did give Michelle a chance to show off those reedy pipes.

Get into it! It might be a slightly dry serving of altar bread, but it's good for your soul.

[h/t Thatgrapejuice]

Monday, 27 July 2015

[Discuss] Mariah Carey's Voice Through The Ages

When you've been lauded as the pinnacle of a field, any decline in your talent is going to be studied, critiqued and written about. And that's no different for a vocalist like Mariah Carey, whose delicate voice has changed and evolved as time has passed.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

[C.L.I.T] Various Dance Music

Today's Currently Listening Intently To is going to be a slight cheat, with me linking more than one video. But what the hell, you tarts are always posting a bevy of videos, so I'm going to do the same! What bad influences you all are!

Friday, 24 July 2015

[Vocal Profile] Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Vocal Type: Full-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: C#3 - Bb5 - E6 (3 octaves and a minor third)
Vocal Strengths: In possession of a strong, dark, raspy and mid-weighted soprano voice, Demi Lovato is known for her powerful instrument that is piercing in tone and able enough to cut through thick instrumentation [Remember December].

Demi, unlike most "entertainers" of today, relies heavily on her voice to convey the drama and emotion of a song. It's perhaps because of this, she continues to develop and train her instrument. The gains are most noticeable during performances where it has helped to remedy previous live vocal inconsistencies. Alongside this training, Lovato has also improved her musicality, creating a unique, contemporary-oriented style of harmonising that works with her voice and melodies [Lightweight].