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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

[Watch] Brandy, Fantasia and Some Dudes Tribute Babyface @ 2015 Soul Train Awards

Babyface is a musical legend. From producing hits for just about everyone; to running a commercially successful label (LaFace); to having a solo career in his own right, the guy is music royalty. No question.

Gwen Stefani Brings "Used To Love You" To The Voice

Gwen Stefani sure has an odd, wobbly delivery. I'd never really noticed it until I listened to this live showing of Used to Love You recorded for The Voice.

Monday, 30 November 2015

[What It Sound Like?] Adele - "Million Years Ago"

Witness the birth of a new feature on the site! Well, maybe. It all depends on how this post goes, and if and when I suffer another one of these annoying moments. Anyway, behold the “What it sound like?” post.

Today's track comes from the career wrecking ball that is Adele’s new LP, 25. Titled Million Years Ago, the song is an evocative slice of retro ruminations where our British belle is remembering simpler times before the fame morphed her world into the horrendous nightmare it is now.

Friday, 27 November 2015

[CLIT] Regine Velasquez - "Reasons"

Apparently y'all Yanks are celebrating something or another right now. Well while you're all getting your lives, I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, watching linked video after linked video. What a way to spend a Friday night!

It's on this journey that I rediscovered this Earth Wind And Fire cover by Regine Velasquez. Though looking dead behind the eyes, the vocals were fire with an impressive B5 being hit by the Diva in mixed chest voice! Here's the lyrics, sing along. It's fun!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

JoJo Gives "Say Love" An Acoustic Makeover

Is JoJo fighting a losing battle with the continued push of material from Tringle? I'm thinking so. But here we are, another video promoting it makes its way onto the vocalist's YouTube channel. As  ungrateful as I sound, the truth is I'm just greedy for stronger material. So the sooner this era finishes, the sooner another can begin.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Demi Lovato Rocks 2015 AMAs With "Confident"... Not So Much With Alanis Morissette Link-Up

It's always tough writing about a performance when you don't feel the song. With that in mind, I'll comment in generalities for Demi Lovato's live rendition of Confident at the 2015 AMAs.

The staging was good, with some great lighting driving the energy. Demi wasn't a slouch either, selling the song's message with confidence and attitude. But that would all be for naught if she flopped on the vocal front.....which she didn't! The lowest notes were a little iffy but the rest was really good, with the Diva delivering her signature brand of edgy belting. Interestingly, she didn't inject as much weight into the belt as we've heard previously, but that was a smart choice, making the top notes sound healthier and easier.

Celine Dion Pays Tribute To Paris Victims With Emotional Rendition of "L'hymne à L'amour"

I wouldn't feel right commenting too harshly on Céline Dion's rendition of L'hymne à L'amour at 2015 AMAs. It wasn't perfect, and was definitely pitchy, but this was about more than notes and vocals; it was about sending a message of unity to those who have, and are still, suffering with the aftermath of this month's terrorist attacks in France.

It was a simple but touching and honest tribute. I wouldn't expect anything less from Celine.