Female Singers R Us

Monday, 20 October 2014

[New Music] Gwen Stefani Returns With New Single, "Baby Don't Lie"

Anyone else remember Gwen Stefani saying she was done with the solo stuff? Wait, let me confirm this isn't me making up rumors again...Ok, here it is: No Doubt's Gwen Stefani: 'I never want to make another solo album' . I guess the exposure from being a judge on The Voice USA was too much of an opportunity not to capitalise on. Smart.

[Watch] Mariah Carey Practices Whistle Notes During Show Warm Up

Ever wondered how, or if even, Mariah Carey bothers warming up her voice anymore? Well the Diva's latest Instagram shines a little light on that very subject, today.

Sure, her practicing whistle notes with a bong humidifier looks more like a case of showing she still has it than being any real warm up, but who am I to argue with the clip's caption: "Cleaning and warming up my voice  #TheElusiveChanteuseShow". (I'll just assume all the "warming up" with scales and such took place pre-clip and this was the "cleaning" part.)

Friday, 17 October 2014

[Free For All Friday]

No words....just Gif...#Dead.

If you don't know the score, here be the rules:
  • Try not to get too perverted- this site needs to basically be "safe for work".
  • If somebody starts a controversial subject, try keeping it civil when dealing with it. If things get out of hand please flag the conversation.
  • It would be nice if it stuck to music, but it's not a requirement! So talk about news, current events, how you're getting your hair done next time you hit the hairdresser! Whateves, really!
  • No nasty comments aimed at other users.
Inappropriate hugs to all of y'all (hi-fives to the underagers), and wishing you an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

[Watch] Jessie J Rocks Dancing With The Stars

Yesterday I posted on US export, Taylor Swift, and her snoozefest of a showing at the X-Factor UK. (Remember that? I barely do, so don't beat yourself up if you don't.)

Today, in a reversal of sorts, I present a UK export- Ms.Jessie J- returning the favor and performing on US Show, Dancing With The Stars. Like yesterday, let me keep this post short and swift with a gif summation of this live medley of Bang Bang and Burnin' Up':

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Future Of Divas: Hatsune Miku

The future is here! Say hello to tomorrow's Diva, the computer generated Hatsune Miku.

Being billed as the world's first virtual pop star (The Gorillaz might have something to say about that), this anime-inspired monstrosity has already graced The Late Show stage with her holographic presence. And God help me, after a second listen, I'm actually getting into it....

[Watch] Taylor Swift "Shakes It Off" @ X-Factor UK

Taylor Swift's latest hit, Shake It Off, still hasn't made any impression on me- which is strange.

Usually this Diva's music grows on me over time, but this, her most unabashedly pop-infused, is still doing nada for me. I wonder if that means I won't be enjoying her next album. Well, that's something to worry about later, for now, let's concern ourselves with the present: her performance on the X-Factor UK.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

[Currently Listening To]

What are you guys currently listening to? You know, what's that ONE track that is, at this very moment, being digitally worn out by your repeated indulgence?

Me, I've been listening to an oldie: Björk's Oceania. Taken from the Diva's revolutionary album, Medulla, this single boasted magical vocals and a sparse, pulsing production. However, it was the track's lyrics that really caught a hold of my imagination, as Bjork provided a maternal voice to the world's oceans.

[Review] Marina And The Diamonds - "Froot"

Marina and the Diamonds is gearing up for her return to music, and the follow-up to 2012's Electra Heart, with new single Froot.

[Miracles Can Happen] Katy Perry Booked For Super Bowl Halftime show

Looks like someone has found Aladdin's lamp- quite possibly Katy Perry herself. Why, you ask? Because it's been announced that the Diva has been booked to play one of the biggest gigs on American television: The 2015 Super Bowl halftime show!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

[Watch] Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Remain "Flawless" During HBO Special

HBO love themselves some Beyonce. Their latest joint venture with the Diva was the shooting and screening of her (and Mr. Beyonce's) record breaking On The Run Tour.