Friday, 18 April 2014

[Free For All Friday]

Happy Easter, everyone! Sorry about not commenting on the contest post yet. Just started a new job and am currently getting used to the switched up hours I'm working. Should be acclimatised in a week or so!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Beyonce And Solange Get Down Together @ Coachella 2014

Do you have an urge to see Beyonce and Solange work a little choreography together at Coachella 2014? It's kinda cute! To be fair, you're not missing much if you give this video a pass- the sound quality is particularly poor. It's more about the joy on their faces than anything else.

Sisters be doing it fo' themselves...Enjoy.

Rihanna And Eminem Perform "The Monster" @ MTV 2014 Awards

The pairing of Rihanna and Eminem has become one almost guaranteed to produce a hit record, so expect loads more to come from the duo. Their latest collaboration, The Monster, didn't do much for me, but it clearly did for others having battled to the top of Billboard and gone triple platinum.

Even though it was 2013 when the song hit the top of the charts, it took till this year's MTV Movie Awards for the Diva and rapper to deliver its first live performance. But you wouldn't have guessed that from watching this, as there were no blips or bumps present. (Though the fan video I found could hide a multitude of sins.)

It may have been their first rendition of the song, but I'm guessing they'll be a fair few more to come  as the pair embark on their combined tour in August. Stay tuned to YouTube around that time to see more. I shall be washing my hair.....

[I'll embed a clearer video when I find!]

Jennifer Hudson Unites With Timbaland For "Walk It Out"

Jennifer Hudson gave us a throwback to the Disco era with the infectious I Can't Describe. And it sounds like she's not quite done looking to the past for inspiration if new song Walk It Out is any indication.

This time the Diva is giving us 90's Rnb with a hard Timbo beat reminiscent of those he was serving up when he first started out with Aaliyah and Ginuwine. The vocal and melody aren't immediately catchy though, but I feel that's nothing a few listens won't remedy.

Do the spicy lyrics, swears and sort-of rapping indicate a change is coming for the Diva's next album? Only time, or someone better informed than me, will tell!

Lana Del Rey Grunges Up Music With "West Coast"

Lana Del Rey has successfully allayed any fears that she can only deliver a certain style of music. Not that I'd personally complain if she continued giving us more of the same; it should be clear by now how much I love her particular style of sweeping strings and big beats.

The first single from Ultraviolence is a sexy little number that brings the Diva closer to the sound of previous persona, Lizzie Grant. Entitled West Coast, the Dan Auerbach produced cut immediately makes an impact with a killer chorus that plays with tempo and genre, giving us a drop in speed and inflections of psychedelia. It certainly sounds fresh to my ears.

I have a feeling Ultraviolence will be taking Lana down a grungier route, offering us a direct contrast to the highly polished and opulent sound of her debut. It could potentially turn off some fans, but the thought of Lana's voice over this new sonic landscape is giving me all sorts of goosebumps. Bring.It.On.

Take a listen!