Monday 16 March 2009

Dream feat Mariah: My Love - Review

mariah carey dreamMy Love sounds like any other Dream song, with its sparse, soulless, production. The lyrics have the Dream and Mariah Carey playing couple, and listing to the the world why their love is stronger than anything "the World can throw" at it. You know, typical 'us' vs 'them' type scenario.

Vocally the Dream and Mariah harmonise well, as both singers have a smooth, airy quality to their midrange voices.

Mariah is up to her usual tricks, blending her higher and lower vocals for her verse, but its nice to hear her lower range being utilized. Her vocals, overall, have a more relaxed and organic feel than I have heard before; almost as if shes not trying so hard to make this a technical performance.

Point in case is the scratchy texture Mariah's belts are graced with when shes sings the "know" in "they don't know" at 3.24. I, for one enjoy the rougher texture to Mariah's voice but I'm sure this will have people who like to bemoan about Mariah's changeable voice citing it as evidence of her vocal decline.

Hopefully an insight into Mariah and Dreams' songs for her new album that he has been refering to as 'MC3'.
OVERALL: Kinda average untill Mariah starts singing

Mariahs High Note from "My Love": E6-F6

Update: The album was actually released as The memoires of an Imperfect Angel (read the review here).


  1. Please keep The-Dream away from Mariah. I think Mariah is amazing without his contributions..Just my opinion.

  2. And you are entitled to it! :D Thanks for commenting!