Wednesday 11 March 2009

Mary J Blige - Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Mezzo-soprano (voice has deepened with age)
Range: 3 octaves. 2 notes A2- C6
Longest Note: 12 seconds .
Vocal Pluses: Soulful voice that has a unique, husky texture. Has a solid midrange, that has a dark, weighty timbre and a lighter chest range that is able to mix well to belt higher into the fifth octave. Dexterous voice that is capable of complex melisma, as well as the stamina to be able to hold sustained notes. Able to use the voice to convey the emotions of the song exceptionally. 
Vocal Negatives: Voice sometimes sounds strained


  1. I think some Mary J. Blige's greatest vocal stregth comes from the way she can convey her pain thru her songs

  2. Hey thanks for that. Also updated the positives to make them a little more in depth!

  3. It's something about her off notes that make them sound right at the same time!

  4. I didn't know she had more range than Whitney Houston! That's crazy!

  5. Crispy chicken
    Fresh lettuce
    Three cheeses
    Ranch dressin
    Wrapped in a tortlla!


  6. LMFAO...I forgot about that..but I could just imagine how she would sound singing Gospel..very powerful voice

  7. I heard her at a concert a few years ago. When she sung No More Drama, I
    swear you could hear a pin drop. 10,000+ of us must have been holding
    our breath. It was one of the most transcendent performances I have ever
    seen/heard. To say she conveyed her pain through that song would be an

  8. Im so jealous, I have never been to a concert.

  9. Yep, she can go lower and sustain them better with proper support and belt a lot higher. Not that range is everything of course.

  10. There's no denying Mary's got a lot of soul but her tone is definitely inconsistent. I prefer her mid-range belting and lower notes, she almost sounds like a contralto at times.

  11. Um, I need a better description.

  12. I heard that she had a whistle register that she doesn't use. I hopes that she does soon

  13. She used it once, during a credit card commercial.

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