Thursday 28 October 2010

Rihanna- Watch both video versions of "who's that chick" (Day and night)

Day version                                                   Night version

Not content with having a single out already (see Only girl in the world Rihanna has released not one but two videos for a David Guetta track named Who's that chick.The song itself is a campy, fun if throwaway, dance number that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The two video versions for the single have the corresponding names of Day and Night.The Day video is bright, fun, and incorporates the 80's vibe that is prevalent at the moment in popular culture. Its' also similar to that found in her other single Only Girl.  

The Night video is less saturated in colour and has an eerie, Gothic feel that brings to mind the Russian Roulette video and the Rated R Rihanna.

With her last album Rated R underselling, by her previous standards, this era's happier Rihanna could be in danger of looking like a reversion to that successful incarnation, rather than an artistic progression forward, potentially rubbing out any credibility garnered from the Rated R album. To counter this the Rihanna team seem to have created these two contrasting videos in an attempt to smooth that transition in a way that makes it appear less contrived and more natural a progression.

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