Saturday 6 November 2010

Lady GaGa is NOT original and copied Grace Jones and Christina Aguilera, to name but a few!

gaga copy roisin murphy
Gaga's supposed coping of Roisin Murphy

In a similar vein to an older postis some more Lady Gaga hate on Youtube. This time it's about her copying other artists' styling and concepts.

Ultimately the creators of these videos wants to show you that Gaga is not as original as they think you think she is.

My two cents: Meh. I've never heard Lady Gaga claim she was original or that her looks were not inspired by these other celebs, so she' got nothing to answer for as far I'm concerned.

Watch these examples of Lady Gaga and who she's "copied" below

lady gaga naked


  1. Lady gaga just copied everyone!

  2. Didn't Christina do the shirtless hair over boobs photoshoot too?

  3. But Lady Gaga DID claim Aguilera has copied her original concepts and I guess that's why Bionic is such an underrated album - everybody thought of it as Gaga rip-off. As for me their music is and always was completely different.