Thursday 4 November 2010

Listen to Kim Kardashian's terrible new song "Shake"

Kim Kardashian booty, nude
Kim Kardashian "Shake"
The guys over at Grapejuice have just premiered a new, Neptunes produced, song by Kim Kardashian called "Shake". Not blessed with the strongest voice Kim is quickly overwhelmed by the busy production.

Sounds like a hot mess to me but perhaps it needs a few more listens to sink in. Listen to it below.

Kim Kardashian - Shake by user6769662

*Upate: Thank  you to commenter Chrystal for bringing it to my attention that this is not Ms Kardashian on the track.* 


  1. It's not even remotely Kim Kardashian -- You didn't even listen to the track! Press "play" next time . . .

  2. TBH I have no idea what Kim Kardashian sounds like -I've only ever seen her in print- and was going on what was being reported in the press at the time.

    Even Billboard reported on the song and if you can't trust them-the people who compile the US charts- then who can you?

    But you're right over the authenticity of the song as Billboard have since retracted their original post here after kim directly refuted being involved with the song via twitter.

    And Of course i listened to the track, have you? It's a mess regardless of who it is that's singing on it!