Wednesday 3 November 2010

[Vocal Profile] Taylor Swift

Vocal Type:Light Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 2 octaves and 3 note  [D3- G5]
Vocal Pluses: A clear and simple voice that favors a strong melody over vocal bells and whistles. Whether an artistic choice, or due to vocal limitations, it's a style that successfully lends itself to the narratives the Diva injects into her art, allowing for her lyrics to be understand and appreciated. Though not often heard, Taylor can hold notes throughout her range [Red 1, 2], and has demonstrated some dexterity, being able to switch to her head-voice quickly [I Knew You Were Trouble] .

Taylor's mid-range, at its bottom, has a slight huskiness to it [Innocent]. However that quickly lifts, as the voice takes a nasal placement, revealing a bright and definite tone that is without any real texture. The Diva can create more texture, but in doing so the voice becomes less dynamic, becoming airier and thinner. Taylor often utilises this timbre for layering and creating harmonies [The Last Time]. Her easiness in the mid-range means she is free to play with her delivery- for instance adding a playful scorn to her tone in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together to accentuate the lyrical content. The intrinsic character of Taylor's own speaking voice is most prevalent here, but it can be found throughout the range, meaning her vocals remain identifiable and attributable.

Her chest/belting range is cool and almost metallic in tone. Due to the lightness of the voice, Taylor doesn't appear to have any issues in this part of the range, being able to hit mid-fifth octave notes with little change in tone, timbre [State Of Grace]. Though there is shedding of weight as she ascends the fifth octave, it isn't enough to strip the voice of its character. The unwavering nature of her belts also suggests the Diva has great breath control and support when executing them [Collection of Taylor's belts].

The top of her range is soft, sweet and akin to a breathy falsetto [Forever and Always (Piano Version)]. The Diva sounds comfortable here, showing no issues singing here for lengthy periods of time.
Vocal Negatives: Overall the voice has a anemic tone, and lacks volume and power.



  1. This is incorrect. If you listen to "Enchanted" she sings as low as F3 and as high as D#5

  2. @anon, thanks for the tip- have amended the vocal profile and added new clips. On most occasion's though I wouldn't change a vocal profile for the sake of 1 note and a semitone. I did on this occasion because of the limited size of Taylor's range.

    Note that I put"approx"- short for approximately- next to the range, because I haven't heard everything a singer has sung so assume they can go higher and lower.

    However, like i said I'm grateful for you taking the time to comment, and if you find any other lower or higher notes please drop me a comment :)

  3. taylor swift is the most overrated singer in mainstream music right now

    her voice is so thin and weak and cumbersome at times

    it sucks that the tweens of today fall for her music because even her music is boring and the subject matter is always the same - love, heartbreak, and boys....

    it baffles me how someone with such a mediocre voice is so successful
    she even beat michael jackson for album of the year at the AMAS a few years back

  4. Sorry but this is wrong, Taylor doesn't have a vocal range of 1.5 octaves. Her voice spanned 2 octaves in Sparks Fly and Mean. Check out

  5. I thought she was a soprano.

  6. @anon: Her range or vocal quality isn't strong enough to be a soprano. There are people saying she may even be more of contralto then a mezzo.

    @anon music note has her range for "Mean" at G#3-C#5 and likewise for "Sparks Fly" at F3-C5. Neither are 2 octaves.

  7. music notes has her range in Haunted at F3-C6, so how can her highest note be D5#?

  8. @anon I just listened to "Haunted" and regardless of how the song was written musically- I haven't actually seen where the C6 is in the sheet music just the quoted range- there is no C6 in the album version of the song. The highest note I could find was one octave below that and I've included that in the profile above.

    If I've missed it during the song, or someone has the sheet music, please point me to where it is.

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. Her longest note is 17 seconds live at the ACM Awards. Here's the link for the performance:

  10. She's not a good singer. In Studio her voice is at least soft and sweet, but when you listen to her live, you almost want to kill yourself. Her voice is weak as hell, and she's not in tune most of times.

  11. would you please have a look at that video because the one who posted the comment turned out to be right? Her longest note is 17 seconds live, not 10

  12. What are you talking about? Musicnotes has her vocal range in Enchanted to be D3#-E#5 not F3-D5#

  13. Sorry, all of this is incorrect; she goes as low as E3 in Long Live, D3# in Enchanted, and D3 in Last Kiss.

  14. You can find a better Eb4 in the unreleased song Din´t they.

  15. Music note is wrong, you can play in your guitar and in enchated the lowest note is F3

  16. I agree about the Music Note way to verify vocal range not being right. Someone said below that there was a C6 noted as the highest note in the range of a Swift song, when that patently that wasn't true on listening to it.

  17. YOu can find another F3 in the music Ours.

  18. Hey, she hits notes higher than D5# in that video

  19. She sings an F#5, falsetto, in this SNL skit. Kind of a throwaway example, but she doesn't seem to have trouble executing the note.

  20. Hello...can you see this one?

  21. In this video ( Viva la vida ) her highest note is a A4. And in the music LAst kiss the lowest note is no a D3 but a E3.

  22. Ok, but I think she hits higher notes in her live cover of I Want You Back. Here's the link:

  23. hey, I appreciate people directing me to new sources of notes but it would help a lot if you would tell me where to find them, as in time wise.  On first listen I can't hear anything above an A#4 and as I don't have time to listen again right now I'll wait for  you to point me to where it is. Cheers!

  24. I wish I'd read your comment first. I just replied that i heard the highest note as an A4 in the coldplay cover too. Its getting a little tiresome when people are directing me to notes, almost as if they know for a fact that theyre there, but decide not to tell me the time they think they heard it.  And since i usually listen to the song  more then a few times, to try and verify, this can be a pretty time consuming activity. 

    Oh and you're right about the E3 too, just took another listen.

  25. Hey, here's the time stamp from my earlier comment. I  think I'm hearing an F#5 in this video at 0:19 seconds.

    I feel like she's capable of bigger/higher notes, but since she writes her material Taylor likely feels there's no need to stretch herself there.

  26. Yes, i have sure that in this video in the second 19 is F#5. So her vocal range is E3 ( LAst KIss and Long Live) and the highest this one.

  27. Thanks for that. will amend, but what a strange

  28. Yep there's an F#5 there! Thanks!

  29. you didn't amend it...

  30. I can't yet, the place where I upload sound clips to is under maintenance.  

  31. I think I hear an E5 in the 15-second long note you posted above. Right?

  32. Are you able to update it now? :D

  33. I would like to add that Taylor's highest "chest" note is a D5, not a C5, as you can see here at 3:41:

    Thanks so much for your hard work on this site :) 

  34. I would like to add that Taylor´s highest chest note is a Eb4, not a C5, see at 1:02

  35. It is! An Eb5, you mean.

  36. Hey, what's the highest note Taylor hits in this 26-second demo of an unreleased song called "Spinning Around"? I think I can hear notes higher than the ones mentioned above, sung in falsetto. 

  37. She also hits lower notes than E3 at 0:31 til 0:40 and at 1:09 in this video. Also she hits a note higher than an F#5, I think it's a G5 or a note close to that, in falsetto at the 1:25 mark 

    (it's unreleased)

  38. The highest note I hear is D5, lowest A5. Interesting song - is it new? Maybe it'll be on the next record.

  39. Sorry, A3 for lowest.

  40. I agree, there isnt a note highest than D5, and lowest A3

  41. The highest note there is a Eb4, it´s a falsetto

  42. Hey can someone help identify the note she hits between 1:25 and 1:33?

  43. Just wanna be sure does taylor hit these notes: D5 - C#5 – C5 – F#5 – G5 – A5 – A4 – C#5 from 0:15 till 0:30 in that video? 

  44. D#5; it's listed above as one of her highest head notes.

  45. Have you listened to her live album Speak Now World Tour Live? You can judge her live vocal range! :)

  46. most overrated singer/songwriter in history absolutely nothing interesting about her idk why the grammys are so fond of her 

  47. Hey , I don't hear anything above a D5 there?

  48. Yeah, I listened to it. It's good! I advise you to listen to it. It will help you judge her live vocal range.

  49. She is one of the most horrible singers I've heard. Just no skill or whatsoever! It pains me because I actually like her bright, light and youthful tone, it's very sweet but her pitch is just awful. I really hope she works on her voice for at least 2 years. There is potential in that voice but she doesn't seem to care.

  50. DD, please revise "Highest chest note" to Eb5. Audio here, at 1:02:

  51. It sounds like an Eb5. Will add it when I get  a moment

  52.  Please add this to the vocal pluses and negatives,
    which I find not analyzing enough of her voice.

    Vocal pluses: Taylor Swift's low to mid range is where the voices finds its
    most resonance and weight. The low register is very solid and controlled with a
    weight to it, see Tim Mcgraw and Viva La Vida cover
    (, which can
    sound either light and airy or deep and resonant.

    Her voice carries its resonance to the lower belting register and is the healthiest
    part of her voice, along with having soft delicate timbre, see Speak Now, but
    also a more full of attitude, steely, and cutting tone, see You Belong With Me
    and Mean. It has the stamina to hold notes for lengths of time, see Dear John
    (studio) and Change (live, Her chest
    voice gets more piercing and sharp as it ascends into the higher belting
    register, see Should've Said No, and loses its delicate timbre for a strong,
    resonant one if the voice is well rested, see Picture to Burn (live, Her rarely used vibrato is shown
    in that part of her voice, which is sharp and nasal in a good way, see Back to
    December (live,

    Her head voice is soft and airy, and she can easily and quickly switch between
    her chest and head voice, see Safe and Sound (live,, Enchanted and Last Kiss (Speak Now
    World Tour: Live Album version). Voice is incredibly versatile and has the
    ability to sing in different genres: country, folk, pop, arena rock, etc. Has
    shown recent good knowledge of her voice's dynamics and health, not pushing it
    past its capabilities as in past years, and the voice is overall, light, bright
    and youthful with fragility to it.  Never

    Vocal negatives: Taylor Swift has been known to sing of tune and off key, but
    has shown MUCH improvement in that department in recent performances and
    current tour. She has weak vocals that tire easily in a short period of time, making
    the voice sound raw and nasal, and the notes in her higher belting register pitchy.
    Never sings vocal runs or melismas, which is viewed as rather bland and
    unimpressive, amateurish singing by some. Others see it as a positive, seeing
    as she can sing well without using this technique.

    Sometimes runs out of breath. Overall the voice has a weak
    tone, and a thin quality. A more emotional singer than a technical one.

  53. Sorry to say that, I don't want to sound mean, but you are delusional. Most of the things you listed, are not true. You should seriously check up your ears or else, because you're listening things that do no exist at all.
     "low register is very solid" Sorry, but what the hell? Do you know how a solid register should be? She whispers her low notes. Try Alicia Keys for a solid low register."Her head voice is soft and airy" Because is not her head voice, is falsetto. The diference between chest/head voice and falsetto is that the last is airy and soft. You should know that. "quickly switch betweenher chest and head voice" If that were true, it would be terrible! The disconnection between the chest and head voice would probably make her sound awful. That's why singers MIX their chest and head in the fifth octave belting."for a strong, resonant one" No. You are completly wrong she never, never sounds strong. Try Cher for a strong resonant voice."voice is incredibly versatile" W-O-R-S-T statement ever! Her voice is not versatile, I guess you don't know what "versatile" really is. You can sing in a lot of genres, but make your voice sound good and acurate in all those genres is what makes you versatile. Try Christina Aguilera for a versatile voice."Never oversings" This is actually right, and thanks God because she doesn't have the stamina to do any vocal run or melisma. She'd die in the process.

  54. I won't argue what you said, it's your opinion, of course, and music isn't a scientific fact, it's open to different opinions. But coming to the versatility part, her voice is truly versatile, she can sing country (ex. most of her songs), pop (Mine, You Belong With Me, Our Song), folk (Safe and Sound) and rock (Haunted) and sound good, which makes her voice versatile.
    "thanks God because she doesn't have the stamina to do any vocal run or melisma. She'd die in the process.", I acknowledged that she doesn't have a very strong voice. Other than that, i have nothing to say, except that that's your opinion. Let's see what DD's got to say.

  55. You CAN have your own opinion but if you came here to expose it you NEED to give proofs. All the videos you posted proof exactly the opposite of your statements. Don't be stubborn, please. Also, music is not a scientific fact, but singing is, because is something that happens in a human body, and some sciences (biology and medicine) study the body. Again, being versatile IS NOT sing in a lot of genres but make your voice sound good in those genres. Taylor doesn't sound good in anything but her country-pop common sound. She has no timbre variation, nor the power to sing powerhouse ballads, soul, rock (real rock!), r&b, jazz, gospel. You have to understand that just because you want her to be a great singer she won't be. She's not a great singer, is just an averange one. Most of the things you said are not "opinions" but statements. Like if I said "the sun is always blue". That's not an opinion, it's an statement of fact... and as one, it can be refuted/discussed.

  56. There is a science behind singing, but I don't think you can "prove" to someone whether or not a singer sounds good. Taylor's not the best of the best, but Ahmed's comment does give some helpful notes about where her voice is strongest, and how recent live performances, particularly "Safe and Sound," show that she's getting a stronger hold of her instrument.

  57.  I think that she sounds good in all the genres she sings, which makes her versatile in my opinion. Just because she doesn't sound good to you doesn't mean that her voice isn't versatile. Just opinions. And coming to me wanting her to be a great singer, she is a good singer, not perfect, but good enough. And in the videos that I posted, I see/hear the positives AND negatives I stated above, particularly the "Safe and Sound" video. And please keep in mind that I said her voice is strong in her higher belting range "IF WELL RESTED", and then I said that her weak vocals tire easily, that's why she doesn't sound good sometimes. But when her voice IS rested, she sounds perfectly fine.

  58. The way a singer appeals to an individual is up to interpretation and taste, however there is a science and theory behind whether or not a singer is producing the most ideal and solid sound. Even though there are multiple ways of singing with different styles there are basic principles that every singer must follow. You must have proper breath support, control, and what most find most important, one must maintain a neutral larynx. Taylor mainly forces her notes out by pushing and although her tone is adored by millions, this won't be enough to save her instrument with the way she is using it. She may sound good but her execution leaves a lot to be savored. Its through this that a singer can be observed and critiqued.

    It seems to me she hits higher chest notes and head voice notes in this unreleased song ! :)

  60. Here's a Taylor Swift vocal range video that you can use

  61.  Can someone help me identify the highest note in this Taylor Swift song?

  62. Just a guess here... I don't think anything above D5.

  63. I´ve really ask myself why she didn´t have a video of her vocal range. you can add more notes like D3 in and add the highest like F#5 in Bunny lips don´t lie.

  64. She's an alto I thought

  65. Doesn't she hit some higher notes in Safe and Sound?

  66.  Hey does what is the high notes Taylor hit at 1:19 and another one at 2:07?

  67. I am sorry, but, this girl cannot sing.

  68. All of which just goes to show, you CAN talk endlessly about notes reached or not but when you get down to listening to Taylor just as an audience member so to speak, the girl is a poor singer. But she is definitely working at getting better and imo has improved over the years.
    Still, her strength lies in writing songs that appeal to the very young crowd not into R&B or Hip hop.

  69.  What is the lowest note she hits in this song?

  70. where can i find a vid for her longest note and the F#5??

  71. Longest @ 3:34:
    Highest is this little gem, 0:18:


  72.  F#5:
    Longest note:

  73. Sure, she's hit all those notes. But did she sing them with solidness? No. When it boils down to it she's a G#3 - A4. The D3 & F3 were whispered and the C5 and all above it was either shouted out or strained. The F#5 was an exclamation for John's sake! Her timbre is pretty but that's all she's got. Timbre. No low-reg, no head, no chest, even her falesetto's weak. She's no good to put it straight and instead of writing songs calling people who don't like her voice "pathetic loners" (Mean) she should pick up the phone and contact a vocal trainer. Seriously.

  74. Taylor Swift has always been a songwriter first. She may not be technical vocalist but she still has a decent voice.

  75. The song Mean is for a critic who bashed her to the point where it was beyond constructive and professional criticism. It's not an F U song to the people who say she can't sing like many people thinks it is. She's not exactly a technical singer. Her voice is slightly above average at best.

  76. Agree with the vocal negativity. Her voice, especially in previous albums, appears to be shaking a lot.

  77. I'm sorry josie, but taylor isn't overrated at all. She's the only female artist ever to have three albums chart #1 back to back to back. Her latest album is also the 16th album in the history of music itself to sell a million copies in its first sales week. Her achievements don't overrate her at all.

  78. As i mentioned before, anonymous, Taylor isn't overrated at all. I am aware the DD is entirely about debating vocals, but it is completely false to say she is overrated. She is the only female artist ever to have three albums go #1 on the charts back to back to back, and her latest album was the 16th album in the history of music to sell a million copies in its first sales week. Her voice is relatively thin, and she has been working with a vocal coach for the release of her fourth studio album. As someone who doesn't understand her discography, you are being rash when saying her music is repetitive and always the same. She writes about her parents, the struggles of a girl with cancer, and even about the story of growing up.

  79. Exactly , Taylor isn't anywhere near overrated. All her fans ( I'm one too) know she isn't the best singer. She herself stated that her voice is just a tool to get her message across. She is better known for her amazing songwriting, so chill, she's training her voice and WILL improve. Its so annoying to keep seeing statements like "I'm sorry this girl can't sing" or "shes really one of the most overrated artists". I bet none of u can get anywhere near to the level she is at. So lay off ! I'm not saying shes very good at singing. She has her flaws and pluses. Overall she's an entertainer so it isn't fair to judge her solely on her singing skills . Besides , Shes improved tremendously ! Watch her newest live performances.

  80. couldnt agree more
    i like some of her songs though and i think her money spot is her song writing because a lot of people can relate to what she is singing

    but even though she sounds fine in the studio
    shes not very good live
    and when it comes down to determining if someone can really sing
    you have to look at how they deliver in a completely live environment

  81. her voice isnt versatile
    her voice itself doesnt even sound very "country"

  82. achievements have nothing to do with talent and ability
    sure shes done well
    but people praise her as if she has this great voice but she doesnt

  83. Taylor has an above average voice and impressive phrasing and delivery, she has a wide vocal range, but almost always chooses to sing in a limited one. She's not technically great, but she's getting better. She's certainly improving depending on her new live performances. She can get pitchy, sure, but not very often these days, She learned to sing on key and uses her falsetto more often.

  84. DD, can you tell me if it was an F5 of G5 in 2:36?

  85. @misty actually my whole point was that nobody can say she's overrated based on her singing skills only . She's a great musician and entertainer not a great singer . That's why people praise .

  86. Taylor hits C6 and D6 at 4:03 - 4:08 here:
    C6 and D6 here too at 3:49 - 3:54:
    3 C6s here at 3:45 - 3:59:
    C6 here at 1:15 - 1:20:

    So could you plz add those notes to her range?

  87. Hey Ahmed, you've pitched all those notes an octave too high. They're all in the fifth octave, the highest being a D5 in falsetto.

  88. I think i'm going deaf, couldn't hear either. Sorry!

  89. She really improved a lot, from the beginning of her career, from now, just see the lives, she's taking vocal lessons since 2010, ans she's getting better, safe and sound is a proof of that, and i think that with the time, she may become a good vocalist, not strong but at least ok

  90. She's definitely not a powerhouse and she can't hit high notes like Mariah Carey but her voice isn't that bad. Check out her performance of Safe & Sound, she sounds amazing! Her songwriting is better. :)

  91. Hey DD, Can you review her new (lead) single and post it on the home page?

  92. Hmmm...I think this song is rather weak and immature sounding for a Taylor Swift song...maybe she's trying something different.

  93. Good to see you back Hannah :)

    I agree the song is weak and immature sounding but isn't that Taylor's strength? Writing songs which appeal to mainstream teenage girls.

    Still one , at this point, what with her growing older and it being her 4th(?) album, there would be some movement into more mature lyrics anyway.

    Somehow I was immediately reminded of the other end of the spectrum...this song written by a twelve year old...

    And Taylor's song becomes mind staggering immature for a 21 year old.

  94. Thanks! It's great to be back!

    I wouldn't say weak and immature songs are Taylor's strength. But, yes, her niche is writing songs that appeal to mainstream teenage girls and I can just hear them now, "OMG!! This song describes my life!!" I mean she has some others songs dealing with similar subject matter that are more mature sounding, like "Back to December" and "Last Kiss". And even her song "Better Than Revenge" reminds me of this song but it's not as silly sounding.

  95. she has much better songs than this
    like teardrops on my guitar and back to december
    those songs are much better than this
    but supposedly this songs is breaking itunes records and i dont have a clue why - her previous songs are better written and are catchier than this

  96. No, she is a VERY strong songwriter, not just when writing songs for teens, she really comes up with lyrical images, hooks and lines that are very unique and well-phrased (which I owe to her voice). However, this song is not what I would call lyrically weak (it's much better than what's on the pop charts right now *shudders*), but she has written better.

    Personally, I think this song is intentionally not very deep, but deep enough for a pop record. I think it was released as the lead single due to it's dead catchy hook and it's mainstream sound so that it would get people hyped up about the new album (Red), but the whole album will be usual deep stuff. (I'm not a teenage fangirl, I'm a guy).

  97. My bad! I didn't notice that "for a Taylor Swift song".
    I thought you were generally speaking but I guess you were comparing only Swift songs.

    Like I said, I think she has a real knack for writing songs for teenage girls( and boys )
    But seriously folks...I was comparing her in general to other song writers and I am afraid imo, in that case, she doesn't rate as a "great songwriter". It's all pretty generic stuff best fitted as soundtrack to one of those teen drama shows

    I think Back to December is indeed a better song but "more mature"? Nah, not really. Still very teenager

  98. LOL I apologise and will add "and teenager boys" next time.
    As for it being better than other songs on the pop charts...I will take your word for that because I flat out refuse to waste my time and ears listening to a cross section of that crap. But I am afraid in my world setting the bar at pop charts is setting the bar awfully low. Too low for me to stoop as it were. :-b
    Besides which..Taylor is supposed to be a country star and in that case ..she most definitely does not reserve that rating "great songwriter" either.

    But like I said..if all pop music is is catchy tunes with lyrics directed at teens...she is indeed an excellent POP song writer.

  99. Yeah, I was comparing only Taylor's songs. Of course she wouldn't be up there with the all time great songwriters, but she writes in a way that people really identify with- which is, again, the teenage stuff, not some incredible revelations about life. And I get what you're saying about "Back to December". It's a more mature song but it's going to be "very teenager" still because it's simply about teenage matters.

  100. Music itself is actually a science and there are certain rules to it.

  101. I still say it's a better song but not a more mature one. From a musical point of view it's not an awfully mature tune and not only is the subject matter aimed at teens, so is the treatment of the subject. I don't think though it's meant to be a "mature" song though. Her market is teens and "mature" is per definition not a teen thing.

  102. I'm not saying you can't have an opinion, but Swift is far from being a strong songwriter, and I absolutely don't care if it's in pop standards - songwriting shouldn't be defined in such manner. For example, Kate Bush is a strong songwriter, I couldn't possibly consider these two to be in the same league.

  103. Who are some of your other favorite songwriters?

  104. LOL Indeed cora..if one would take Bush as the standard, the idea of calling Taylor a "strong songwriter" is just too, too....delusional.

    Btw since you are a Kate Bush fan too...I just discovered a great film about her on youtube.

  105. Why would you compare Taylor to Mariah? Makes absolutely no sense not only do they have different vocal styling and techniques they're not even in the same genre.

  106. Taylor Swift? Ahmed and Cheryl, she is overrated and compared to other country singers like Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood, she is nowhere near them. Her songwriting skills are like teenage poetry. She isn't all that great in the genre she chose and that's the truth.

  107. Hey DD, can you review her new charity single, "Ronan", released yesterday and has been topping itunes for over 14 hours straight (Taylor is slaying iTunes, you know, holding the top 2 positions). Everybody is talking about how sad it is (it was performed at the Stand Up to Cancer event, she wrote for a 4-year-old kid who died from cancer) and I wanna know your opinion???

  108. Please add highest chest note E5, you can find it in her new single,, put in 2:45.
    Also in this video you can find a E3, in 2:16, in this music she hits 2 octaves.

  109. Did anyone buy "Red"? If so what do you think of it?

  110. Nope. But I did hear the lead single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", at the grocery store today. And it didn't sound at all like the old Taylor Swift in terms of song arrangement. It sounds like they are trying to update her sound to more upbeat stuff -- Katy Perry could have sang this song and it sounds that way. The backing track reminded me of a Lisa Loeb song but the percussion and production effects were very much in line with songs on the radio now. And they layered her voice in the melody overdubbing dance effects, vocal runs, and whoops to give the song a playful, party affair sort of air. It's not country influenced.

  111. I definitely find her to be a very lightweight mezzo-soprano. I think her voice may gain more color and stability as she ages. Aside from the many, assorted valid criticisms well-documented here, I would argue they need to turn down her backing band at her concerts. She simply doesn't have a naturally powerful voice, she struggles to project, and it can't cut through the instrumentation. She does best when she is adorned less as her voice is thin and soft -- she's a better conveyor of emotional fickleness, innocence, and doubt than any weighty -- and they need to make sure she's mixed properly when she gives live performances when it is more than herself and her guitar. In much of the concert footage, I could barely hear her, so they need to turn the backing band down a bit and turn her mic up. Further vocal study would help her a great deal with her lower range and belting which are both relatively underpowered and undersupported compared to her midrange which while still very subtle and light is the most substantial out of the 2.5 octaves she has shown to date. Her timbre is probably her biggest asset, but I hope she can continue to develop her voice as she matures as a performer.

  112. I think it's great too. All Too Well is the best track on the set (although it's hard to decide).

  113. I just ordered the deluxe edition, I got the first and second albums now too. There is something about her voice (even the flaws) I find endearing, I cannot quite put my finger on it.

    Maybe its the dimensions it takes from being fun, cutting, vulnerable or whatever else but whatever it is she deserves credit for using her instrument well for its purposes as well as being able to craft some lovely little songs!

    It surprises me as I was not that fussed other than that one song below!

  114. It makes perfect sense--he just batted off a random comparison to a singer who is widely accepted to have a huge range and freedom with high notes. They don't need to be in the same genre for him to use Mariah to say what Taylor "isn't".

  115. in my opinion I think she is just a terrible singer.

  116. for me ... she's the best singer ever.. she can sing live .. she can perform while playing her guitar and while dancing .. isnt that good enough ??

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  119. So what do you think of the belted notes at the bride, is she straining or they sound good (at 3:01)?

  120. she can now belt an E5 (listen to Eyes Open) in her background vocals

  121. goawaytaylorswift12 March 2013 at 04:44

    She terrible! no range whatsoever and if the song isn't about some guy who broke her poor heart its about her being a princess! come one there are more talented singers out there who aren't even being recognized! When her record label as to countlessly apologize for how bad you sounded its time to pull the plug! Its not cute anymore! well it never was for me!

  122. goawaytaylorswift12 March 2013 at 04:49

    no! get a clue! and compare her to the greats female singer out there! but your probably 12 and don't know good music if it slapped you in the face! shes ALL aduiotune and hype!

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  131. the first video was a D6.

  132. Oh dear could you do this to me Opie? I think this might be a reality check going :p

  133. Sorry but as a guitar player myself I can tell you that scratch a few notes on the guitar while you sing is one thing, playing and singing is another.

  134. In all honesty...I was disappointed. I am not in any way a fan and particularly dislike she is called Country. But I do have a lot of respect for her continuing to sing live for real and believe she is also making a serious effort ( taking lessons) into improving her vocals. That's why I clicked on the video. Knowing how very live ''live at the Opry'' is...I was hoping to register some improvement.
    But just terrible. Girl is 23 now and still cannot sing on key?
    It truly is as Fran Lebowitz put it ''the age of the blind artcollector''
    Because in no other era, with the amount better singers around...would and should this girl have a record deal.

  135. Oh my, nearly every other note was off key.

    I don't understand how she is so off key when she is taking lessons, Hayley Williams seems to have no problems staying in key a majority of the time. Her and Taylor have the same vocal coach, but they both have two very juxtaposed results.

  136. Lol that's my point. I can't sing eiter and am pretty sure no mattter how many lessons I took..I'll never be much good at it.
    I know today's industry and silly notions of ''anybody can be anything if he/she works hard enough'' want to convince folks otherwise but singing IS a Talent. A talent many simply lack.No different from any other talent.
    That's why it's called a talent.

    Taylor lacks singing talent. Her actual talent lies in writing popsongs. She doesn't belong in a studio and she doesn't belong in Country music.

  137. OUCH! I don't understand how can someone be soo off key. I mean singing on key is not that hard, isn't it?

  138. I'm sure Taylor Swift and her millions of dollars appreciate your opinions and criticisms.

  139. I mean this as nicely as possible, but I genuinely believe she is tone deaf.

    I don't mean this as an insult, I genuinely believe she has trouble distinguishing from pitch. People use tone deaf as an insult, but it is an actual condition. I don't think anyone has had the heart to tell her, aside from critics.

  140. I'm not sure tonedeaf is the correct word. Not as such. I mean how could she write songs if she was? I think she just can't reproduce the tone. That's not tonedeaf is it? More like tonemute or something like that. :-)

  141. Guessing you can sing? But as a non singer I can tell you for those of us lacking singing can be very hard. :-)

  142. Well it can be trained. And anyway I think singing on pitch is a must for singers haha. autotune and such should be used only for fine tuning or create effects, but not to correct pitchy disasters :S. Maybe she had bad feedback that day? It's possible...

  143. Ohh sorry for being offensive :(

  144. I don't think so. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'd never learn either.
    I totally agree singing on pitch should be a must. For anybody expecting a paycheck for singing anyway. Unfortunately....many do not agree. Some fought me on that notion on this very blog in fact. ;-)

    There's no autotuning at the Opry btw. That is why the true colors of so many of today's ''countryy stars'' are revealed there.

  145. Where were you offensive??? Like I said, it's a talent. If one is lacking, one is lacking through no fault of one's own. Would be silly imo to be insulted by reality.
    I have other talents. :-)

  146. Being tone deaf also means being unable to reproduce pitches, odd but true. They should consider having separate definitions :)

    I think Taylor's heart is in the right place, I just can't say the same for her pitch.

  147. She usually goes off pitch, the amount varies, but from what I've seen she almost always goes off key during a performance :/

  148. ''Taylor's heart is in the right place, just can't say the same for her pitch''
    Hahaha that can be her epitaph.

    Thanks for clarifying. Didn't know it also means '' unable to reproduce pitches'' :-)

  149. LOLLLLL you're hilarious <3

  150. Well I didn't want to appear like I was being like shady or anything :P.

  151. It's very sad when various youtube cover singers can perform your own song better than yourself.

  152. Nah wouldn't call that sad. The same can be said for some of the best songwriters ever ( Dylan, Bacharach). The sad part is people who don't seem to be able to hear that. ;-)

  153. Perhaps I was projecting my own opinion, then. Personally, if Youtube singers were to be able to sing my own songs better than me, I would find it extremely crushing.

  154. Yes, I understood you were sharing how you would feel. Just saying that I would view it differently. I guess it all depends on the selfimage. Seeing as Taylor obviously sees herself as a singer, she likely feels like you would
    Me, I think songwriting is also a talent. And one more rare at that. I probably be a bit disappointed but not crushed.

    And as a mere observer so to speak, I definitely find the amount of people unable to recognise poor singing more sad than the thought that there are plenty of better singers out there. Maybe for once I am a ''glass is half full'' gal? ;-)

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  156. My speakers aren't working, so I can't watch the video, but I can imagine how pitchy it sounded as I've been a fan for long and know how she tends to sing off-key. However, this performance is over 2 years old and I have been noticing for a while that, in her most recent performances, she sings mostly on-key. The problem is that her voice is just too weak/tired to carry the weight of the song live. So the singing-off-key issue is gradually improving while the weak voice/little vocal chords endurance one is constantly deteriorating. *cries*

  157. That video was posted on the official youtube Opry channel March 2013.
    ''Mostly on key'' is a meaningless statement.
    I don't really get your point in this thread tbh.
    She obviously lacks the ability to even for the duration of one ( of her own) songs, stay on key. Is your admittance of that fact supposed to negate the fact that this is an incredibly sad tesament to someone getting paid to sing?
    Because I have to sure does not. To me, it is only a testimony to how today's general audiences have some really screwed up priorities.

  158. OK here's what I learned from being a Taylor fan for 3.5 years: If a song is performed during the album promotional tour post-album release, then the performances will be very pitchy. The Opry performance was in the Speak Now promotional period, so I know it was pitchy. I don't why the Opry posted the video so late though.

    As for how my admittance of the fact that she can't sing well is supposed negate that it's a sad testimony on someone getting paid to sing, no. Because she's not getting paid to sing only. She's getting paid to write, compose, produce AND sing. The fact that she's below average in one of them sure cuts down from her value as an artist. However, I think she excels in the three other parts of the 'job description' that I tend to overlook the fact that she can't sing well in favor of having someone who is actually true artist. So if you ask me how can she be a true artist if she can't sing, I'll say, like you've said in a comment below before, I respect her for actually trying to improve by taking vocal lessons for three years. An artist who actually persists on improving is a TRUE artist, but not necessarily a good one though-which is something I admit too. I've never said that my overlooking her bad singing negates the fact that she can't sing. I like her timbre though (when proper technique is charge of it, though).

  159. Lol like I said..imo some pretty screwed up priorities. Personally I judge a singer on...her singing. Not on whatever else she might do well, or better. For all I know she bakes the world's best pancakes. But I would not expect to be paying for pancake baking at say ....the Opry or some other concert hall.
    The rreason she sounds off key is...because she is singing off key

    I never used the term ''true artist'' but I did use the term singer. I find no excuse to be working for a person who consistently sings off key several times A SONG.
    I have yet to hear Taylor make it safely to an entire song. The above video is simply godawful.

    Like I said...I give her props for trying and especially for not faking but that still doesn't lessen the reality. Which is that whichever fine qualities Taylor does or does not possess....she can't sing and shouldn't be paid for it in any, near sane, world. Much as she is's not working well enough.

    There is a system for getting paid for writing and producing in place. It's in the costs of an album/single. The boxoffice of a concert hall is not the place

  160. Is being a youtube singer supposed to denote a singers ability to sing?

    There are several youtube singers who are quite the singers, Lisa Lavie and Rozzi Crane for example are better than the vast majority of singers out there now.

  161. You didn't get what I was trying to say. I didn't say the reason behind her off-key singing is her promoting her album, what has album promotion got to do with singing??? I was replying to you statement: "As is the fact that you admit being unable to hear the audio yet you have an opinion on it's quality.", so I said: "OK here's what I learned from being a Taylor fan for 3.5 years: If a song is performed during the album promotional tour post-album release, then the performances will be very pitchy. The Opry performance was in the Speak Now promotional period, so I know it was pitchy". Hope I made that one clear.

    I judge a singer on her singing like you do too, and I've said a thousand times that she can't sing well, judging by her tendency to sing off-key live, regardless of how much she's improved in that department, and her weal vocal chords and their lack of endurance.

    However I repeat what I said: Taylor Swift gets paid for a lot of stuff (writing, producing, composing, singing, playing instruments, etc.), her label CEO can't just say "here's the producing/composing/etc. cheque, but we're not paying for your bad singing." You know why? Because as bad a singer as she is, people actually LIKE her singing. It goes beyond off-key singing and weak breath control, people actually like her TONE/TIMBRE. Some artists can sing very well technically, but just don't posses that sweet, distinctive tone she has. So if you get the most skilled singer out there and ask him to sing one of her songs, they will surely kill it, but won't produce the same effect her voice has on her songs. That's why people go to her concerts, for that effect. Any person who has proper hearing can easily detect her the most prominent flaws in her singing. But ask yourself this question: why do they still attend her concerts and sit through the acoustic set where there's no loud production or extravagant staging to cover up her inability to sing well?Because there's something in her voice that moves them, something touching that can be heard through her off-key singing and her loud breaths. And as she can't produce that thing without doing the process of "singing", she gets paid for "singing". OK?

  162. Rofl did you read what you just wrote before posting it?
    You asked what promoting a vocal music album could possibly have to do with singing?

    And you followed that up with stating Taylor Swift fans listen to her for her off key singing because it is only through off key singing Taylor can produce her ''timbre''.
    And you completely ignored the fact that I specifially wasn't adressing what CEO's pay her but what the audience pays through concert revenues.

    You....just gave the best demonstration ever of the kind of audience member who is the target audience of today's ''music'' Bizz.
    The parentheses are there because it's an audience driven by anything and everything

    And since you asked...No, to me there's nothing ''ok'' about that. Luckily for you influence is non existent. LOL

  163. Ok, there's this huge misunderstanding going on here. Let me explain what I wanted to say. When you said that it's funny how I commented on the quality of her singing in the video and how I called it pitchy without being able to hear it, I said that, as long-time Taylor fan, I know that she gets pitchy during post-album release promotional performances (NOT concert performances) and, as that performance was performed during the SN promotional tour (there's a difference between an album promotional tour and an album concert tour, which seems like you can't understand), I knew it was pitchy. So you made fun of me thinking that I stated album promotion as a reason for off-key singing, which I DIDN'T say. She gets pitchy during post-album release promotional tour (it's not exactly a tour, but a 2 months period where she sings on TV shows, award shows, small events, signs stuff for fans, etc. before starting the concert tour of the album) because in that period she sings a lot and doesn't have vocal rest and her vocal cords are weak and don't have much endurance, that's why she gets pitchy. The reason is her lack of vocal endurance, not HER PROMOTING THE ALBUM. And I said the phrase: "What has album promotion got to do with singing?" as an exclamation cuz you accused me of saying that the reason behind her off-key singing is album promotion which includes appearing talk shows, doing interviews, signing stuff for fans,etc.

    Then you said, "And you followed that up with stating Taylor Swift fans listen to her for her off key singing because it is only through off key singing Taylor can produce her ''timbre''.
    And you completely ignored the fact that I specifially wasn't adressing what CEO's pay her but what the audience pays through concert revenues."

    Let me explain what I wanted to say, people KNOW AND BELIEVE that Taylor Swift sings off-key, (it's not like she does anything to hide it) and despite knowing that, they attend her concerts, but I DID NOT say that people go to her concerts FOR her off-key singing. Nobody wants to listen to someone going off-key. People go to her concerts cuz they enjoy listening to her tone/timbre which makes them OVERLOOK the off-key singing in favor of a touching vocal, but don't lose their opinions that she's still a below-average singer. That is all that I wanted to say. That's why they pay for the concert, they don't judge her voice based on her singing only, but the way she uses it too.

  164. Oh I don't think there is any confusion. You admit she isn't able to sing on key for the duration of one song but state you don't care she lacks the ability to sing. You like the sound of her voice.
    But you ARE looking for excuses for both her inability and you not caring.

    I don't really care for those excuses. I am simply saying she lacks the ability to deliver professional level vocals and therefor imo should not be treated as a professional singer. That is...she should not be paid for getting up on a stage and sing this poorly.

    As far as her being paid for songwriting and producing albums...if they sell, of course she should be paid for those jobs! And she way of royalty checks for songwriting and producing.

    But if her fans are satisfied with hearing her timbre and words...why doesn't she just recite the lyrics. ;-) By your claim...that would still put butts in those seats.
    By that claim you support my claim her fans don't care about music though.

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  168. LOL you know that's not what I meant. What I meant was people like that one girl who tried IWALY and that one dude who tried and failed "Almost Home".

  169. "By that claim you support my claim her fans don't care about music though."

    This statement ends any civilized discussion with you. Bye now (not because I can't find anything to say, but I just can't handle a mentality that generalizes its opinions on millions of people (her fans) and think that it's able to label such a huge number of people with: The ones who don't care about music.)

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  171. Uhm actually those were your words. You made it very clear that you were A: speaking for millions of Taylor fans and B: that poor singing doesn't bother you guys as long as the goal is attained.
    This means essentially ypu are declaring your and milion fellow fans' priority to lie squarely with the goal and not much with the means. In this case the goal being the emotional kick, the means being music.

    If you feel that is somehow an insulting thing to say about someone, perhaps you shouldn't first declare yourself to be such a goal oriented person?

    And btw perhaps it also doesn''t help that Taylor is the only one singer you seem to care about. That doesn't exactly testify to being a music lover either.

    Anyway, I just drew a conclusion based on your statements. I did not mean to insult you. Not sure even why you would consider such a conclusion an insult. If you declared to only read comics, would you be all insulted if I drew the conclusion you don't care much about literature?

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  176. I think Taylor doesn't kill with voice, she steals fans' hearts with her songs' lyrics and meanings.

  177. Where did that F#5 come from? As far as I know, the highest note (studio or live) that she's had is the D#5 in "Enchanted." Is the F#5 a mistake? Where is it from?

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