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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Aaliyah- Vocal Profile/ Range

aaliyah range

Vocal Type:  Mezzo-Soprano
Whistle Register:  Yes
Vocal Range: G2-E6 (3 Octaves 5 Note )
Vocal Pluses: Gorgeous sultry tone in the low and midrange with a beautifully, rich, warm colour that is mirrored in the head voice.  Also able to sing complex vocal runs that could run through the different vocal registers.
Vocal Negatives: Belted notes above a C5 begin to lose quality, becoming shrill.


  1. A true talent. Never gets the recognition vocally that she deserves. Her acapella intro to "At Your Best" is like honey!

  2. One of my favourite AAliyah songs, without a doubt. Here is the link if other's haven't heard it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAXKmlqeO7A

  3. I luv aaliyah my wife

  4. If you listen closely to Aaliyahs song,"The One I Gave My Hear To", you can hear her whistle notes towards the middle and end..

  5. I know she's labeled as a mezzo here, but she always struck me as a soprano. Her voice was slightly thinner and higher timbred but sweet and light with a tendency to become shrill at times. She developed her lower register quite well, giving her excellent balance between her voice's different areas.

  6. She's a soprano... She lives in her head voice... That screams soprano to me.

  7. Aaliyah was definitely a soprano, couldn't agree any less. a mezzo-soprano would be Whitney's voice....wonder why i hardly listened to brandy and Monica. Aaliyah had that melody in the voice that only real singers have eg mariah carey.

  8. I Agree Also She is Always Hitting Her High notes just right.

  9. Soprano has nothing to do with how you sound. Mezzo are between soprano, and alto. a pure soprano would be more like Debelah morgan, or even Loretta Divine. Saying Aaliyah is a pure soprano is like saying you can only hit whistle notes if you are a soprano.

  10. Watch your definition of "alto". That is a very broad term. In fact, I'd recommend not bringing choral terms together with operatic terms. A mezzo-soprano in pop may sound drastically different than in opera. Some mezzos can go down deep into the second octave in pop (giving the illusion of a contralto) but be reduced to the 3rd octave in operatic music all because of the objective of projection. That is what a lot of people get mixed up and start to blur the lines between choral. Music, operatic music, and pop.

    In choral music an "alto" would be a mezzo-soprano or contralto and they would sing between E3 to F5 (modal is my only inclusion) where a soprano would sing between A#3 to B5.

    In choral music, there is often an lack of tenors so they will have high baritones, contraltos, and low mezzos fill the roll. If you look at it that way, I hope I'm clear.

    But a soprano and mezzo-soprano are two different classes all together. The mezzo group is utterly huge.

  11. I would say she's a mezzo-soprano. She did live in her head voice but she could reach lows that could rival real contraltos like Brandy and Toni Braxton.

  12. Very pretty voice. And she was so young. Vocally she'd be in her prime right now at age 34. I bet she'd sound amazing.

  13. Aaliyah's voice was so smooth and silky. Especially the high notes and whistle melodies...Magnificent !!! I wonder how many of her unreleased songs did she experiment with her vocal range.

  14. i was thinking the same thing for years

  15. Terrible singer. Awesome performer.

  16. She's a Lyric Mezzo. She's no Soprano.

  17. WEMissUBabygirl29 May 2014 02:30


    Aaliyah was an Mezzo-Soprano. Check out this live VERSION. She sounded far from shrill here.

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