Sunday 19 December 2010

Alexandra Burke - The silence (Alan Titchmarsh performance)

alexander burke

Watching this made me realise that the extras on the stage during the X-Factor performance of The Silence actually did Alexandra Burke a disservice by distracting from that voice.

The control she demonstrated in all parts of her voice was just crazy. The strong, sustained, chest note (B4) she held at 2.33 with the late addition of vibrato was just stunning. Burke even went up to a Eb5  at 2.59 and a G5#  in head voice at 2.50,while simultaneously giving us her best impression of Mariah Carey with the finger to the ear and crazy hand waving.

For all the feedback she was getting from the aged crowd she would have done just as well to have mimed the song, but kudos to Alex who always seems to bring her A-game whenever and where ever she sings.

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  1. Love this performance of the Silence. Alex's voice is AMAZING.