Friday 10 December 2010

Review: Lady GaGa- Telephone/Dance in the dark Medley at the 2010 Brit Awards

The week that Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform at the 2010 Brit awards tragedy struck as her friend and fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide.

Initially there had been wild speculation in the papers that Gaga had been planning an elaborate, extravagant and costly performance.

LAdy gaga mac december 2010
Lady Gaga
However as a result of the sad news, that idea was scrapped and instead, Gaga  set on choreographing, virtually at the eleventh hour, a new arrangement that would act as a tribute to her friend.

Dressed in an Alexandra Mcqueen outfit, and in the shadow of a giant modernist statue, she began her tribute with an intense version of Telephone. The performance was stopped midway for Gaga to dedicate the performance to the designer, before she went on to the climax of the song

Never one to play by the book, and knowing everyone would be expecting a somber performance, the genius that is Gaga flipped the tribute on its head  by following the acoustic version of Telephone with a techno/alternative version of Dance in the Dark.

Surprisingly this song  worked better as a tribute song than the slower start because of the relevant references to tragic figures Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.

Gaga's risky and unusual song choice was spot on and  fittingly mirrored McQueens' own unusual and unique approach to fashion.The whole performance was a brilliant tribute, and it's definitely one of my favourite performances by the singer


  1. The first half of the performance is actually "Telephone", isn't it?

  2. Right you are! What a silly mistake, Shame on me!