Saturday 4 December 2010

Brandys : Warm It Up (with love) 2009

brandy warm it up with love
Brandy 2010
An album track from Brandy called Warm it up (with love) is an unashamedly uplifting song with a commendable message about resisting the current climate of fear and strife with the use of Love and hope.

Warm it up features Brandy's unique alto over a simple backing track that consists essentially of a piano and drum loop, with soft synths used during chorus and middle eight to create contrast to the verses. The overall simplicity of the backing track allows, quite rightly, the lyrics to take centre stage.

The message  Brandy brought on this song  highlights by comparison how overtly self-indulgent and decadent contemporary music has become of late.  Here's hoping her seed of positivity  will bloom and blossom in 2011, spawning a new batch of socially aware music to grow and flourish. India Arie I'm looking at you to come back and show the world how its done!

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