Thursday 9 December 2010

Taylor Swift Can't sing live...

 mary j blige and taylor swift
Should Taylor Swift be taking vocal lessons from Mary J Blige

Taylor Swift is an odity in todays music market. Despite not having a large presence on the Billboard singles chart, this lady  still manages to shift vast quanities of her album.

Being as big a seller as Taylor is she has attracted a fare share of haters, and what with her being a solid songwriter, critically acclaimed, and easy on the eye, the haters have aimed their vitriol at her apparent inability to sing live. To judge if this assertion is true, I turned super-sleuth and conducted a Youtube search using the words "Mine"-which is Taylor's latest single- and "live". (The video I chose is posted below)

Can she sing live? well judging by this performance the answer is yes. She may have had some dud performances previously, because there's usually no smoke without fire, but this video shows, without a doubt, she does have the ability to perform  and sing  live. Watch the album version and the live version below and judge for yourself.


  1. What surprises me is the amount of instruments on this song?!

  2. The "live" version is not truly live. It's beefed up with effects.

  3. I actually don't think she's relying on too many effects. I heard backing vocals from a backing track maybe two times the entire performance. This is a really good indication of her ability to sing live. 

    Her ability is more in her songwriting and guitar playing more than it is her voice though. She has a girly (almost childish) voice, but her songwriting skills and ability to play an instrument severely makes up for anything she lacks because she can write songs and tailor the melodies to her voice in particular.

    T. Swift has great musicianship and some may she's overrated, however I think she's very underrated when it comes to all she can do.

  4. There is a significat difference btween what her voice sounds like live, and what her voice sounds like in studio. However, she is still a great singer, and ca definately sing live. She's sung before with no music and no mic, and she can do it just fine. She's ot perfect, but o one is. The question was "Can she sin lie?" Yes, she can (and often does) sing live. If sh couldn't she wouldn't be on her third world tour right now.