Friday 7 January 2011

Lady Gaga Mash up Mania

Lady Gaga Ke$ha and Linkin Park

Let me confess to the world my love for the music site Soundcloud. Hosted there is so much awesome music that has been created and uploaded by the general public for the world to listen to for free! On my searches there I found some brilliant Lady Gaga mash-ups (FYI a mash-up is when two or more songs are mixed together to form a new song). So sit back, listen and enjoy!

Ke$ha Vs Lady Gaga: Ever wondered what Lady Gaga's vocal track from her first hit Just Dance would sound like played over the music of Ke$ha's 2010 mega hit Tick tock? Well wonder no more!

Kesha feat Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Ralph Project Summer Mashup) by Dj Ralph

Madonna Vs Lady Gaga: Perhaps my favourite Lady Gaga mash-up is this one. It features the vocal from, perhaps my favourite Gaga song, Monster played over the euphoric production of Get together from Madonna's Confessions of a Dance floor album.

Lady Gaga Vs Madonna- Monster /Get Together Mashup by jesusnx

Linkin Park Vs Lady Gaga:  Alternate rockers Linkin Park and their hit Numb is paired below with Lady Gagas's 2010 duet Telephone. The resulting track is one that sounds, strangely, more mature, darker and serious than the Darkchild produced original.

Linkin Park vs Lady GaGa ft Beyonce - Telephone NumbNuts (Dj Ryson) by Mixes and Mashups #1

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  1. How did I miss this??? Not acceptable lol, I totally LOVE the Gaga and Madge mix of Monster vs Get Together...awesomeness!!! I need to steal that file from somewhere hehe