Monday 10 January 2011

Lady gaga: More style than Substance?

lady gaga Judas
It's often said by Lady Gaga detractors that her over the top videos and dress sense is an attempt to distract the public from her lack of musical talent. To those who think this I introduce to you the acoustic version of Paparazzi. Ignore the funny ensemble and simply listen.

By the end of the song you may still dislike Gaga's voice, or her music but only a hater could deny Lady Gaga's musical ability.


  1. She sounds great! The bubble outfit is pretty terrible, but she sounds really good.

    Sometimes Lady Gaga does have good fashion - I usually like retro sunglasses lady gaga !

  2. She's just amazing, no one can deny her talent. Not only her voice is beautiful but her piano skill are great

  3. people only say that shes style over substance because they are jealous and refuse to look at her talent

    sure she wears wierd outfits but is because SHES AN ENTERTAINER - it goes along with the job

    i think shes miles ahead of her main competitors- katy perry, britney spears, kesha, and rihanna

  4. I find her ability very average. Now before people get on to me I mean this isn't bad, but its not amazing. She has decent vocal technique and her Midbelts are greatly executed. However this is where it ends. She doesn't have anything to WOW her fans besides her image. Her voice isn't bad at all, but I'd like to hear much more from her as im sure that she can execute much more than she is willing. Until then though she is just an average vocalist.

  5. No, no, no... You're 100% and totally wrong. Entertain is not equal to wear awful clothes and do terrible and ugly videos. She's really talented, but it's true that she focuses more in her style and her image than in her music. She's not a WOW musically speaking, I think there're a lot of singer with better technique or voice than her, a lot of better piano players, and even more better dancers.

  6. I would say no style and no substance! LOLZ