Friday 18 February 2011

Review: Jennifer Hudson "Where you at"

Whoever choose Where you at as the lead single for Jenfier Hudson's new album needs a good slap and a telling off. A lead single should be something that shouts "Hey people, I'm back" and hits the floor running to create buzz and interest. Instead, Where you at ambles along like an album cut that is forgotten as soon as it finishes.

Where you at has some redeeming features though. The verses are strong and emotively sung, and the bridge has a classic Rn B build up that creates a nice tension in the song that leads you, falsely, to beleive something great is coming as the song climaxes.

However, after the bridge the song falls apart with a terrible key change and a lose of steam that is wholly the fault of the hollow backing track. Even the repeated chants of "Where you at" start to sound bored and uninterested with the song by this point. 

Where you at had the potential to be something good, especially considering the strong vocal Jennifer Hudson gives, but the production after the bridge- argh that keychange- and the boring chorus frustratingly clips the tracks wings and holds it back just when its ready to soar.

Listen to Where you at below:

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