Thursday 3 March 2011

Ke$ha can't sing: Listen to Ke$ha singing without autotune!

kesha cant sing
Popular dirt-bag Ke$ha is often lauded for her inability to sing. Cited as evidence of this fact is her choice to "rap" on her material and, on those rare occasions when a melody is called for, rely on copious amounts of auto-tune to hide and tune her real voice.

Logic would dictate that surely if Ke$ha had half a voice we would have heard it demonstrated at some point on her d├ębut album Animal, or even more likely- because these criticisms started after that release- on its reissue Cannibal right?

Ok, truth time.. The title and the introduction were a red herring- or an out and out lie depending on how you look at it- to entice Ke$ha haters in. Why? Because they need to hear Ke$ha without the rapping and autotune (listen to the song Goodbye below) and then decide whether she actually has any talent or not.

After listening to that it should be clear for all to hear, unless they're just a hater, that Ke$ha not only has the ability to hold a tune but, shock horror, can actually sing quite well!

However in this day and age of razzmatazz and rhinestones, where a good voice isn't enough to succeed- see "The Voice" Mariah Carey's recent sales for example- you can't blame Ke$ha for adapting her style and sound to best accommodate the current musical market.

Besides, Ke$ha's still young and has plenty of time to scrub up and show off her singing abilities when music returns back to being focused more on vocal ability and less about the show. A time that may be fast approaching if Adele's recent sales are anything to go by.

Note: To anyone who doesn't know, I AM A KE$HA FAN.


  1. Love Ke$ha and she can sing!

  2. I hate celine dion, but she was very smart; she gave up the recording career to put out that eternal lip-mimi-playback Las Vegas show. Now she's richest than never.
    Mariah shloud have done somthing special like that.

  3. If sounding like you're sitting on a vibrator is "good singing" than she can sing great!  lmao...she sucks!!

  4. So you're applauding her for blending into the rest of the music industry and not really sounding like an individual? How is that interesting/admirable? While I'm not saying Kesha can't sing, she's got a pretty weak voice, and aside from that country-esque twang, it's not all that great/unique. Maybe when she releases something more insightful, I'll take her more seriously as an artist.

  5. until i hear that goodbye song live i don't think so 


    ^^She literally recorded that acapella into her laptop, then took it to the studio where they added in what little music is there.

    I have to admit, she's not like a super amazing singer, but she's not bad, and certainly not as bad as everyone makes her out to be.

    And I may be a Ke$ha fan, but I still know good music and can look at things with perspective and objectivity.

  7. It was recorded in the studio, yes, but with no processing or anything because it was discarded in the end.  Which is why it lacks any real production (or overproduction, if you will).  So it's still a viable source.

  8. Try listening to this: . Ke$ha demonstrating her powerful vocals. Period.

  9. You are lying all the time. She actually can't sing and this is the obvious true.

  10. "Lying"? I may be delusional, but I'm certainly not lying. That is what I genuinely think. :D

  11. oh my gosh,, you know guys, just believe Ke$ha can really sing.. yes... no need for non-sense debate.. she can really sing OK Ok ok.. she's just using auto-tune for her voice to fit into the dance-pop genre.. and her voice is amazing.. instead of letting Ke$ha down. why should we just support her in making good music.. and to all of Ke$ha's haters DON't LIE co'z i know when all of you heard Ke$ha songs you are also dancing.. because Ke$ha songs are beautiful.. I'm a certified Taylor Swift fan but this time i want to defense Ke$ha.. and P.S.:to all Ke$ha's haters (get gone and get a life.. where's your conscience.. )