Saturday 26 March 2011

Single Review: EMA "California"

ema California
Allow me to move away from the mainstream music scene and present to you something a little different today. Enter Indie Diva Erika M. Anderson, Aka EMA, and her haunting new single California. A strangely effecting piece of music that sounds sparse and lonely at the start but builds into a cacophony of, what could sound like, noise if it wasn’t for the beautiful chords giving it shape and direction.

The lyrics are equally striking have a poetic feel that, unusually for a song about the “Golden state”, document the negative effect growing up in California could have on a “small-town gay”. Lines such as "I used to carry the gun", and "You've corrupted us all with your sexuality, tried to tell me love was free." left me both chilled, intrigued and searching for further information on the elusive EMA.

Rating: 4/5

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