Saturday 16 April 2011

Beverly Knight - Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 octaves 1 note 1 semitone C#3- E6
Vocal Pluses: Natural singer, with a good technique and powerful, clear belt.
Vocal Negatives: Weak lower register.

This Video is by Vocal skills


  1. Única cantora que conheço que não semitona !!

    Mas eu particulamente tenho toda certeza do mundo que ela nunca pegou um F#2
    Um C#3 ou C5 tem na maioria das músicas dela em voz plena !

  2. This should be expanded. Beverley Knight is probably one of Britain's best female vocalists alongside Annie Lennox - her tone, her technique, her phrasing, pitch, etc are all great and her style is very heavily rooted in gospel. Unfortunately she is criminally underrated whereas other soul singers such as Adele, Amy and Leona who she is far superior too in many ways, get all the credit and success.

  3. Weak lower register? In what planet?

  4. Well expand it yourself...

  5. Yeah, her lower register has definitely improved over the years as she's aged (as she said so herself in a recent radio interview).

  6. Pluses: Very agile voice with a lot of power and volume capacity which is able to hit and sustain notes for long periods of time; both a brilliant technical and emotive singer; capable of complex melisma and other florid ornamentation throughout all registers.; has an even, well-supported and well-connected range from top to bottom; can belt up to a B5 with proper technique (hence the ease, clarity, power and resonance) and the higher she belts she has more of a dramatic quality to her voice; great musicianship and is able to interpret other people's and traditional/gospel songs, giving them a unique twist (e.g. Whitney songs, Twist and Shout, I Am What I Am, Angels, One More Try, etc.)

    Negatives: The dramatic tone of voice can be unyielding to some and the head voice is not as well utilised as it could be.