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Amy Lee (Evanescence singer)- Vocal Profile [3 Octaves/ Lyric-Mezzo]

Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 octaves and 1 semi tone (Eb3-E6)
Vocal Pluses: Instantly recognizable voice, with its smooth and sweet colouring, that is well supported and technically good. This helps Amy Lee hold belted notes for periods of time, without wavering in pitch, and produce a consistent tone.

Amy Lee's midrange is delicate, and with a smoky timbre and sensitive disposition- My Immortal.

Belted notes are resonant, rounded, and mixed well when pitched at the upper extremes of this part of the range. The tone produced is impressively darker than the rest of the range and has a piercing quality that can be softened by the addition of her pleasant and quick vibrato.

The head voice is warm, powerful and resonant until E6, where, at this point, they become shrill and sharp.

Vocal Negatives: Higher belting, which forgoes mixing with the head voice, begins to strip the voice of character. Also Amy Lee's lower register can be weak and lack resonance if reached with improper technique.

[I don't hear the seventh octave note in this video so am leaving out]


  1. I think you may be right- I'm not that familiar with her music, knowing only "Bring me to life". Will update

  2. ... although Eb3 to E6 are actually 3 octaves and a semitone ;)

  3. @Pjay, thanks for the spot! Will Amend!

  4. Ntn2, Stop hating. 

  5. Vocal plus: Instantly recognizable voice with a unique tone that interestingly adds dimension to the style of music she sings. Voice tends to be melodic and beautiful ,often sounding sweet and smooth like a lullaby in a way that I would say is best described as Victorian (which matches her attire lol) often causing one to be lulled to her sound like a Siren. Belts are resonant, full and mix well. Her harmonies are often hypnotic. Her creative uses of her voice in songs adds even more dimension to her work as a recording artist. Falsetto and Head registers are powerful and resonant until E6, At this point they become shrill and sharp (although she has only peaked at E6). In my own opinion she has potential as an Opera singer as her voice has a very traditional Operatic sound to it.
    Vocal Negatives: Weak Low register, Upper belting without mix tends to sound thin and weak. Also genre of music definitely may not appeal to many as her harmonies and Unique tone in her songs give off either a beautiful sound to some and creepy to others.

  6. Vocal Type: Coloratura Liric-dramatic Soprano
    Vocal Range: 3 octaves and 1 semi tone (Eb3-E6)
    Vocal Pluses: Sweet, smooth tone, that has an emotive quality to it and a belt that is clear and shiny as a diamond. Head voice is pleasant and warm.chest voice is impressively darker than the rest of the range,but also,well conected and piercing.her pleasant and quick vibrato adds more of emotiveness to the already emotive voice.her good mixing technique makes it easy to go higher in the 5° octave without losing much of resonance.a falsetto that can be either pleasant and warm or shrill and piercing.her voice is also agile and at the same time well placed,which would suggest she is capable of a kind of fast and complex melisma with ease.
    Vocal Negatives: Higher belting with no mixing begins to strip the voice of character,her low register can be weak and unresonant if reached with bad technique,which also strips the voice of character

  7. thanks for that!! Will work into a new profile!! Much appreciated! 

  8. thanks for that!! Will work into a new profile!! Much appreciated! 

  9. ... dramatic Soprano :D 

  10. :D

  11. Love this redo too! Love Evanescence! Great job!


    This's a whistle note.

    Amy real vocal range : Bb2 (  31 - 33 seconds - It's almost like she's not singing but speaking.) - C7 (this video). = 4 octave and 1 tone and 1 semi tone. 

    Many people confuse the octave, and suddenly there are many low notes, which in reality are sung an octave higher.

  13. is there any video proof of the C7? otherwise there's no proof that C7 is Amy and could easily be someone providing fake audio to "boost" her range, which people do for some artist.

  14. Hey, i just wanted to clear thatshe isnt a coloratura lyric dramatic soprano, first of all there is no such thing as a coloratura lyric dramatic soprano, i have a master's degree in voice performing, and a bachelor's degree in voice education. My argument here is because a true soprano( even a dramatic one MUST have at the VERY least a comfortable A5, when Amy tops at an F (like an untrained mezzo would), any note aove that is done in falsetto, so it doesnt really count. Besides, her tessistura(section of the scales in which she constantly sings) is rather low, or better said, not high enough. Her high C's sound too belted to be a soprano, plus her timbre in these notes are rather dark, not to mention the fact that a soprano(especially coloraturas) loose a LOT of resonance below A3, when Amy has a clear and resonant AND dark G3. She isnt a soprano, and much less, a coloratura. BTW I didnt post this to contradict you, i merely wanted to share my knowledge and. Lear things up. =)

  15. here's another vid you can use,

  16. Amy hit the C7 in a warm up in 2004 I think. Negatives: Amy struggles to hit some notes ( D5 in Your Star, and head voice part in Lithium, don't know what note that is though).
    Something that confuses me is that Amy can hit the C6 in Weight Of The World with seemingly no effort, but struggles to sing the lower head voice notes

  17. Apart from the Bb5 in Ehisper which she sings beautifully if not belting in chest voice. Why do you think she hits the higher notes (C6 and Bb5) better than she does for songs like Sweet Sacrifice and The Only One.
    Positives; Her voice can go from strong and powerful (most songs on the new album such as Never Go Back) to soft on songs like

  18. Lost In Paradise and Swimming Home

  19. Amy hits the C7 in a warm up from 2002- link here:

    Positives: Although Amy tires quickly while performing (she runs around and headbangs a lot) she still manages to hit almost all of the notes, suggesting that she has good stamina.

    Negatives: While singing live, Amy struggles with some high notes (such as the D5 in Your Star and F#5 in Lithium, Your Star is chest voice and Lithium note is head voice), although she has no trouble singing the C#6 note in Weight Of The World live.

    Just a question, why do you think she struggles with the lower notes, but is great on her C#6's?

  20. It's not a whistle note. It is a Super Head note in Whistle range, however it is still a head note.


  22. that's because she's gettin tired on stage by jumping all's really hard to sing like that....if u listen to her live ballads like all that i'm living for you'll change your mind!!!!

  23. In Evanescence's new album, Lee manages to hit C3 and C#3 notes. She also hit a couple of D2s in the backing vocals of the songs Before the Dawn and Haunted. I recommend listening to their new album and live performances, because she's definitely improved.

  24. The videos are dated. Her vocal range so far is (B2~)C3-E6. The E7 in the second video actually sounds more like an A6 to me, but it was a squeak of excitement and therefore isn't part of her sung range (more fitting in a potential range).

    Longest notes:
    9 secs: bring me to life (ending note)
    12 secs (belted): like you (where she sings forevermooore), new way to bleed (bleed in the last chorus)
    12 secs (head voice): weight of the world (vocal solo)

    Significant head notes:
    G5 - live bring me to life intro (can be found in the anywhere but home cd)
    Bb5 - whisper (live operatic solo)
    Bb5 to C#6 - weight of the world (vocal solo)

    Significant low notes:
    B2 - my last breath (background of chrus)
    E3 - lose control (ooh parts), going under (first verse)
    F3 - the only one (first verse)
    F#3 - snow white queen (verses)

    Significant belted notes:
    D5 - like you (the part forevermore)
    E5 - oceans (song's bridge)
    F5 - made of stone (chorus)
    G5 - these are very hard to hear, but they're in the backgrounds of the songs what you want (when she sings soul) and never go back (during final verse)

  25. Also a C#3 in Bring Me to Life, in the background of "Don't let me die here."

  26. Hi there. I have a few notes on this profile. She has never sung above E6, so I don't get how you came to the conclusion that her voice would sound shrill above that note. Her singing style should be addressed, since it's a factor that adds to the recognizability of her voice. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stones compared her to "eighties shoulder-pad belters" like Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson. Many others describe her vocals and singing style as ethereal, haunting, dramatic and crystalline, corresponding to the band's dark music of course. Lastly, her vocal range is at least 3.2 octaves.

  27. Hey, i just wanted to say, that i decided to study Amy's voicemore. Amd hear her live songs more. It seems i was very mistaken. She is indeed a soprano. Its just that her color is rather dark. She literally chokes on notes below B3, some live songs even C#4 (my heart is broken). She merely has a dark color and hasnt displayed any jotes above f5. Like hayley williams she is a soprano who is either scared to try anything above F5, or just hasnt developed them yet. But indeed her low notes are too unsupported for a mezzo. Her G3 in weight of the world is barely audible. I was wrong she isnt a mezzo. She's just a soprano with a dark color. Forgive me for making you confused. :]

  28. I disagree that she's a soprano. Just listen to her E6 and to the overall tone of her voice. She's a lot more comfortable in the middle section of her range than the higher extremes, and her F3s abd G3s are actually solid and well supported. In her highschool years when she was in choir, she sang as an alto. Hayley on the other hand is definitely a soprano or high mezzo.

  29. I'll just correct you on a couple of things :-).
    1. The exclamation or squeak or whatever is definitely a 7th octave note, so I think you meant A7.
    2. The "forevermore" note in Like You is an Eb5.
    3. The G5 in WYW can be heard if you listen to the stripped back version of the song with the backing vocals. The note is in a sequence sung during the CHORUS, somewhere in the middle and at the very end. The one in NGB is in the last chorus, also in the background, when she sings "without".
    I wish you added more to the catalogue of her belted notes, she has a lot of amazing D5s - F5s, but overall, good job!

  30. I love her mixed belt! Its so ... like ... Gahh! I just love her voice.

  31. Her mixed voice is definitely one of her strongest points, along with her head voice.

  32. I think I found her longest note. 20 seconds at 3.45:

  33. Ev's third album focused a lot on Amy's belts and midrange, which were nothing short of amazing, but Amy's best vocal effort is The Open Door. Her vocals were a lot more interesting and exotic in that album, a lot more...Amy.

  34. I agree. My favorite vocal of hers on The Open Door is "Snow White Queen."

  35. That E7 note in the last video is this one:
    At around 2:51. But it's an exclamation, and it's actually A#7.

  36. She is just sooo.... I LOVE YOU AMY!!! Wow, fangirl much? LAWL

  37. Guys, quit fighting about notes that i don't even exist and appreaciate how figgin amazing her voice is. Jeez, some people ;)

  38. I think you are not quite getting this blog. It is for people who like to "fight" over notes rather than "fangirls" just posting declarations of "love" in all capitals.

  39. There is no G5 whatsoever in What You Want and in Never Go Back she goes up to G#5 in that "without" note. As for the B2, it isn't the entire chorus, it's just when she sings "disappear" and "here".

  40. What? This is how she sounds after an extensive - and ongoing - tour. Pretty decent if you ask me.

  41. May I suggest newer, possibly more accurate vocal range videos? The second video mistook the choir member vocals for Amy's in a couple of notes.
    This one is her studio vocal range including notes from Evanescence's newer material:
    This is of her live display of vocal range (pre-2010):
    This is of her range in Evanescence's new album, and it's pretty accurate:

  42. Do we really have to prove how many notes she can hit to be frickin amazing? No.
    We don't.

    We all know that shes an exellent singer who sings from the heart. When you sing from the heart, you connect with your audience and make them fell what you feel. Shes absolutly amazing.

  43. Her vocals only start to worsen towards the end of a tour, and it's not that her voice loses power and stamina, or that she can't hold notes or hit them, but she sounds strained and tired and it's painfully obvious. And when a voice is strained, it can be hard to hit a certain set of notes that were previously easily reached. She's never had vocal training, yet she pushes herself way too much vocally when writing the vocals for the songs. She herself knows this, but for some reason refuses to get any vocal training that can help her preserve her voice...

  44. Amy is definitely a mezzo soprano, Her head register is not as strong as her chest register is. If she was a soprano she wouldn't be able to perform the Eb3 in Going Under as well as she does. Not many sopranos can.

  45. I mostly agree. Amy Lee's dark tone, especially in the lower areas and her prominent chest resonance suggest she is a mezzo-soprano. Her songs center in the middle and she goes up and down from it. Just note that some fuller sopranos can indeed get quite low (think Kate Bush, Alison Goldfrapp, Regine Velasquez, etc.) but these notes usually aren't as strong or resonant as their higher notes.

  46. Yes, I know that some sopranos can go much lower. That is why I said 'not many'. I was actually thinking of Kate Bush when I said that. :p I just think if Amy was an actual soprano ,on standard, she wouldn't be able to hit the Eb3 as well. Tarja herself only hits an F3 as a dramatic soprano. Which goes to show you can't rely just on range to type someone's voice. :p

  47. Exactly. I notice we have to listen to the timbres and colors, too, as well as the comfortable ranges. The same range of given notes can sound and be perceived totally distinct on different voices. It's pretty amazing to hear all of the variation. Tarja is considered a lyric soprano here. I wonder which variant she really is.

  48. "I sang a repertoire of a mezzo-soprano for many years and because of that, still today, I have rarely quite low register for a lyrical soprano. Nowadays, I see myself as a light lyrical soprano." That's Tarja's word on her vocal type. Although it wouldn't be the first time a singer classified their voice wrong *cough*Mariah*cough*.

  49. Thanks for the quote! :P Always helpful to dig this stuff up. Of course people misclassify themselves and are misclassified by others all the time. Mariah is no contralto even with that impressive lower register, but I always thought she was making a sort of gentle joke about it. As for Tarja, she doesn't sound like a light lyric soprano. That would be more a Diana Ross sort of sweet, gentle sound in general. A lyric soprano she may be, but not "light lyric." Voice doesn't seem quite thick or dark enough for the dramatic label. But then again, this is splitting hairs...

  50. I think Tarja is considered a fully lyric soprano. She always had a darker and heavy aspect to her voice even when she was around 17 years old. I don't think she is a light lyric soprano as her tessitura is not that high and her timbre is quite warm and a little heavy. Only up to an E6 in Phantom of the Opera in her comfortable range and it can explain why she consider herself to have such a low register for a classically trained soprano.

    The thing I find most irritating, in relation to vocal mistyping, is the mistyping of contraltos as mezzo sopranos. I start think how many mezzos out there that are contraltos, wondering why their middle range is not as a great as their counterparts which is kind of sad.

  51. The mezzo-soprano/contralto mislabeling is especially common, I notice. They say true contraltos are relatively rare -- and I find this to be the case. So many so-called contraltos are actually lower or deeper mezzos.

  52. Like you could sing better than her. And im not a fangirl. I just appreaciate good music when i hear it. So go back to listing to Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen and stop hatin'.

  53. Are you kidding me? Obviously you haven't heard her Anywhere But Home album. Bring me to Life off of gave me chills and she was fantastic live.

  54. Bit of a moron ain't ya. :)

    Because I never mind replying to dimwitted Stans, I will take a minute in order to explain to you that....

    first: don't bother telling me to shut up. It wouldn't work even if you did have the authority here to tell me to. :)

    Second: my singing ability has fuck all to do with my listening and judging abilities. If it had dear, singers' ( music) audiences would be incredibly small.

    Third: you most definitely are a fangirl. You completely failed, in your overzealous willingness to jump to her defense, to get that the criticism in my comment went to your comment (directed at other posters here essentially telling them too to "shut up"). Not Amy's singing.

    Fourth: you being a Stan also shows up in you clearly not bothering with any blog entry here BUT this one on your favorite. If you would have any further interests, you would have noticed I am all over this blog and you certainly could not have missed which singers are on my playlist. "Katy Perry" Hahaha, hahahahaha
    And Jepsen? I hadn't even heard of that one. Had to look her up. Only to find she came in third in the Canadian!!! version of a show I have hardly kept secret how I feel about it. That is even funnier than the suggestion I listen to Katy Perry , the idea I would watch ANY Idols incarnation. Hahahahahahahahaha

    So happens you won't hear me say anything bad about Amy's singing. Sounds to me like an excellent singer.

  55. It's an E3 or somewhere around there. I am sure of it being an E3 or Eb3. . The very first words.

  56. Would it make you feel better if i just let you win this one, you arrogant troll? I'm sure it would. First, as a matter of fact, I am constantly on other blogs and profiles, i just change my name. Second, well, i may like her music but itss not like i have a wall of posters dedicated to her and i know every one of her songs. I haven't even been to a concert of hers. Thirdly, i can take constructive critisim and everyone has thier own opion, so i can like whomever I want. I jumped in to defend someone i think has a beautiful voice and great talent (AHHH CALL THE COPS!)

    I am sorry i angerd you so much that you had to write a 9 paragraph response to me. Have a nice day.

  57. Ah! Now i hear it. Sorry...

  58. I am a "troll" but you are the one active on many blogs and profiles under constantly changing names?And here only to write dim fangirl comments on the one subject. Hahaha

    Again, if you weren't an Amy Stan, you would have seen I always write long comments. ( It's because I like to practice my writing skills. Something btw you might greatly profit from :D )
    So don't flatter yourself unduly.

    As for "let" me win....sweetheart, that ship sailed the moment you first replied to me.
    I already won the moment you were dim enough to misunderstand my comment for criticism of Amy Lee. And used incredibly dim arguments to "defend" a singer on some blog.

    And you now underlined this with your reply, demonstrating you still don't get it, in spite of my many paragraph reply.

    Like I said, really not too bright a bulb are you. :)

  59. You have no reason to say that i'm not a "bright bulb" when you don't even fucking know me! And i will have you
    that i graduated highest of my class, and i was in AP writing classes since 4th grade.

    Yeah. Im the troll. I only change my name because
    I dont want crazy people like you chasing me down. Yeah. Im done talking to ypu. In fact, i lost 5 minutes of my life on YOU.

  60. ROFLMAO You are correct! I don't know you. I am basing that assessment purely on your comments, demonstrating poor understanding of the written word, even worse judgment and frankly atrocious spelling.

    Wait! that's probably all because this is "just the internet". Hahahaha

    What country is that school rating you so incredibly incorrectly located then?

    Btw you didn't loose those minutes hon, you gave them away! See what I mean with the kind of poor judgment leading one to the conclusion you are a true dimwit?
    Nah, pretty sure you don't see at all. :)

  61. Yeah. Go fuck youself or someother "SUPER FANGIRL" out there. Go ahead. See what I care.

    Also, i know that I'm not a "Stan" a "dumwit" or a "dim lightbulb" or whatever other lame-ass names you can come up with, and that's all that really matters.

    Exuse my spelling. I'm sorry that I'm arguing with a grammar Nazi.

    Lastly, i just feel sorry for you. I'm sorry that you have to beat me down with your words. I'm sorry that you have exessive OCD and must point out every error that I make. And I'm sorry for both of us. Who wasted our time talking to asses on the internet when we could be sharing our time with our loved ones.

    Don't bother responding, because I'm done talking.

  62. Like I said, learn to stay in the kiddie pool until you can swim child.

  63. Since that video doesn't work anymore, here is that vocal warmup at 3:35: I think it's an E7 though?

  64. It doesn't hurt to analyze her voice though, since this is a vocal profile and all. But I do agree that a singer's uniqueness and ability goes beyond range and technicalities as well. :)

  65. She's been my favorite vocalist since I was thirteen. And has stayed that way.

    But going off on the "mezzo" or "soprano" discussion below--I do wonder if she is a darker voice soprano. She does tend to stay in her midrange and go high or low as necessary--but a lot of dramatic sopranos started out that way. She's definitely had some sort of classical-type training in addition to her rock vocals, but I do wonder if she'd be a mezzo if she were, say, fully classically trained.

    Doesn't fucking matter to me though. She's an amazing vocalist, great songwriter, and a wonderful emotive lyricist (though she can lean toward cliche SOMETIMES).

  66. Also, her being typed as a lyric mezzo makes me wonder--Simone Simons is a lyric mezzo, and the pair of them share the same emotive qualities to their voices, but Amy could seem "lighter" by comparison,
    though that might be more due to training than anything else.

  67. Someone needs to replace the two videos in this profile to more updated and accurate ones. There are a couple of notes that aren't even hers, and the second one is full of mistakes. There are so many newer and more thorough videos out there for both her studio and live ranges.

    Oh and what do you think of some of her recent acoustic performances?

  68. She's never had formal vocal training, she said that choir helped her in understanding her voice, but that she's "self-trained".

  69. Whoa!!!Guys wait!!!She is OBVIOUSLY 100% soprano.How come everyone's making assupmptions so confidently, if you haven't even got even a basic idea about the function of the human voice?First of all female voices do not differ much in range, rather than tessitura and timbre.That's why you can see many classically trained mezzos go up to C6 or even higher (Ceccilia Bartoli has a solid E6 and she is a mezzo), which are considered to be soprano notes.Amy Lee's songs are writtern and sung in a soprano tessitura for CONTEMPORARY singing (belting and mixing).Her vocal timbre is more like a viola, solid and dark, but that's because she employs a lot of chest voice sometimes when she sings.
    Just listen to her live intro of bring me to life and if you ever find a mezzo who can comfortably sing that way in that range, I'll set my papers on fire.Her head voice notes are soft, light and relatively comfortable for a non classically trained female singer, which suggests soprano.The fact that she sang as an alto in her school choir means nothing.The alto part is usually the most difficult one, so singers with a fine ear are sometimes placed in that section, OR it could obviously be her conductor's misjudge.It happens all the time...
    By the way, where the helll did you all hear the high G's in "never go back" and "what you want"???I've listened to those songs a million times (instrumental with backing vocals as well) and there is nothing but a belted Eb5 in both songs (when she sings "soul" and "without")
    Amy has never belted or mixed higher than F5 (the only one).There is an F#5 written in "sweet sacrfice" but it doesn't count, because it is so brief, it is mostly a yodel ("innOccent thing")

  70. Serendipity.-4 May 2013 at 15:10

    Amy is a Lyric-Soprano, a darker coloured one at that.

  71. amy hit a c7 here's the video

  72. She's nowhere near a soprano. Lyric mezzo-soprano is accurate.

  73. during the course of this live performances:

  74. I thought Amy Lee was a dramatic or spinto soprano. her range stands out too much for her to be considered a mezzo

  75. She's a darker lyric sopanro.

  76. what is the note she reaches in here at 2:25? I think it's an Eb6 and it's quite well executed, so the profile should change that "shrill and sharp".

  77. This is the song that I always go to in order to show off her voice to nonbelievers. The trill on "REmember" as she sings "I will still remember" is so high, so powerful, it kills me to even try it.

  78. ell, yes, I was so amazed when I heard it that I replayed it like four times. She jumps to a really high head note with such a quick vibrato and sheer resonance and gets back to belting like it was nothing. Also, check her lower notes in here just in the begining. They seem like they were sung by a true contralto, with a manly sound. I've really become obsesed with Amy lately ^^

    PS: I'm with Sonny and Black Robin, I think she's a soprano that has developed an amazing lower register. Her talking voice sounds really light and high.

  79. Not anymore she isn't. You think a record company that forced her to take acting lessons would let her out of voice training? Also, they're is a distinct open quality to to some of her higher boss that I've only heard trained classical singers have--like the B5 in some versions of whisper. I don't think she's an Opera singer, by any means, but she had had some training by now.

  80. On the "only you are the life among dead....." what note is that?that part got to me and the last long one where she sings "bring me to life!!!!"

  81. I wish I were able to write such things to that other stan we all know and love... :p

  82. That high note is actually an F#5 :/

  83. I'm not very good at guessing the notes by ear, so probably I was wrong. Sorry for the mistake! ^^U


    She sounds bloody perfect here.

  85. I just found a video that claims that she can hit B2 (And some C3 and C#3). I'm terrible at guessing notes so could anyone check if they're correct?

  86. in Snow white queen she did

  87. When she sings "I can't scape the twisted way you think of me", right? That part sounded really low to me, but then again I'm terrible at guessing notes by ear so I thought it would just be one of her Eb3

  88. I never said that only sopranos are comfortable singing in head
    voice.However if you listen to opera or train with a mezzo soprano you
    would notice that the range and voice texture Amy uses in the live
    version of bring me to life would most likely be outside the comfort
    zone of a true mezzo.
    I listened to "never go back" again and again
    and throughout 3.36 and I still don't hear any backing vocals higher
    than the Eb5 of the main vocal liIne.I found a few stupid videos on
    youtube about her vocal range that claim she hits a G5 or G#5 whatsoever
    in the backing track which is completely inaccurate.There actually IS a
    G in thia song but it is an octave lower (G4).
    Plus, she belts an F5
    twice in "the only one" (when she sings "SO afraid to open your eyes"
    and "NEVER understood this life") On the other hand there is no belted
    F5 in "End of the Dream", only one sang in head voice, neither any in
    "forever gone forever you".

  89. That was her response in an interview during The Open Door era, which is their second album, year after she took stage presence lessons when they were in artist development hell. Do you mean the live versions of Whisper? Because the B5 in the studio version was done by a soprano from a choir and doesn't really sound anything like Amy.

  90. Calisto is right about the belted F5 in EotD. It's in the bridge, when Amy sings "to understand". It'd be a lot easier to catch these notes if you listen to the backing tracks sans main vocals. In FGFY, she does some vocal runs and there's a very brief F5 thrown in there, which I think is the note they meant. I can't be sure about this one though, because it's not particularly clear.
    I can hear a higher note at 3.36 in NGB, when she sings "without", but it's also very unclear. I'll need better headphones to weed it out.

  91. It's a B4 in both cases :)

  92. In both cases you are referring to backing tracks.I was mistaken about End of the dream, I forgot that one.About forever gone I can't be sure since you can barely hear the backing vocals.Anyway the only song in which she sings an F as part of the main melody is "the only one".From what I've listened to so far at least..

  93. If I'm not mistaken, there are two other songs where she sings an F as part of the main melody. "Sick", in the second verse when she sings "posion", and "Made of Stone", briefly during the chorus.

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