Monday, 9 May 2011

Monica- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range: 3 octaves B2- B5
Vocal Pluses: Voices strength comes from it's dark, thick low to mid range.
Vocal Negatives: Vibrato sounds unnatural and forced on the higher chest notes, and her head voice is somewhat limited.


  1. I think Monica is a Mezzo-Soprano.

  2. Her voice is not that heavy!!..She does not have a Contralto range..

  3.  Been listening to a lot of Monica of late and I think you're right. In fact this whole profile needs updating. Will get round to it very soon!

  4. I LOVE this vocal profile!  Monica is my favorite R&B singer.  Thank you for doing this.  Anymore details and observations on her voice would be greatly appreciated.  I love a professional opinion as it pertains to her voice.

  5. Hey Manny! It totally needs to be updated! I'm waiting for Monica's new album and then I'll spruce it up!

  6. I like her voice but sometimes she sounds like a baritone (man) sometimes.. I believe she is a contralto in my honest opinion...she reminds me alot like Toni Braxtom (who reminds me of elvis presley...

  7. Thank you.  I've always wanted to see what other people (outside of her fans) thought about her voice.  I know she can sing but I got almost like an outsider-looking-in vibe from this blog and that's so interesting to me.  I took music classes in both high school and college however all I know is what I know from church (haha)...that's soprano, alto, and tenor...runs, riffs, growls, etc etc so anyway, don't let me ramble, I'll let you get back to your works...THANK YOU again!

  8.  i love her voice 

  9. This is completely wrong! Monica has more range than this. She doesn't have 3 octaves. She posses a 3.5-3.7 octave range, and YES... she is an alto wth a mezzo- soprano range. Her chest range is big for an alto and her head voice a crystal clear. She can hit a C#6 in head voice and probably more!

  10. She is an Alto, Mezzo-Saprano, whatever you want to call it..her voice is not deep like that in her regular tone..she does that for is a recent live performance

  11. Yeah her range has expanded, she hit a few D5's (1:53, 3:06 in "It All Belongs To Me"), 3:30, I'm not sure if it's a D5 or E5 she added a E5
     ( 3:10 of "It All Belongs To Me")  to her range & F5's  (1:15, 2:24, a mix one at 2:50, & a sustained slide with vibrato F5 all on"Until It's Gone") & at this point I think her higher chest register sounds more natural. & I think over her career, as of now, she's grown from an Alto (or Contralto) to a Mezzo Soprano. Notice how thick her voice was when she 1st started, till now. Noticed how her belting range has expanded.

  12. That as of now is not true. I know exactly where you got that from. You got that from this site that post vocal profiles & a good percentage of them are falso.

  13. & you missed a lot of pluses about her voice like her riffs, ad-libs, vibrato, runs, even her head voice as of now is well executed. I don't see how you said it's limited, not necessarily. She just really started using it as of lately.

  14. I wouldn't say contralto but some if those runs are, not annoying. They sound weird, but I think that's just her signature. SHE DAMN SHO CAN SING!

  15. Monica is a mezzo-soprano IMHO. Her lowest notes remind me of mezzos, not contraltos, and her voice is dark and full but not especially thick or heavy. When she sings duets with Brandy, I can hear the difference in texture.

  16. i believe she is a contra alto. i can tell she does try to strain her voice to sing higher thats prob y some people think shes a soprano or mezzo soprano but ive listened to all her albums and how her voice changes from each of them. you'll notice when she sings live her voice sounds deeper from the record which her natural most comfortable pitch. Her voice is thick and heavy so when she does try to reach those high notes i can tell its unnatural i agree with the person who says she reminds me of toni braxton when it comes to the heaviness of her voice. Lovely and unique though.

  17. i agree with you a lot of people think brandy sings lower then her but the truth of the matter is brandy has the better range she can go lower then monica and sounds much higher then her in her chest range because on it all belongs to me brandy was singing higher at the end brandy can sing at either end of the stick where else monica has a think voice and doesn't mix her chest and head voice like brandy does to hit the higher notes

  18. i agree with you a lot of people think brandy sings lower then her but
    the truth of the matter is brandy has the better range she can go lower
    then monica and sounds much higher then her in her chest range because
    on it all belongs to me brandy was singing higher at the end brandy can
    sing at either end of the stick where else monica has a think voice and
    doesn't mix her chest and head voice like brandy does to hit the higher

  19. Monica is a Contralto. I wish I could say "Alto" short for Contralto whenever describing Contralto voices in the future but a lot of people will want to correct me for that. Again she is a light weight Contralto probably coloratura because it lack full weight and lacks the sharpness and range of a Mezzo. yet her voice is mellow and smokey in tone

  20. That is not the only thing you need correcting on. You are flat out wrong on about 85% of the profiles you comment on... Like seriously...

  21. one thing I agree with you on is the fact that Billy Ocean is a Tenor as you say and you were right about Brian McKnight being a Leggeiro Tenor. Some of the time Diva-Devotee has been correct about some of the profiles with the voice classification. Tamar Braxton is a coloratura Soprano as they say and many of you say she is Light Lyric soprano. everyone has their own incorrect theory. I classify voices by what I hear because I'm a listener of Opera too and I now how western and classical voices converge or relate. I have been wrong some of the time. but I think our ears are always learning whenever our listening ability matures some more

  22. So.. are you going to update her profile?

  23. Exactly you are right
    Monica is showing more freedom in her voice. They also need to admit she has good mixing and vocal runs. Also that her voice is emotive. U know stuff like that. Give girl her props lol.

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