Sunday 26 June 2011

Lady Gaga: "Hair" Live performances:

The more I listen to Lady Gaga's new album Born this way the more I like it. Sure, lyrically it's a little lacking but production wise, thematically, vocally, and melodically its solid piece of work that makes better sense, and stands stronger, as a collection of songs than as individual singles.

One of my favourite performances, so far, from this era is when Gaga took to the stage to perform Hair (review here) on the British chat show, Paul O Grady. Channelling Liza Minnelli, Gaga gave a powerful, stripped back rendition of the searching for acceptance song. The fact that she was bald didn't phase or even really register with me- I've come to expect each performance is going to have a gimmick in it designed to keep her in the headlines, and to be honest I think nothing she does phases me now- but as a whole, a stunning, captivating performance.

Other Performances of Hair:
Lady Gaga on Good Morning America:

Lady Gaga on Taratata in France:

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  1. i feel like u think gaga is only gimmick
    well the bald cap thing during the hair performance was just her simply saying that being bald is fine and putting on wigs is fine
    many people have asked her "well this song is about hair, what if i don't have any???" this was her response - either learn to love ur bald head or put on a wig whichever makes u feel good

  2. This is the problem, or genius, with Gaga's performances, they leave everything to be inferred by the viewer. As such the resulting meaning can be as deep or shallow as the viewer wants. So you could be right, or it could just be a simple visual reference to the song title. Either way I chose to ignore the eccentricities and just listen to the music.