Wednesday 1 June 2011

LeToya Luckett (Original Destiny's Child member)- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal TypeLyric Soprano
Vocal Range:  2 Octaves 3 note D3-G5
Vocal Pluses: Latoya's strength lies in her strong chest voice. It's well supported and maintains an impressive tone in its upper reaches ( D5 to G5) that is further polished by the application of her striking vibrato.
Vocal Negatives: Limited range in the extremities of her voice.


  1. Terms like lyric shouldn't really be applied to singers outside of classical music,

  2. i feel they work well outside of classical music. style of music may vary but the voice type doesnt... Think of how similar Cicilia Bartoli's (spelling?) and Beyonce's voice are! Two styles of music yet they have similar weight range and other qualities! Beyonce has a bit more meat below middle C than Cicilia does. Funny thing they even attack their music in the very same way.

  3. Shes great at what she do wanna see her back with beyonce n Kelly

  4. Being that she's a Soprano If she hadn't left Destiny's child, the group wouldn't be able to harmonize well because her voice would be most suitable to sing lead than Beyonce the lead. The highest voice usually sings lead and the lower voices harmonize and do the background vocals.