Friday 8 July 2011

Dev: Love or Hate her?

Finding worldwide recognition when the Far East Project sampled her song Booty Bounce on their hit Like a G6, the robotic sounding Dev has now embarked on fortifying her own solo career with a number of stylistically savvy releases.

There’s no arguing that Dev is going to be a divisive figure: with her simplistic “raps”, sparse singing voice, and shallow lyrics no doubt being an easy target for criticism. But how do you see her; posing hipster or cool new talent? Despite her songs sounding all sort of similar, I have to admit I’ve succumbed to the brand of electro-pop she's peddling. I’ll reserve full judgement till her album, The Night the Sun Came Up, drops in September.


Booty Bounce:

In the Dark (Personal favourite):

Like a G6:


  1. Seems like we have two schools of pop at the moment...big theatrical singing (Gaga, Florence Welch, Beyonce etc) then a 'cooler' flavour of vocals emerging like this, Katy B etc, where the singers put a lot less 'belt' in and sing the song quite straight (less vibrato definitely).

    I really like Katy B actually!

    In the choruses, her style of singing reminds me of Sugababes first album (back when they were good!) although admittedly they had more of a soul edge. The talking/autotuned bits I'm afraid remind me of Daphne and Celeste.

  2. Wow a very succinct and well thought out opinion. I can really see where you're coming from and weirdly enough I was just thinking about the Lady Gaga / Dev musical split yesterday.

    However I'm not even going to try and hear Daphne and Celeste(LOL with that reference)in Dev's voice. That would just kill my current enjoyment of her

    ps: you should think about making a blog. Your opinions are already pretty much blog entries as they are! I'd certainly subscribe.

  3. Thanks! Hope you don't mind me commenting on your page so much, I just love it so much.

    For a laugh, check out Daphne and Celeste getting bottles of wee wee thrown at them at the Reading Festival!! Serves em right!

  4. Don't be silly, I love- and not mention really appreciate- your comments!

    As for the clip, What did they- or their management- think was going to happen! Its a wonder they got on to the line up in the first place!! lol.

  5. Great, thanks. :O) Yeah, I know, in the interview afterwards they seem strangely deluded about it all!!

    Can't get the chatbox working isn't loading for some reason, so can I hijack this to request a vocal range for Tina Turner if it's not been done before? I'd guess it wouldn't be a big range but she certainly had an amazing voice back in the day.

    I was also thinking Julie Andrews? Mainly cos of her high notes in Victor/Victoria? She had such a great musical theatre voice....prior to her vocal nodules...although as she puts it 'I can now sing the hell out of 'Old Man River'.' Or perhaps you could do a feature one day on stars of musicals....such as Marilyn, Doris Day etc? Wouldn't necessarily need ranges, but some positives and negatives of each star would be interesting. Thanks!! xx

  6. Some brilliant ideas there. Julie Andrew's definitely deserves a profile, her voice was glorious. As for stars of musicals I'd need to spend some time researching that, but I can see that being a post at some point! ;) Thanks again!

  7. No probs - I will have a listen out for some Julie Andrews notes xx