Sunday 14 August 2011

Single Review: Melody Thornton "Sweet Vendetta"

Instead of going down the Euro-dance, synth-pop route that everyone seems to be veering down, ex-Pussy Cat Doll Melody Thornton has decided to take a different, retro, route- perhaps partly inspired by the sound and success of Adele's Rolling In The Deep- with her first solo release Sweet Vendetta. 

The choice of style is a canny one and fits the singer's dexterous, spirited voice well. Anyone familiar with the Pussy Cat Doll incarnation of Melody will be happy to hear that the singer has toned her voice down, reined in those Aguileraesque vocal runs, and as such managed to deliver her most succinct and melodious vocal to date.  

Sweet vendetta is a confident, well produced and assured step in the right musical direction for Ms Thornton, but I can't help thinking the lukewarm reception it received from the music buying public will see a different singer presented on her next release.

What do you guys think?

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