Monday 22 August 2011

Sound alike: David Guetta feat Jennifer Hudson "Night of my Life" and Rihanna "Only Girl (In the World)"

Club track producer of the moment David Guetta isn't the most original guy in the world. In fact you can often quite easily identify what classic he's pillaged to create a particular song. Usually, I'm willing to ignore these indiscretions because of the sole, shallow fact that his songs are catchy and make me want to dance like a fool. With this in mind you can imagine my excitement when I heard he'd teamed up with Ms Power-Pipes herself, Jennifer Hudson, on song called Night of your life.

Knowing Mr Guetta would probably be seeking "inspiration"- wink wink- from other Diva club classics of the past, I began to imagine what route he would take sonically. Maybe the song would sound like Todd Terry and Martha wash's cool, classic Something Goin'on or better yet, maybe he'd seen Huson's cover of Respect and decided to use Aretha Franklin's empowering A Deeper Love as a template!

Well today Night of your life leaked/was released and it transpired I was WAAAY off not only with the direction Mr Guetta was going to take with it, but also how far back in time he was going to go for his "inspiration".

Musically the song is pretty much Rihanna's Only Girl (in the world) in a different key and a slightly different arrangement. However, what the real travesty is with Night of your life is that David Guetta has created a vocal that doesn't even require, let alone challenge, a vocalist like Jennifer Hudson. *sigh*. Disappointed to say the least.

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