Friday, 23 September 2011

Julie Andrews Vocal Range/Profile (Vocal Prime)

Vocal Type: Soprano
Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 2 notes and a1 semitone F#3-Bb5 (Note: she has claimed to have had a 4 octave range. If anyone knows any lower, or higher notes she has sung, please get in contact or comment.)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Classically trained, powerful yet dexterous soprano, with a gorgeous clarity to her tone and a natural vibrato. Seamless transition between registers. Vocal stamina in her youth - she was on Broadway constantly from the age of 20 - 23. Wonderfully expressive phrasing and emotive interpretation of song. Also a superb actor (Oscar-winning) and dancer.
Vocal Negatives: Due to her reliance on classical technique, she struggles with certain styles (ie her 'Jazz Hot Baby' from 'Victor Victoria' isn't really that jazzy or bluesy!). However superb at musicals, operetta and light classical music.

Thanks To Karen V for directing me to the notes, and providing the positives and negatives.

Low Notes:
Play F#3

Play G#3

Play F#4

Play G#4

Play C#5


Play F#5

Play G5

Play A5

Play Bb5

2 Octave Vocal slide: G3 to G5 (Illustrates her ability to navigate the different parts of her voice with ease.)

Play F3-g5

Finally, Julie Andrews offers some sage advice to any aspiring singers out there:


  1. I love Julie Andrews <3

  2. Doesn't everyone ;)

  3. I thouight that she possessed a four octave range

  4. Thanks for including the vocal slide, I've always wondered what a good one sounded like.

  5. Umm, she hit an F3 in a live performance on Broadway of 'Le Jazz Hot' during the 2-octave slide at the end. The date was January 5, 1996.

  6. Okay, I've actually looked through this: There's a video of her singing the Polonoise; je suis Titania. Though she's quite young in the video, according to Julie, it was still possible until her mid-twenties to manage most of everything she used to be able to do, and there's an F6 REALLY close to the end. As for a legit F3 - there's a song from 'Victor/Victoria' called 'The Shady Dame from Seville', where she bottoms out at an F3 near the beginning on the last 'la la la' before the verse.

  7. This is only the range she has displayed or recorded. Who knows how high she can go.

  8. Pretty sure she hit F6 in the aria that she sung as a child. Considering she had great technique i would think she would've had these higher notes in her prime. Probably didn't use them because they didn't need to be used in the type of music she was singing at the time. Also in the video im pretty sure she hits some other high notes besides F6, possibly C6? And from the sound of it I would guess that F6 was a whistle note.

  9. she said in an interview that she had a 4 octave voice

  10. yep, she sure did. I'm sure she was right, but perhaps she just never used all 4 octaves on record.

  11. Sure do:3
    She is 12 or 13. After hearing this i can believe she had more than a 2 octave range.

  12. Sorry posted wrong link

  13. in "A Spoonful of Sugar" she does a set of vocal trills and ends up on a rather high note. I think it's higher than a B5. It's located like 3 minutes into the song (the start of it). :)

  14. Great, just seeing this comment in the news stream has got that song stuck in my head lol

  15. i just watched this video. she was incredible! she was only 12 here!!!

  16. I know right?!?! I'm not sure if DD has watched it yet. @divadevotee:disqus please watch!

  17. She claimed she had a 4 octave voice as a young woman, but maybe she didn't retain it? It sounds a bit improbable though, unless she had a very good whistle register

  18. I think you hit on it. I don't think she recorded all of her range. I am certain she could sing past that Bb5 and probably had a few pitches under the F#3, too.

  19. Check out the following recording of Julie Andrews singing opera. There are a lot of C6's and even a few E6's here.

  20. Take a listen to this and once they get to the scene in where they are on the steps she hits a high note, where she holds her head with her hand.

  21. I listened to Le Jazz Hot and I think the reason she didn't sound Blusy or Jazzy was because she did not sing the blue notes, which should be slightly under pitch but has nothing to do with classical techniques. Other Broadway singers don't sing blue notes, either. Of course, there's also syncopation missing, which other Broadway singers might have done a little better.

  22. she is a lyric soprano

  23. Such a shame she can't sing anymore after that op :( I wonder if she would still have been able to retain her voice at her age now?

  24. With coloratura abilities.

  25. Barbra is better... J.S

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