Monday 26 September 2011

Lady Gaga's touching tribute to fan Jamie Rodemeyer

I had to post this moving performance of Lady Gaga singing Hair at the Iheartmusic Festival this weekend. It was dedicated to a young fan, named Jamey Rodemeyer, who sadly took his own life after being bullied at school because he was gay. Whatever people think of Lady Gaga, something good that has come from her being in the limelight is that she is given a very public, prominent voice to a whole section of society that feels excluded and ostracised by and from it, and credit has to be given for that.

Here's hoping that Lady Gaga's tribute will not only give those who are suffering, like Jamey did, hope for a better future but will more importantly give them strength to persevere through their struggle because it gets better.


  1. Touching performance

  2. i love the divas of today like beyonce, britney, mariah, and adele
    but the thing that seperates gaga from them is that gaga truly loves her fans 
    all i ever hear about gaga is her constant philanthropic work and her message of acceptance and love 
    shes a superstar in every right and i hope people realize what a gem she is 

  3. Contagion suicide. That is all. 

  4. I think all artists love their fans. 

  5. Yeah, I agree. These artists need their fans more than their fans need them.