Tuesday 8 November 2011

Full song: Madonna "Give Me All Your Luvin"

Two snippets that supposedly reveal new Madonna material have made there way to Soundcloud. The song entitled Give Me All Your Luvin, sure sounds like Madonna, but they're too short to make any real judgement on the quality of the material.

Still, I thought I'd post them up for any Madonna fans out there. Thoughts?

Madonna: Give Me All Your Love (Clip 1) by hardcandymusic

Madonna: Give Me All Your Love (Clip 2) by hardcandymusic

Update: Full Demo of Give Me All Your Luvin has leaked. One word: "Yikes"! Three years away and this is what you come back with, Madonna? Hopefully this record, or at least this demo, is one big joke by Madonna and a beefed up, improved version featuring MIA and Nicki Minaj will follow. However, that didn't pan out the last time I wished similar wishes in regards to Lady Gaga's Born this way after that leaked, so I'm preparing myself for the worst.


  1. Are you a Madonna fan?

  2. I am. Not like a crazy fan, but I do like her music. After just hearing the full version of this song- hopefully it's a demo- I may not be for much longer. Sounds like a Cher Lloyd cast off (terrible).

  3. Sad that this wasn't a cover of the ZZ Top song, lol.

    Seriously, I know she's a pop singer, but I wish she'd stop plugging away at this kind of tune - she's too old to be singing with this chipmunk teenage tone. Reminds me of  'Mickey' for gawd's sake! I loved 'Confessions', but everything since then has been terrible. You know when you can't make a decent record with Timberland that you are in trouble!

    She made real vocal progress with Evita and then during the Ray of Light album, developing a more ethereal tone, but her technique just seems to be going backwards in time now. Wish she'd head in either a dancier and harder direction, or more experimental a la Florence and the Machine. Agree with you about the Cher Lloyd comparison. She has billions in the bank, access to the best producers in the world, and this scheibe is the result?! You'd think by now she'd have developed a more original sound than this. I used to love love love Madonna, it's so disappointing. Talk about phoning it in :O/

  4. Speaking of which, if you ever have the unfortunate request of putting Cher Lloyd on this site, promise me that one of her vocal negatives will be 'cannot sing without gurning'. XOD

  5. Yeah I don't know what shes thinking with this single or what's happened to the Evita voice. I heard rumours that this leak may even have been a ploy by her record label, who aren't liking this sound, to give Madonna a reality check from the public. However, she said that she's happy with the public's response, so I'm guessing it didn't work. The single is terrible, and this is coming from someone who even liked the much hated, Hard Candy.