Wednesday 14 December 2011

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform "Born To Die" In 3D.

Whip out those red and cyan 3D glasses because Lana Del Rey's live rendition of new song Born To Die- which is a gorgeous song, might I add- is available to watch on Youtube in the third dimension!

It's the first time I've seen this feature on the video streaming site, and it is certainly impressive when viewing the video in its highest quality. Don't get too excited though, you won't feel like Lana is quite in your room. It does give the video a depth of field that is not present otherwise and it suitably adds to the magic of the performance.

As for the performance itself, Lana delivers a rendition of Born To Die that is different from the recorded version, most noticeably in her voice sounding decidedly lower and heavier. But the song does not suffering for it. In fact it adds to the melancholy feel of the lyrics, and the simple arrangement that they chose to go with.

As previously the case with her live performances, Lana switches up the vocal arrangement here. I'm still wondering if this is a singer/ songwriter expressing her artistic license, or if it is more the case that she is having trouble singing the songs the way they were recorded in the studio.However, as none of her live performances have been sung disastrously out of tune thus far, this being a quite a feat considering how visibly nervous she always seems to be, I'm erring on the side of it being a choice made by the singer to demonstrate her musicality and flexibility more so than due to any problems with her voice or range.

Whatever the case, Lana Del Rey's voice is still breathtaking in its quiet, vulnerable beauty and the music she continues to release is of an exceptional quality. What more could anyone ask for in a recording artist.


  1. I am hoping this means she had improved vocally and managed to extend her range. My cynical self names anise remarks that there might be auto tune involved, because this here it's perfection. The tone is so rich and warm and smooth like liquor. Aged rum or brandy anyone?

    The simple piano arrangement is all she needs. She is the epitome of a singer's singer in the corny of a dark dusty bar or cabaret establishment