Tuesday 21 February 2012

[Watch] Adele's Performance of "Rolling In the Deep" at the 2012 Brit Awards

adele brits 2012

When it rains it pours, and that seems to be the case with Adele. Having suffered a drought of performances while the star underwent throat surgery, the rains have now come and Adele has performed live twice in as many weeks: firstly at the 2012 Grammy Awards [ Link] and tonight at the "Brits".

Review: Though the singer seemed to have a few problem switching to her head voice at times during the performance of Rolling in the Deep, as well as mild pitch problems, I was really pleased to hear that the tone of her voice sounded smoother and the belts less forced and lighter than at the Grammys. It really does seem like her surgeon worked magic on those vocal chords.

Watch Below and let me now know what you think, guys and girls.


  1. Again Rolling in the Deep? Why didn't she perform Someone Like You or her lastest single Set Fire to the Rain... I didn't like this performance too much, I think she's gave better performances before.

  2. Totally agree, her voice sounds so much cleaner and less like it hurts her to actually sing. But I also agree with Nahu, another song should have been chosen, this one is getting old now lol

  3. I was not impressed at all. I dont think she will ever recover properly ... she sounded very boomy throughtout the whole thing and i dont think she possesses a head voice anymore. I wasn't disappointed because i didn't expect her to be any better than what she was before. She was vocally her best on her 19 album. She was phenomenal then. After that, was all a downward spiral and she hasnt helped herself either. If her voice truly meant as much to her as she says it does, she wouldn't have smoked or drunk as much as she did and abused her voi. I have no sympathy.

  4. i dont understand why she sang her second single someonelikeyou last year at the brits and this year she sings her first single rollinginthedeep... 
    idk her overexposure is getting to me i wish she would do set fire to the rain for a change 

    i guess there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing"

    im glad though that shes recovering but for me i liked her album 19 better i feel as if that was her most creative and beautiful stage 

  5. Adele's voice has changed. It sounds smoother, cleaner, and lighter, but it lost its trademark tone.

  6. really??? last time i heard her she was still the same
    video proof please

  7. This video right here :)