Wednesday 25 July 2012

Vocal Profile: Kristin Chenoweth

 Kristin Chenoweth

Vocal Type: Lyric Coloratura Soprano
Vocal Range: E3-F6 3 octaves and a semi-tone
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Extremely individual tone that makes it impossible to mix her voice with others’. A simply stunning technical singer with perfect breath and pitch control, with the voice never sounding pinched or forced because of it. Classically trained as a coloratura soprano.

Her lower register is considerably weaker than the rest of the range, but still maintains a full sound (Over the Rainbow, I’m Not That Girl), reaching a good bit lower than most soprano ranges are able to go (down to E3).

The middle range from around A3-A4 is round, warm, and bright, having a beautiful supported tone that is where the voice finds its most versatile colouring.

The belting range, when used, is well-produced as Chenoweth progressively mixes her belt to produce notes up to E5 [The Girl in 14 G, Thank Goodness, Popular, My New Philosophy]. The tone never loses its warmth, however it does lose most all of the delicacy found in the lower range.

The head voice, spanning all the way to an impressive F6, is perhaps the most defining feature of the voice. It has brightness, clarity, warmth, and an unmistakable tone and easy vibrato that can be removed [Home], but is mostly employed. The upper part of the head voice loses the warmth of the lower range, but still maintains an impressive amount of power and clarity in the uppermost reaches of the voice [Glitter and be Gay , Der Holle Rache]. Impeccable breath control in this top range also makes it possible for her to sustain high head notes without diminishing their quality, displaying the ease that this range presents for her, most noticeably in Glitter and be Gay with several sustained Eb6s.

Vocal Negatives: The voice can sound nasal and unpleasant to some people’s ears. Also, while brilliant for Broadway, light opera, and jazz singing, the voice seems uncomfortable singing pop music, losing some of the ease and warmth found otherwise. The very uppermost reaches of the head voice can sound shrill even with the use of vibrato (starting at D6), though this may change with time.

Big thanks to Marty M for composing this Profile!


  1. BRILLIANT Singer. i have been waiting for this fine Ladies profile for quite sometime and I am very pleased DD. Although her chest voice does sound incredibly nasal, the head voice is so warm and powerful, and definitely EXPANSIVE. Overall technically perfect singer.

  2. Thank you for this article, finally we can read something about this fantastic girl. The best Cunegonde in Bernstein's 'Candide' I've ever heard!

  3. Some of the top notes in her range have a pinched and tense quality, but when she pulls the notes off properly she does them quite well :)

  4. I don't normally like broadwayish singers but I really love her voice! It's very operatic - something else I love! Very different voice, I will be sure to hunt down some of her other vids, thanks for posting the ones above!

  5. Is it true that she can sing in all of the female vocal types?

  6. Kristin Chenoweth is both a singer and personality. As Kurt said on GLEE, "She'd slay Mariah in a 'Diva-off'." Whereas her voice may seem nasally, its close to a young Barbra nasal quality...its purposeful and definitive, yet technically sound. The fact that she still sing the same notes without the sound says LOTS...she is amazing. Not to mention her near perfect pitch...I've only heard Julie Andrews never faulter in that department. Lastly, she can sing anything...even her pop and contemporary r&b and country sound AMAZING...I can't see where you hear discomfort...but can understand a certain discomfort with thinking it fits. I love her. Definitely the best in popular culture today!

  7. It is true. She can cover soprano all the way down to contralto notes.

  8. I agree with that. Don't know about her personally but as a singer, I describe her voice simply as perfect.

  9. there actually are tapes which proves that she CAN go higher than the F6 and even do whistle notes! :)

  10. Well where are they?

  11. E3! Even the average mezzo soprano can't sing past a G3. I also think that Kristen's chest voice is very nasal, but her head voice definitely does soar. I love her rendition of Glitter and Be Gay, as well.

  12. when someone posted glitter and be gay and Kristin chenoweth, I just had to see it for myself.

    As expected, i am very much amused and enthralled by her performance. She's such a joy to watch in this kind of performance/song.

    Hope, she does more like glitter and be gay, comedic and vocally challenging.

    That aside, I want to hear her sing something more serious and see her voice in a different light.

  13. I just want to thank you for enlightening me that she actually has a glitter and be gay perf. I just absolutely love her in that.

    Thanks a lot! :D