Friday 17 August 2012

[Album Track] Ellie Varner : "So Fly"

Everyone has those days where they feel like they're not at their best: not quite skinny enough, pretty enough, rich enough or just generally feeling inadequate.

New Diva on the scene Ellie Varner knows what I'm talking about. Her song So Fly is a quirky, funny and honest account of a young lady, who though thinks her life might be easier if she looked differently, has come to accept that she's "So Fly" the way she is.

And so are you, so take a listen and a look at the lyrics below, and let's all be proud of who we are! Altogether now:

[Sound quality is a little iffy here, but it has the lyrics]

[Studio version]

So Fly is taken from the 23-year-old's (really good) debut album, Perfectly Imperfect


  1. Hmm the humor seems strained and the "message" is driven home rather hard and crudely.Musically it's obvious. Singing is average.
    Rest of that album must be a lot better if it's "really good"? ;D

  2. lol. You wont like the album if you don't like that!

  3. That much I figured. But it's not that I dislike it. It is quite an nonabrasive and cheerful tune.
    I just wouldn't go as far as to call it particularly good.

    But as always, I guess it depends entirely how one rates these things. Up or down.
    I tend to compare to what I consider the best and see how something stands that comparison.

  4. remind's me of lily Allen's song the fear....not in its production but its lyrics about not being "the right type of girl". all in all though DD its a nice song to pick us up when we see these over-Photoshopped album covers

  5. I don't like this as much as I like her other stuff. I was blown away when I heard "Only Wanna Give It to You."

  6. Not really sure how I feel about this....I might check out her other work and get back to you...