Friday 14 September 2012

[Watch] Colton Haynes Joins Leona Lewis In "Trouble" Music Video

trouble still leona haynes

The video for Leona Lewis' new single, Trouble, has hit the net. Co-starring Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes as the Diva's other half in this troubled relationship, the video charts the breakdown of their once happy life together via a series of flashbacks.

I think "edgy" and "realness" is what the director was going for- check out the constantly shifting camera, muted colour scheme, and "urban" setting- but as for most things Leona Lewis (other than her voice) it's strangely lifeless and dull. An odd result considering the acting isn't half bad.

Perhaps I was just distracted by all the pretty people in the video(!) Check it out yourself and let me know if you were suitably moved, in the comments.

Trouble is released on the 5 October 2012 [review, here] and is taken from Leona Lewis' up-coming album Glassheart.


  1. I really like the song, especially the lyrics, but I can't help but imagine how much better it would sound if Alicia Keys was singing it.