Tuesday 25 September 2012

[New Music] Kylie Minogue "Flower"

flower music video screen grab

I was not expecting such mature gorgeousness from Kylie Minogue's new material. Shame on me.

New single Flower is a gentle, beautifully arranged ballad, full of strings and romantic overtones. Co-written by the singer, the song showcases the often unheard strength of Ms Minogue's voice. It's a stark contrast to the nasal, biting tone that's usually employed to her brand of electro-pop, but it demonstrates nicely the versatility of the Australian Pop Princess's voice.

Flower is taken from Kylie's forthcoming album The Abbey Road Sessions, which will feature orchestral reworkings of 16 of her past hits, all in celebration of her 25 years in the industry.

The Abbey Road Sessions will be released on the 29th of October


  1. Well throw my cynical side in the trash can, I didn't expect anything from this, in fact if I am being honest I thought it would be a boring prozac popping affair.

    But no! This is bloody good. I really love how she shows us why she is in the biz, with those lovely soprano tones and beautiful belting. The production is a compliment to the tone and feel of her voice too, it all works extremely well!

    I don't know why but these days I don't seem to expect very much from the original diva's out there but I am determined to be more thoughtful now after hearing this.