Thursday 6 September 2012

[watch] Leona Lewis Performs Accoustic Version Of "Trouble"

Leona Lewis singing music entertainment

With the release of new album Glassheart fast approaching, it looks like Leona Lewis is stepping up the promotional trail of its second single, Trouble [Review].

Just released is this beautiful and acoustic rendition of the song, and it has to be said, it packs quite a mightier punch than the "edgier" version that's been shipped to radio.

Leona Lewis gives a stunning vocal that shows a voice that is restrained but powerful, multifaceted in tone and timbre, but ultimately brilliantly controlled. It's clear to hear that all those years of vocal training have paid off, making her one of the most technical singers of the next generation of Divas.

Still not a fan of her vibrato, though...

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  1. I don't know why but the way she's saying "trouble" in the chorus is a bit grating to me e____e.

  2. I'm impressed. It's much better than radio edit - emotions are not covered with electronic noise. There's decent build up which breaks at the short bridge. No distracting rap part (thanks God). Song lost it's drive but gained feeling. I do like it.
    Guitar players are very happy guys - they don't have a problem what to do with their hands during performance;) But that's a different story...
    What do you think about new Cat Power's album "Sun"? I'm a bit confused with it.

  3. Meh, not feeling it. But that is probably because the tone of her voice kinda grates on me.

  4. I've read some not so great reviews about it. But i've never really heard any of her other albums so can't really comment :S

  5. It's still up for free listening on NPR's First Listen

  6. "Moon Pix" is definitely her best body of work so far (in my opinion) - very intimate, minimalist and depressing. The new one is not bad but totally different. Some say it's overproduced. She still deploys great melodies and smoky vocal however there's much more in the background. I was a bit confused listening "Sun" the first time. It reminds me an onion - layer over layer and over layer. It's much better after second or third listening as you can peel it off and then you can hear quite interesting and surprising harmonies.
    Oh! That's the way Cat used to sound years ago:

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