Thursday 22 November 2012

[Watch] Christina Aguilera Performs "Let There Be Love" @The Voice

Another day, another Christina Aguilera post. I should have posted this yesterday, but if I'm getting tired of all this Aguilera, I can only imagine how you guys feel. Thus, I thought I'd give you all a day off.

Once again Christina took her Lotus promotion to The Voice, this time singing Let There Be Love. I'm not sure why she hasn't realised she's wasting her time promoting here. It's clear from the sales that the millions of viewers aren't buying what she's peddling! She needs to stop being lazy and perform at other shows, hitting other demographics, if she really wants Lotus to fly.

Oh, and just if you didn't know- not that we care about sales here- Lotus hit the billboard chart at number #7(with the lowest sales of her career) and charted at number #28 on the UK album chart.

As for the performance: one big, clunky mess. Not as bad as the AMA Awards, but not good either. I hope fan claims that this week of bad performances were due to Christina being "sick" are right, because I'm losing the will to live! Another bad performance might just tip me over the edge.



  1. This performance wasn't terrible by any means, but I feel like I miss the distinctive character of the material Christina had on Stripped (rocky elements + ballads with the jazzy "Walk Away") and the big band sound of Back to Basics. A lot of these newly released club bangers sound the same to me and are hard to identify on repeated plays. While i am in favor of uptempo songs, I want a little more substance and a little less production so I can hear the voice. Even on the extremely raunchy "Dirrty", Christina's voice was front and center. And in the poppy and Latinesque "Infatuation", the voice is still the centerpiece. Here, I feel like the beats are the center and Christina's voice is sort of the duet partner.

  2. Very poor. And who's the whiny dude? One of the "contestants"?

  3. Being sick isn't any excuse; you said that yourself Divadevotee.


    "She may have been sick (her speaking voice at the end seems to show this), she have been nervous, but that's not going to be an excuse for those she's going to judging"

    You said that about Mimi. Shouldn't the same be said for Xtina?

  4. I kept telling myself not to say anything about Christina lately but I just can't help how infuriating this all is! I mean even if not for the poor vocal performances but her unoriginal and clearly unsuccessful promotion of herself. Its not helping her. I mean release another song as a single. Perform on another show. Take your ass to a talk show or music festival. Or rather do what I've been saying lately and take a break Christina. Rehabilitate your voice before you shred it to pieces. Do a Mariah and go on a tropical island vacation and rethink what you're trying to accomplish. I think that a break would be beneficial actually as I feel with how much exposure she is getting on the voice is making people bored of her. I just want my fierce but not as bitchy as she has been lately powerhouse Diva back.

  5. She does very little actual singing. Most of it is the track and the other singers. One day her voice is just going to rapture live on stage if she carries on like that!

  6. Yeah, sick... RIGHT! Well, if that's the case, she has been sick since... 2010! Remember her awful performance of Fighter at the beginning of the year, what about that terrible performance in the Bionic era, where she cracked so bad that it still hurts me (singing Fighter and Beautiful at Today Show). Not to mention that time when she sang one of the worst renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner ever. I'm a big fan of Xtina, but I don't like when other fans make up silly excuses to justify the lack of ability of their artist. Christina has lot her ability to sing properly, no matter what kind of song she sings, she never delivers what she should deliver. She needs to focus and start taking care of her instrument before is too late.

  7. Surely later than 2010 because somebody here posted this one yesterday in one of the other Christina threads and I think it is an excellent performance..

  8. Ehhh, always felt that Xtina's hit and miss.

  9. Yes but you also don't like Tom so....;)
    But for real, if you call that a "miss", time to accept it will never like anything she does.

  10. Nah, i love Xtina... when she sings songs like 'Save Me From Myself' and 'All I Nee'. I guess I'm a fan of her debut sound, when she still sounded soprano-ish.

  11. In that case, really time for them, Q-tips again. Your taste seems very Besides Christina's first album...what other music do you like?

  12. He's my Dad! AND WHAT!!? Really though, no clue. Don't watch the series. Neither of those singing with Xtina were particularly good.

  13. Here we go again with the Q-tips!! Do you work for the Q-tip company??

  14. This is the thing I don't get, doesn't she feel the strain in her throat? Anyone who sings and experiences it knows its not healthy- training or not.

  15. Too true. I just feel like I've had a string of these negative posts. In fact I think she's probably the Diva I slate the most. But I hope people know I don't have an agenda: it's genuinely how I feel.

  16. Yeah where was that, I need to reply to that!

  17. Mmmmm... I like things like DHT's 'Listen to your Heart', 'Bliss' from Mariah Carey, 'Bizzare Love Triangle' (but only the frente version, lol.) I also like the slowed down version of 'Barbie Girl' that Lene did on that Australian show...

    Soft music.

    On the other hand, I also like Mariah's belt-heavy debut album, Alicia's 'Girl on Fire", and my favorite Kelly song is 'My Life Would Suck W/out You".

    I also like Miley Cyrus, although I recognize that as bad taste.

  18. Ballads are definitely where she is strongest. I think the public enjoy those more, in general. She just makes it hard for them to buy into them because they can't forget the filth and overt-sexiness she comes with the rest of the time/.

  19. I bet she feels it and doesn't care. She always makes those pained faces when she belts. There's no way she can't feel it.

  20. I think she could still get away with the attitude if she had the goods to back it up- Not that I like it. Unfortunately she doesn't even have her body to fall back on this era, so the more superficial of her fans aren't even gonna stick about. Speaking of "The Voice", isn't it weird how its basically revived Maroon Fives career, but not Aggies. Is she coming across bad on it?

  21. Ehhh I watched like, one episode, and she seemed fine to me.

  22. I can't stand those "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" anymore.

  23. LOL Your dad is quite handsome.

  24. You caught me DD! I do work for Q! I like to promote the tips but really any product which will clean out ears and minds to the extend they will stop praising poor but "edgily" dressed singers who spent most of their time practicing a couple of dance steps/poses and will start hearing actual musicians instead.

  25. They are soft but she sounds like she is singing softly because she has laryngitis. Now if she had claimed to have been suffering from a cold there, I would totally believe her.

    Thanks, was trying to get an idea of your taste...think I got a handle on it now. :)
    Personally I would consider Taylor Swift or Rhianna or Katy Perry or that dollar sign way more "bad taste" than Myley.

  26. Found it again, it was under the Lotus at AMA rant.

  27. 2 back to back failed albums is a blow for any artist. I hate to say I knew this is was gonna happen, and sale lower than Bionic. I think one major reason for this is Christina lack of growth and interesting style. She's been trying so hard to push this image that her fan nor the general public is feeling. Christina has a been kind of a gimmic after back to basics. Dont get me wrong, Bionic had some decent material, but she opted not release the decent tracks and instead choosing "Not Myself tonight". Even with Back to Basics, which is one of my favorite albums. She choose not release her best tracks which could have been great signature songs for her and shown her as artist than just a pop singer.And on another note, She may not realize people pick up on her nasty attitude. Christina has one of the nastiest, narcasistic attitudes and lack of respect for other people. Im not going to say that she has the worst cause there are male artist who are arrogant, but double standards gives them "a pass". I saw that video of her durning her GMA concert throwing her chewed gum at someone in the crowd for no reason.You can be a Diva and not be Bytch. (Mariah for instance, we all know she is a Diva, but seems to be a genuwinly nice person). But as I said before, she needs to go back to basics, with a pen and pad and maybe a new team, and pick a direction and stop trying to cover every genre and experiment too much. I say she should stick to alternative pop and RnB.

  28. I remember that she used to be really good singing up-tempos too. Her performances of Candyman and Ain't No Other Man were mostly great, and she even danced a little bit. I can say the same about most of the up-tempos in the Stripped era, she didn't even oversing much back then.

  29. I don't think that "nasty attitude" is what the public has a problem with. After seems to work brilliantly for Rhianna.
    Unless it only does for her because she can play the victim at the same time?

    I never was paying any attention to Christina and my image of her was always of her being a potentially good singer with mostly poor material and a very trashy visual image.
    After hanging on this blog a while and paying some attention to her....I still have exactly the same impression.
    And I wouldn't care about the trashy visual image if the material was good.

  30. if im honest i wouldn't have known about "lotus" being released if it wasn't for you DD, in my opinion its the autumn of her career and maybe its time she simmers down and focused on being a mum and honing her vocals instead of parading around like an orange drag queen trying to push boring songs

  31. I have never considered Rihanna to have a nasty attitude, well not in the same way christina has had the impression of having. Rihanna is often reactionary- so she will snap at those who take a swipe first. In fact, I can't think of her coming for anybody without provocation. I actually quite like her approach. For instance it was pretty great when she called out a dutch editor-clearly bypassing her publicist in the process- for a racist feature she ran. []

    Christina's attitude and "nastiness", on the other hand, seems to come from a place of arrogance/superiority, or at least that's how it's looked in the past. Her attitude has even been commented on by her peers (Pink) and also those who have come before her(Mary J blige).

  32. LOL Her "calling out" of that editor is EXACTLY one of the things i am thinking about. I am Dutch and therefor understand what that editor said when read in Dutch and from Dutch perspective and how that was wildly misinterpreted as "racist" by a woman who has no problem singing the kind of lyrics she does or tweet the kind of "jokes" she jokes. And then even the totally imo unnecessary apology was not enough for that *****, nope, she had to push it and get the editor fired, right before christmas no less.
    I heard a similar story of her accusing hotel staff of "racism". I also read the transcript of the Chris Brown thing and it is clear she is a nasty piece of work by my standards.
    I am sorry but I have heard of more in my eyes nasty and reprehensible behavior from Rhianna than from Christina. So I am sticking to my incredibly low opinion of a woman just as arrogant as they say Christina is but with even less talent to make such nonsense palatable

  33. I'm not sure how a term which contains one racially offensive term, and another sexist one can be be "misinterpreted". Whatever the articles intentions- I read it was in reference to a certain style of dressing- I still don't think it was appropriate for a magazine to band it about like it was an acceptable thing. Is it a term that's used there often?

    The hotel racist story was even worse "This man said the craziest s**t abt black women called us dogs, sl**s, we don't look like s**t, we don’t belong in the same hotels" From her twitter. Whether he was provoked or not, I don't know, but what he said was disgusting, and i won't criticise her for speaking out of her experience.

  34. DD is right on this one. Christina and Rihanna are two different hings, Rihanna may act a little crazy at times, which iI think may stems from her being young a bit, but shes not known to start comfrontation nor disrespect her peers,she responds to jabs thrown at her, and I never though about until DD says it but she really does it in a clever way. Christina on the other hand, has disrespected a long list of artist from, Mariah Carey, Pink, Mary J Blige, Avril Lavigne,the list goes on

  35. Christina was young too... and notice the fact that all artists you have listed are also known for having attitude problems. Here is what happened between them and Christina: Avril Lavigne didn't like the way aggie said hi to her, Mary said christina stuck her hand to her to kiss it (Do you really believe it? I'd rather believe Mary was on drugs when this supposedly happened lol), Pink - when Lady Marmalade came out they were hanging out with each other, Pink was saying how good friend they were and when the whole thing with Linda Perry happened she started saying that there was never good blood between them so you can see how fake she is. Of course there must be some true about her nastiness but she's not the one who runs her mouth in the media about other artist and press always made her look worse then she probably is...and people like you will take it

  36. "And fyi, I don't think grabbing your boyfriends mobile, reading his messages and then start giving him grief over them is showing much respect. And it most certainly is a sure fire way to "start a confrontation"

    I know plenty of girls who do that. I also have male friends who have had girlfriends who have done that to them- no violence ensued though. It's not right- and i wouldn't do it-but its not an unusual occurrence by any means.

    But yep, we both have differing opinions. no biggie.

  37. you're right, she was young. But unfortunately I think those stories have stuck. But i could be wrong, people might just not be buying her music because they're not interested.

  38. She and Levine basically bicker nonstop and Christina on occasion acts very vain. Like I remember one episode wayy earlier on where she was trying to convince someone to join her team and she said "You know me being someone whos been in this industry for so long I've done it all. The stage, the look - an audience member yells "THE VOICE"- "YES the voice! hahaha..." she doesnt do it too often but it still happens.

  39. Yes, I also know girls who do that. And I find it equally disrespectful and argument provoking when they do that. I did not say that it was a good reason for violence. I gave it as an example of those two qualities Tosh claimed Rhianna was not known for. Unlike in many other cases, in her case this behavior is actually in an official transcript. ;D

    Indeed, no biggie for us to disagree.
    My dislike is totally reserved for Rhianna. I have no issue with those who don't share that dislike.

    Ah let's be honest, dislike is too mild a word. ;)
    I hate the woman.

  40. I feel like she needs to get herself out there more... She honestly needs a break, forget the tour. She needs to go back to her vocal coach, record a new album that is HER STYLE.. She tries to stay relevant by going with what's hot.. And even new artist(Elle Varner) said, she didn't want to sound like the music of today.. And that's what Christina NEEDS to do.. Her next CD needs to be vocally on point and her vocals need to be front and center. Personally, I like lotus but I feel that it was to modern and not based off of her inspirations. She did WELL on the hurricane relief program when she performed Beautiful, so I believe her next album should be more ballads then the poppy tune that she's trying to go for..

  41. She may be a little bit full of herself but it's not exactly what happened. When someone on the audience yelled "the voice, she said " aww thank you very much - the voice". The difference is subtle but with your comment you can see how easy it is to make people look worse then then they are.

  42. God! Those sales!!! How is she supposed to recover after this huge flop? Two big failures in a raw... Maybe Just a Fool will be a hit, but I don't think it is going to improve the album sales, because the song has nothing to do with the theme and sound in most of the album.

    This whole situation seems really dark for Xtina. She's jeopardizing her legacy... She needs a miracle ASAP, to rise again as a sucessful star (she needs her own We Belong Together) or else...

  43. I just stumbled across this website, and I am now addicted! I love seeing all these other people having a lot of the same opinions I do about my beloved Christina. WHAT is going on with her?! The only times she has really impressed me in the past 2 years were at the GRAMMY tribute to Aretha Franklin (save for that gross, gravelly "if you're tyin' both of my hands" line) and her performance of "At Last" at Etta James' funeral. Other than that, most of her performances have been borderline disastrous or just plain disastrous.

    Her singing on Lotus was a lot better than I feared, but I find the album an embarrassment compared to Stripped, Back to Basics, and Bionic. (Yes, I'm aware that I am one of the only people who thinks Bionic is a brilliant pop album, but I love it. I'm now a fan of Santigold, Ladytron, and Le Tigre because of it!) "Your Body" and "Let There Be Love" sound very generic, "Around the World" and "Cease Fire" sound like Rihanna songs (and I hate Rihanna.....and I *really* hate "Around the World"), the reverb on "Blank Page" kills my ears, Christina should have taken a much more restrained approach to "Blank Page," and "Blank Page," itself, is kind of a sappy song with some messy melodic choices. (Also, I cringe every time I hear Christina sing "blaaaaaaaaaaaank paaaaaaage." Sadly, that sounds way more like the Christina I have been hearing live, lately.)

    I have a feeling that the quality of Christina's performances is not the result of her being sick. In fact, I think that her much-targeted weight gain may have more to do with her being depressed about her diminished vocal ability than her divorce from Jordan and the Bionic/Burlesque/Super Bowl "triple threat" her career was dealt. I believe her singing has been the most important thing to her for most of her life, and it now sounds far from what it was 6 years ago. I don't know if she can save it, but I hope that's what she's planning to attempt with her so-called hiatus from The Voice. It would be so embarrassing if she were to return to that show as a singing mentor sounding the way she has been sounding. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I have seen any vocalist decline as rapidly as Christina. There is no way she could perform "Mercy On Me" from Back to Basics or "Soar" from Stripped and sound anywhere close to the album versions in her current condition. Count this fan severely saddened.

  44. Christina, aware of the damage?

    Goddamn you, you're getting my hopes up!

    I seriously doubt JAF will be a hit. It sounds horrible to me. It's hard to listen to.

    NONONONONONO. ALL WRONG. NOT a We Belong Together; that song relied almost exclusively on an understanding of music, as well as the octave jump at the end. Xtina doesn't know nearly enough about music to play with speed like Mimi did on that song, and let's face it: Xtina's high notes sound like a dying cat.

    WHAT SHE DOES NEED: a nice song with restrained vocals.

  46. I agree about freedom of speech, and no one forced the editor to resign. There may have been pressure, but still, Rihanna couldn't compel the magazine to act.Besides they retracted their apology to Rihanna at a later date, so they maintained their stance on the issue in the end. Whether they will be so racially insensitive again is another matter.

  47. Hey there, newbie!! Welcome to the blog

  48. That's why you need to train your voice, even a good athlete needs it. It's a shame.

  49. I am a big fan of Christina since Stripped, but after having some voice lessons, it became apparent to me at how she is damaging her voice, I am now in awe as to how she can sing properly in the studio (maybe on her old records, at least and some songs in Lotus), in the short impromptu Acapellas she's doing in interviews and when she's teaching her artists in "The Voice" how to sing some parts or when she wanna point out which parts she likes while commenting to HOW TERRIBLE she sings her own songs LIVE. At some point I thought maybe she cannot hear herself when performing live, as she always sounds like she's trying to outdo the volume of the band, this was almost affirmed for me on her "Make the world move" performance as that's the only time I see her sing with an in-ear monitor, and while she's wearing it she's relaxed, then when she touched and removed one of it, her voice started to crack. But then again I saw her NBA national anthem performance and she has her in-ear monitor on and she's still singing like she wanna outdo the band! so I am soo confused, I saw some clips of her recording and she is just so relaxed singing it and her notes are connected and properly executed, I always wonder why she's so different live. I bet when she's with Seth Riggs she's doing great, I don't know if she purposely want to sing off-key or put a lot of tension on her voice to sound "soulful" but as I carry on with my voice lessons, I dont wanna hear her anymore cause Im afraid I might adapt her bad technique. I hope she realizes that she loses more fans the more she tries to cover what her real sound is.. I hope she just wont try too hard, sing within her range, not put too much weight as it just sounds unnatural, and hopefully she resumes vocalizing everyday or before a performance, cause since Bionic she sounded like she's not warmed up at all. all hopes of mine to see her starting to sing properly was up last year when she did "the prayer"... and she herself tore that hopes up. I AM VERY SAD.

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  102. She's been wearing those earplugs since the Back To Basics era - you can clearly see them on her tour... She didn't use them before or during the Stripped tour. She definitely pushes her voice to make it sound louder and fuller than it actually is, which is why people think she's a spinto soprano, but that's obviously isn't the case. When she keeps it simple and relaxes using her natural voice (see You Lost Me and Beautiful performances) that's when she's in her prime because she's singing normally.

  103. Well, looking at things now, Let There Be Love has hit No.1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with zero promotion since this performance, so this is probably quite a miracle to be honest.

  104. I think the person meant a song that had an impact like "We Belong Together", which brought Mimi back to the top of the charts, not a song vocally similar.

  105. Erm, that's what she was doing in between B2B and Bionic and before Lotus - "simmered down", took care of Max and had *some* vocal lessons.

  106. I've said this before but using people like Pink and Mary J Blige as examples (along with The Wanted and Kelly Osbourne) is kind of irrelevant when these artists aren't exactly known for being saints to others either.

  107. I'll just clear one thing up that you seem to have assumed here - she didn't throw her gum at someone in the crowd. She might have an attitude problem to some but she would never do that to an audience or a fan; people that were there already confirmed she threw it to someone on her team to bin it for her. Where was she going to put it, on the floor? On her mic stand?

  108. Truth time: she didn't disrespect Mariah Carey she just told a story about Mariah being cold towards her (although the whole story from both sides seems all over the place). P!nk disrepected Xtina first when she said she didn't like her working with Perry or the fact that she got to take the high part in LM or got to record Beautiful. Mary assumed Xtina was being high and mighty when she went to shake hands with her, Avril called Xtina a slut because she takes her clothes off to sell music and Charlotte Church is one of the snobbiest little cows ever who has ruined her voice and talent more than X has.

    Secondly, there's an even longer list of people who have said nice things about her. And this whole Rihanna thing is silly too because unfortunately Rih has catchier (but crappier) songs than Xtina, is marketed better and actually promotes her stuff, but she definitely does come across as a cocky bitch.

  109. That Xtina and Avril "hi" thing was relatively new. Avril said years ago that she didn't want to take her clothes off to sell music like Brit and X (and I think she called them sluts or said it was slutty). X probably picked up on that and that's why she was cold towards her. Avril is a little pipsqueak, X isn't gonna be fooled by her fake attitude.

  110. Well she does like a bit of "experimental" sex judging by her songs... Lol

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  113. That's a terrible argument.

  114. No, it's not. All those other people have had feuds others before, not just her, so why should her apparently bad attitude be called out upon and not theirs? It works both ways and there's two sides to each of the stories behind them, nobody knows the exact truth of what was said or why they might dislike each other. If all those aforementioned people were well-known for being genuinely really nice, then it'd be different.

  115. Your statement is akin to declaring that poor singers should not call out other poor singers, which is not the case.

  116. I'm not saying nobody shouldn't call out anyone, what I am saying is those people others have mentioned come across as hypocritical or trying to play innocent as if they were the victim of Christina's sharp tongue or rudeness for no reason, where in most cases it wasn't true and both sides were partly to blame. But everyone uses these same people as examples of her "bad attitude" when there are plenty of others who said she's nice and then there's other people who seem nice and harmless and wouldn't start arguments with others but have said she's mean - those are ones that would hold more weight in an argument "proving" Christina is a bitch or whatever, not mentioning people who are also known for their bad attitudes.

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  118. You're making assumptions now. Your assuming that there was provocation- something that wasn't disclosed whatsoever. You are essentially basing your arguments off of that assumption... which makes them invalid.

    Also, your last sentence reaffirms my previous rebuttal... you're saying that people shouldn't call others out on qualities they both share... which I said should not be the case.

  119. I, like everyone else up there who has made assumptions about Christina based on what is told through people's first-person opinions and the media (although many stories are blown out of proportion or contrived), can only do the same for other artists. But I'm looking at both sides and also those who have said nice things whereas they immediately assume Christina is the rude one from what they've heard/read. With someone like Kelly Osbourne though, that is not an assumption as people see her brash attitude every week on Fashion Police. And in response to your last rebuttal, when has Christina called out these people for their attitude towards her, except for that Mariah Carey incident and Kelly O in retaliation (and yes that was clear provocation when documented on their reality show)? She didn't, she stayed out of talking about their personalities/attitudes unless they "apparently" started it.

    But no, like I said, I don't think people should call out others on qualities they both share (personality-wise at least) because it's hypocritical, usually clear denial or delusion and like here, they seemed to pretend (from what we know) like they didn't do or say anything bad as well and try to justify themselves.

  120. Exactly. I remember Rihanna calling a once-fan "ugly" (or something like that) because she expressed her opinion on Rih collaborating with Chris Brown. Seriously taking a swipe at someone who said they once looked up to you, especially for her appearance? She definitely over-stepped the mark there and it's completely different to having a go at someone because of an apparently racist article.

  121. Also, I'll add Rihanna has however done something Christina hasn't done - been rude to people who were fans of her and disagreed with her opinion or choice. Sure, it's harder for Christina to do since she never uses social media really, but still, Rihanna was a totally unnecessary bitch there.

  122. i think it's mainly her ever-changing music style and unfortunately to say, her looks, that put people off her - or at least those who were casual fans. She gained most of her hardcore fans during the Stripped era when her so-called bad attitude was at its worst - very rarely have I heard of fans stopping their support for her because of something she said about someone else.

  123. I was talking about the P!nk and the Mary J. cases in particular actually. They were the ones that DD mentioned- Kelly and Mariah have no relevance.

    So you think poor singers shouldn't critique other poor singers? And poor artists shouldn't criticize poor artwork? And movie reviewers shouldn't review movies unless they can act? Sounds like extremely flawed logic to me.

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  125. Well I was mentioning the others because they have been mentioned before, so it wasn't just in reply to DD. And besides, with P!nk she never really sad as far as I can remember that Xtina was rude to her during Lady Marmalade where I guess it first started, just mentioned her dislike for her. Mary on the other hand ASSUMED Christina was being disrespectful because of the way she held out her hand to greet her the first time they met, so completely different.

    And yet again, people can critique whoever they want, but poor singers critiquing other poor singers is different to mean people critiquing other mean people - the circumstance isn't the same.

  126. According to Mary, Christina stuck out her hand and told her to 'kiss it'.

    The circumstances aren't the same, but they're analogous.

  127. It doesn't matter if Mary got over it. The point stands.

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