Monday, 26 November 2012

[Watch] Lana Del Rey Performs "Ride" @ Langs de Leeuw.

Lana Del Rey delivered a spellbinding performance of new single Ride on Dutch show Langs de Leeuw.

Dressed down, and with a simple arrangement, Lana continues to show those who doubt her abilities that she isn't a "smoke and mirrors" creation, but a capable singer who is able to shine in a live setting, as well as in the studio. Lana's stage presence does need a little work, however her vocals are continuing to improve, as is her control over her tricky lower register.

Ride is taken from Lana Del Rey's excellent Paradise EP .


  1. Just stunning....I doubt this woman will ever let me down now. It's extremely rare for an artist to take hold in my tastes like she has (now reaching Kelly and Mariah ranks).

    Less Aguilera please and More Del Rey hehe this is what delivering a pleasant and meaningful vocal is all about, not screaming for the sake of obtaining a reaction (in CA's case these days negative)

    Loving your work as always DD! :)

  2. yaaaayyyy !!!!!!!!! more lana !! stuey said...less Christina and more of lana.i kinda like her awkward stage shuffle haha

  3. Normally, I don't post, but I have to comment on Lana's progress.

    She was quoted saying that she might give up singing after Born to Die. I hope not. I've loved her music, and now she's mastering her live performances.

    I won't sugarcoat it; she was terrible live when she began. I saw her in one of her earlier concerts, and I honestly felt uncomfortable.

    But, she's truly improved, and with more experience those nerves will go away. Totally agree with you Diva!!!

  4. Wow, her live vocals have improved so much! I loved this performance! Soooo much emotion that I don't feel like is in the studio version. Also loved how it's stripped down.

  5. Hey Diva, I would love to see a full review of Paradise(and also of Abbey Road Sessions, you liked 'Flower' and it has many other great renditions) :D

  6. I hate her eyelashes.