Thursday, 29 November 2012

[Watch] Sia Sings Rihanna's "Diamonds"

Sia Furler treated fans at the Norwegian-American Achievement Award ceremony (wow, there's awards for everything!) to a stripped down version of her world-wide smash hit Diamonds.

Okay, strictly speaking its Rihanna's hit, but since it was penned by the Australian it's only fair she shares in some of that success. Besides, listening to Sia's rendition it confirms that it wasn't just the lyrics that she was responsible for; with much (all?) of the vocal styling on the Rihanna version being down to her too.

Check out Sia's of diamonds, below. And let me know if you prefer her version to Rihanna's .


  1. this has so much more power inside of it then the pop tempo version.

  2. I like Sia's version. She wrote it after all and her attention to the crescendoing belts was splendid.

  3. Yeah, Rihanna totally mimicked the vocal styling. I really like the song in general, no matter who's singing it.

  4. Vocal profile for Sia,maybe? :3

  5. I second that. She's quite clearly a mezzo, but beyond that nothing else has been done on her.

  6. Totally agree! She has an amazing and unique voice. I'm glad she's been getting a lot of exposure recently.

  7. She's not a New Zealander -- she's Australian!!

  8. Indeed, born and bred in Adelaide.

  9. She sang the song much better than Riri but i still prefer Riri's studio version, nevertheless She has a very beautiful voice

  10. Sia is great, but I love both versions, and Rihanna's showing vocal improvement over the time, which is great!

  11. IDK but I like Rihanna's better...

  12. The fact that Riri was completely incapable of making the song her own says a lot about her (lack of) artistry.

  13. She needs to thank Christina for her success. No one even knew this chick b4 Bionic!

  14. Sia was already an established artist before she collaborated with Christina Aguilera. Although "You Lost Me" certainly helped boost her fame despite the song not selling well.

  15. Being established and being known are 2 different things. Bionic and The Voice, thanks to Christina, put her on the map. Despite that, she is AMAZING. Less than 30 minutes ago I said this song was no good even if a better singer sang it. I stand corrected. Whenever better singers sing that talentless chicks songs (Florence on "Take Care", Jessie on "We Found Love" and Leona too b4 either knew of it, and now Sia on this), I feel as tho thay should be an automatic warrant for rihannas arrest and immediate execution for disrespecting and destroying pure music.

  16. I pick Sia because she sings really well and I love her voice. However it'S a shame that Rihanna doesn't consider serious vocal training to have a good technique because she has a really nice voice too. Very unique tone, steady vibrato, solid and edgy voice (in studio at least), Why???

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