Tuesday 18 December 2012

[Watch] Lady Gaga And The Rolling Stones Duet On "Gimme Shelter"

lady gaga mick jagger

Lady Gaga joined The Rolling Stones on stage during their performance of "Gimme Shelter" in Newark, New Jersey on Sunday night.

For whatever shady reason, I enjoyed Gaga's trippy dancing. But let's be honest, she was never going to be able to compare vocally with Mick Jagger's usual duetting partner on the song: one Lisa Fischer. In fact, she didn't even compete with Florence Welch, who took to the stage to sing the same song with The Stones during their London gig last month. (See both renditions below.)

Gaga did give it some welly, doing a fair impression of a rock vocal, but it started to become repetitive and tiresome by halfway, with little variation to the delivery. There is no denying she was having the time of her life sharing the stage with her idols. I just wish her enthusiasm translated better through her voice.

Though this performance wasn't as iconic as I was hoping, I have to say, I could watch  Lady Gaga jumping around on those stilts all day long. How she managed to not fall flat on her face is beyond me!

Lady Gaga and The Rolling Stones:

Lisa Fischer and The Rolling Stones:

Florence Welch and The Rolling Stones:

Fergie and The Rolling Stones [Just happened to stumble upon this and thought I'd add it]:

But who was Mick Jagger's best duetting partner.


  1. Lisa hands down. Although Jagger's voice was better in his performance with Florence.

    I'd rank it Lisa >>>> Florence >>>>> Gaga.

    I love Florence, but her voice is more suited for Baroque Pop. Plus her voice was so wobbly during that performance :/

  2. Gaga's enthusiasm is why I loved her performance so much. She looked like she was having the time of her life, which she probably was.

  3. I found Gaga performance to be destracting from the song. but lets be real as vocalist Fergie, Florence nor Gaga, can come close to Lisa Fisher. Lisa Fisher is one artist never made big as she should have been, known as one of the great vocalist of all times

  4. really... i totally agree about the lack of vocal variation but i thought she did good and her weird ass dancing was intentional i mean she was sharing the stage with fucking mick jagger who moves his body like he is about to convulse - they fed off each other and i totally disagree about florence doing it better than gaga - lisa beats both obviously --- but gaga deserves more credit and this proves she can sing any genre

  5. Gaga, to I admit my surprise did alright. Ignoring who might be the best vocalist generally and to just the question ''who was the best duetting partner'' ...for me the best was Florence because she treated it as a duet most. Then Lisa-Fergie-Gaga

  6. @DivaDevotee i wanted know highest note she hit in chest voice?. any F5s at all? not sure

  7. I saw that performance w/Fergie on HBO and thought it was GREAT!!!!!!!

  8. I know how old this post is, but I was rewatching the gimme shelter video and ended stumbling on Florence video.
    I really like Florence vocals, but it wasn't good ._., I really don't understand what made her performace "better" than Gaga.

    Also I watched other videos, Lisa surely did best, but I fallen in love with this one