Wednesday 23 January 2013

Kimberley Walsh Performs "One Day I'll Fly Away" Live @ National Television Awards

Runner-up on Strictly Come Dancing and Girls Aloud member, Kimberley Walsh has an album of cover songs (taken from popular musicals, no less) coming out next month. Did you know that? I didn't! So how did I find out about it while you remained in the dark? Well, I happened to stumble upon the video for the first single to be lifted from that album: the Randy Crawford, but Moulin Rouge inspired version, of One Day I'll Fly Away.

It's unusual take on the song. It initially sounds like it wouldn't be out of place featured in the Broadway version of The Lion King, but the string arrangement brings it back to the familiar Moulin Rouge rendition. It's a nice enough, if chilly, version, but it doesn't match the power of the original Randy Crawford version, nor channel the sorrow Nicole Kidman so effectively did. Speaking of Nicole, is anyone else surprised that her vocal was stronger than Kimberley's?

This cover may not have exactly floated my boat, but I'm still excited to hear Kimberley's take on Defying Gravity and Somewhere when the album, Centre Stage, is released early next month. [Full track-listing]


How weird is this, was just writing this review up and her LIVE showing of the song at the National Television Awards was just broadcast. Great timing!!

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  1. Destinee Candycee24 January 2013 at 20:40

    Not much of a voice there, but she makes it up with her looks.