Saturday 19 January 2013

[Music Video] Tamar Braxton's Weave Steals The Show In Video For "Love And War"

I think Tamar Braxton has realised that Love And War isn't going to happen at this point. It's a realisation that might explain the fiscally considerate, black and white video that has been served to accompany the delicious Rnb groove- which let's not forget managed to hit #1 on the Itunes chart for all of about 24 hours.

"Truth be told", Tamar's weave was the thing that held my eyes captive throughout the entirety of the video. The way she worked it so artistically and with such flair had me convinced it was a metaphor for the tumultuous relationship of the lyrics. I just can't figure out how at this point. What I am sure of, is that a large portion of the budget went on its maintenance- so consistently luxurious and life-giving it was.

I hope Tamar realises that if she wants to compete, or be on the level of the Beyonces and Gagas of this world, she's going to need to come with more than just a great song and great hair: we need great visuals too! That being said, I'm going to let this video slide because I'm not sure any amount of money would have reignited the buzz Love And War had when it first hit in December.

With an album reportedly due in March [source], Tamar better get those coins ready to push this project harder, because there is an army of established, blonde haired Divas returning to music in 2013 with a lot to prove.

On a related note, what is it with budget videos and Divas and the beach [link]?

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    She looks gorgeous in the video! (When in reality, she looks like the lovechild of Jocelyn Wildenstein and a certain, unnamed plagiarist.)

    The guy is hot too! *Seriously loves seeing the veins in his arms. Am I disgusting to find veiny arms, legs, and certain parts a turn on?*

    Too bad the cinematography and the set sucks, lol. This goes right under "Vision of Love" for cheapest videos ever.

  2. Hahaha Jocelyn Wildenstein....I literally lol'ed there. This comment has made my evening :D

  3. Being honest I forgot about this song, after watching the video I will likely forget it again, it just seems very stale, very done already. Sure she looks great and flicks her hair in all the right places/times but other than that its just generic fare that really doesn't quite do the song justice, I might be wrong though, if anyone here loves it feel free to indulge me as to why....

  4. I don't think black and white is out of style or anything. In fact the retro film filter sometimes is a good effect if accompanied by the right song. But its also about delivery...this ones being quite stale. Im surprised she didnt go for the short film music videos everyones been dishing out lately. That seems to be the new in thing. Which works for some singers and not so much for others.

  5. She should have done the same thing Keyshia Cole did with "Trust and Believe".