Wednesday 9 January 2013

[New Video] Nelly Furtado- "Waiting For The Night"

You have to admire Nelly Fertardo. Despite her latest album, Spirit Indestructible, selling a shockingly low 6,000 copies in the States during its opening week- not to mention the poor performance of its first three singles- the eclectic songstress is still pushing the project, releasing the Darkchild produced Waiting for the Night as single numero cuatro.

With a new single comes a new promo, and having watched it, it's inspiring to see that Nelly isn't putting any less effort, or creativity, into her visuals at this sagging point in her career. In her shoes, I would have resorted to a "lyric video" made, for free, on my bundled "Movie Maker" software, and then cried thinking about Loose, all while it was being (poorly) rendered... But Nelly's spirit is indestructible, and it's a good thing too, because Waiting For The Night -with its energetic production, Latin/folk/electro medley of styles and somewhat tempered vocals (read: LESS NASAL)-is a hoot, and deserves as big a push as the album's lead single, Big Hoops (Bigger the Better).

If fact, Waiting for the Night has single handedly turned me back on to Spirit Indestructible! I just hope it'll do the same for others who haven't yet picked it up.


  1. I'm one of the seven people who went out and purchased this album the day/week it came out. I even purchased the $18 deluxe edition! It will go down as one of the best pop albums no one ever bothered to listen to. This track is a great single choice; a personal fave with a flattering vocal. I'm glad she didn't allow sales numbers to lessen her artistic investment in its visual presentation.

  2. It seems the divas of yester-year (lord that makes me feel old) are not cracking it good these days, between Furtado and Aguilera is there any hope?

    In regards to the song itself I do like it although something about her voice annoys me, I think its the twang its very Britney only sharper! The video is nice but nothing to write home to mummy about.

    I am not entirely sure what she or the other divas are going to have to do in order to climb the pile again but for now I am happy to entertain them (I did buy Lotus for example)

  3. I loved loose, so I was initially excited for Spirit Indestructible. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the album. It wasn't bad, but it was far from great. Also, I preferred her live performances to the studio recordings of Spirit Indestructible; her live vocals are stronger and a lot less nasally.