Tuesday 29 January 2013

[New Music] Tweet "Enough"

Tweet has been gone too long! Eight years since her last album, It's Me Again, it looks like the singer-songwriter is finally ready to mount a comeback in 2013. 'Bout time too!

Last year, the Southern Hummingbird reminded us how much we miss her music in our life with the Soundcloud-hosted, "Tweet Tuesdays". A weekly event- unsurprisingly held on a Tuesday- where an unheard song was released to the public for exactly zero monies. However, this year a proper release is in the pipeline; with new material set to join songs already recorded for an unreleased 2008 album.

Enough is the first track to be lifted from this new venture, which is entitled Simply Tweet, and from its dreamy and humid atmosphere, to its fluttering, velvety harmonies, it's a song that embodies Tweet's brand of soulful Rnb perfectly. A part of me had hoped she would have been a little more experimental with her sound, but who knows, the February 26th due EP may yet still surprise. Whatever the case, I'm just happy to have Tweet back!

Check out Enough, below, and listen to her free offerings on Soundcloud here!


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gavrRte5Wng My JAM

  2. I love her style. Her light, fluttery voice is really a pleasant departure from the serial belters and the autotuned-monsters that dominate today's markets.

  3. Very soulful, yet restrained. Me like.

  4. Eight years is an frighteningly long time to mount a comeback! This I prefer to that of her previous work!

  5. You should tell the first bit to Fiona Apple as that seems to be her norm for time between releases lol.

  6. Ha true true! Although to be fair Fiona is pretty consistent in delivering high standard pieces of work! It must be mega frustrating for uber-fans though having to wait...Kate Bush is one fantastic example...never a dud album released but you always want to hear something new....Rihanna should take note with her weekly album releases....lol

  7. Yes, us Kate Bush fans are pretty lucky at that. :-)

  8. That's an ugly ass picture. Why does she look like that? That looks like my damn foot in the picture, Jesus CHRIST! lol

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