Friday, 8 February 2013

Vocal Battle: Keyshia Cole vs Michelle Williams

As thrilled as I was to see Michelle Williams hit the stage during Beyonce's Super Bowl half-time show, it seems it wasn't a sentiment shared by everyone.

Surprisingly, the most notable criticism came from fellow Rnb Diva Keyshia Cole. Taking to her Twitter account during the half-time show, the Trust And Believe singer posted this gem; "I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michelle sung and woke my a** up from my daze! She always f***n the groove up." Ouch.

Ms. Cole later said that she was within her rights to badmouth the newest member of Destiny's Child because Michelle had done the same thing to her after she performed at last year's Soul Train Awards: "Gonna say this again. Michelle spoke on me first. So it was open season to state my feelings on her. I always felt that about her. Just never said it until she spoke on me."[Source] Real mature.

Whatever the case, this beef gives us a reason to post this video, made by YouTuber "Slaychelle" (I'm sure they're not, which pits the voices of the Divas against one another. So regardless of who said what, who do YOU think has the better singing voice: Keyshia Cole or Michelle William?

Make sure to vote on which you prefer after you've taken a listen!

Also, a live performance from each:

This post also gives me the perfect excuse to bust out this Gif by Funky Dineva's ......Sorry, Michelle.



  1. hmmm, im not a fan of either but not because i dont like them just because ....well iv frankly never gave them a listen. so as far as my non-fan opinion goes (no tea no shade) keyshia has an all round nice voice but the start of the star spangled banner was a tad shaky so maybe she could work on that and michelle ....well the audio quality of her performance was far from great (coincidence?) but from what i could bear to hear its was on par. i duhno maybe they could just have a physical fight and we can judge that.....DIVA SMACKDOWN !

  2. I was never the biggest fan of either woman but I dont think that Keisha has any right to be trashing Michelle. From what I saw she was alright...

  3. I've never really listened to either of them but based on these videos I'm siding with Michelle. Keyshia's Star Spangled Banner was wayyy too much. She kept doing the same runs over and over and her high notes were strained. Then in that live song when she started flying all over the place I had to stop. She sounded like she was yodeling.

  4. Michelle, by far.
    She actually knows what a key is and how to stay in one.

    Michelle isn't even technically incapable, most criticisms on her fall on the timbre of her voice which isn't something she can help. She can be a bit excessive, but she's technically sound.

    Keyshia on the other hand shouldn't criticize anyone's vocals, seeing as she is incredibly far from hitting the mark herself.

  5. lol love the ott gif

  6. I think Michelle wins, at least her voice has an individual character! Keyshia just sounds...well...yawn!

  7. I think they both are below pop stardom but I would say Michelle won but I agree with what Keyshia said of Michelle

  8. Keyshia does too many of the same runs. It's actually annoying.

    While I don't like Michelle's timbre that much, I really like her upper belting.

    I say Michelle wins.

  9. I watched the video last night and this is why I'm a fan of Michelle Williams. She's a light- weight brassy yet rusty singer. I am one of those weird people who like her tone, but her phrasing is meh at times. Keyshia Cole's techniuqe is very bad but her tone is good. Personally, I don't care for her as a vocalist.......

    As for the social issue between the two divas, it is childish. It seemed Keyshia was waiting for a moment to strike a blow at Michelle after Michelle dissed her first.

    If I had to rate their voices (Which I found a way to do), Michelle would get an 8/10 for technique, a 6/10 for tone (opinion-despite her having one of my favorite tones, i'd be wrong to rate it any higher then this) and a 8/10 for utilization of her range.

    I'd give Keyshia a 4/10 for technique, 7/10 for tone (metalic raspy and dry but run of the mill at times, still opinion), and a 5/10 for utilization of her range. She has only showed her chest register and under-utilizes her head voice.

  10. Never liked Keisha tone of technique or lack there of. Never liked the Michele voice because its thin in raspy, however her belts are well supported, I just cant with either,

  11. If it was up to me neither would have ever gotten a recording contract. Very mediocre and uninteresting voices. But Michelle is imo better than Keyshia

  12. The fact that Keyshia Cole had the courage (or audacity) to speak on ANY other performers vocal abilities should really be commended. However, the fact that she sounds like a a sack full of struggle whenever she opens her mouth to sing should not be overlooked. I don't care for either of their tones, but at least Michelle's technique is apparent when she sings. Keyshia's His Eye is on the Sparrow completely irritated my soul.

  13. Michelle's voice isn't for everybody but as a vocalist she has a very solid technique and the comparison is just pathetic, Keyshia strains her ass off ALL THE TIME. Like those C#5's were so terrible lol and Michelle was like, oh lemme get up to a F5 oh yay fun lol

  14. Simon Cowell doesn't have credibilty anymore. Look at the many weak singers he's put through on the X Factor, especially in the USA. It's flabbergasting. You can say that about him when he was on American Idol, but certainly not X Factor. He only cares for commercial success and couldn't give two hoots about artistry.

  15. And he totally owns up to that actually. Horrid man imo
    But I agree with Reiko regarding the main doesn't have to be a god singer to be able to judge singers. One needs to not be tonedeaf and have heard a lot of different singers/music.

  16. I think one should also have some knowledge of techniques, and terms

  17. I have not paid attention to Simon since that one season of Idol that I watched- the one where Jordin won, and Simon was actually a pretty good judge. It's a bit disheartening to hear that he doesn't maintain that standard anymore.

  18. Not to judge I think but to advise...I agree. Personally though Cowell, no matter whether he knows technique or not, would be the last person in the world who's advise I'd be interested in regarding ....well, anything really.

  19. You don't feel that poor vocalists can judge others? I've always been of the opinion that there was no correlation between judging and delivering. Which is why Simon Cowell makes a good judge.

  20. I think the best judge is one who can have advise in their criticism and understand the limits of the human voice.

  21. Have to disagree again. For a tv show, the best judge would be the one who can express his judgment in the most entertaining fashion.
    Because let's be real...who gives a damn really what those judges have to say?
    I would put serious money on there being more talent present amongst those rejected than amongst those who made it to the televised rounds.

  22. my cousin is one of the rejected so I must agree with you last statement but I think it does matter which is why there was so much success with the voice people like to see the talent coached on, or is that just me

  23. The fact that a general audience likes to watch famous artists couch a wannabe,doesn't mean that coaching is going to be of much actual use to that wannabe. My guess is the most contributing factor of any of these shows to a wannabe's career is the sheer exposure.
    I personally very much doubt those contestants who received that ''coaching'' are going to do much better than the ones who partook in the shows where there wasn't much coaching.

  24. I can see your point. :0 I'm turning into an Opie disciple ;)

  25. Welcome to the fold. Only requirement is the ability to think and argue YOUR view rationally and logically. You are accepted ! ;-D

  26. I don't feel that they can't, I feel that they shouldn't.

    I don't mind people that don't sing judging singers, I prefer it when people have some knowledge on the mechanisms of the voice. However, I have a problem with someone who is a poor singer, attacking other singers. How would you feel if this girl said Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey were terrible singers? See my point? It's a bit of an exaggeration of the case with Michelle and Keyshia, but it runs in the same vein of things, a very poor singer criticizing a singer with a much better put together voice than them.

  27. Figured that was really your point . So will you join our dinner party? ( William ad Kimbra, Me and Alison, possibly Reiko and Mariah)
    And who will be your date? :-)

  28. I'd be delighted, hope there is room for Marina Diamandis and myself :)

  29. Ooh, great choice!
    Now if somebody will bring Pink....what an awesome dinner that would be :-)

  30. .... Not a major fan of either but Michelle gave a much better rendetion of "His eye on the sparow"

  31. I voted for Michelle but I like I remember from Keyshia, and no song from Michelle

  32. Technically speaking Michelle is leaps above Keyshia. I think Keyshia has a more commercial sound and styling. I think she without pitch problems should cast the first stone, just sayin' Keyshia Cole has major pitch issues.

  33. I absolutely love Keyshia's voice and many of her songs. I Remember got me through a terrible breakup a few years back. Plus, I think Keyshia is amazingly beautiful!!

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