Tuesday 12 March 2013

[Music Video] Kelly Rowland "Kisses Down Low"

kelly rowland blonde hair

Kelly Rowland makes a smart move by finally toning down the smut with the video for new single, Kisses Down Low. Previous singles, Motivation and Ice, had seen Kelly overtly embrace her sexuality on camera, but her liberation came at the expense of the success of those songs as their accompanying videos were relegated to Rnb channels and late night showings. Impediments to mainstream success that Kisses hopefully won't have to deal with.

The lyrics are still on the racy side (if you don't know what the title is referencing, I ain't gonna tell you!), so if you do want your daily quota of naughtiness, just take a listen. However, the video gives you a chance to ignore them and just enjoy Kelly work the camera in a variety of coloured wigs! I just hope people aren't so oblivious to the lyrics that they end up letting their kids sing along to them (a phenomena demonstrated by these two kids being allowed to rap to Minaj's Super Bass on Ellen [3.27 here]...disturbing!)

Beyonce, you better watch out, it won't be long till Ms. Rowland is snatching your place on the top of all "Sexiest" this and "hottest" that countdowns. I mean, she's already snatched your blonde wig, so who knows what she's coming for next!

All aboard the Kelendria Express, next stop: world domination!



  1. I just have to make a comment on the last part. I saw both Beyonce and Kelly at the Super Bowl next to each other, and believe me, Beyonce is the most gorgeous woman you will ever see. Holy cow. Kelly is pretty (and she pulls off the bangs very well) but Beyonce...Wow... She is something else.

    As for the song and the video, mreh. Not bad but not amazing. I really want to like her music since I saw her live, but I'm not feeling it. :/

  2. DD I see you with this article... hahaha Troll bait for the stans or??? hahaha

  3. Lol, that comment was made in jest. Don't nobody flip out. They are both, without question, beautiful women. ( As is Jesus' child herself, Michelle Williams...lol)

  4. I love it Kelly looks fabulous... I am seeing her get a lot of flack for making sexually themed songs... But if that is the worst thing they can say Kelly Rowland is doing good... And yes Kelly looked better than Beyonce at the Super Bowl DEAL WITH IT!

  5. Beauty is subjective. I actually find Beyonce to be very pretty, but to claim that she's the most beautiful woman you'll ever see, well...

    You obviously haven't seen many women.