Sunday 24 March 2013

Watch Ke$ha *Ahem* "Rock" The 2013 Kids' Choice Awards

I never got the chance to say how much I ended up actually liking Ke$ha's new album Warrior, after totally hating on its first single, Die Young. But there you go, it's now out there for all to read, and I ain't ashamed of it!! Now that that's out the way, watch the Glitter Queen performing a medley of We R Who We R and, her last single, C’mon, at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards.

Unsurprising to most, the performance wasn't great on the vocal front. But she did pretend to play a few chords on an electric guitar, so we should probably let her off for the slightly wonky delivery, right? Yes? Glad you agree! Swiftly moving on, at least Ke$ha managed to work into the arrangement some of the grungier, rock influences that she initially promised would be present (but weren't really) on Warrior. The Kids' Choice Awards didn't seem like the right venue for it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Check out Ke$ha's performance below!


  1. I just relistened to Warrior today and I realized how good of an album it actually is. And I know for a fact Kesha actually does have some vocal prowess, but this was a bit of a disaster. No wonder C'mon was her first song to miss the Top 10 in the US :(

  2. I hate how underrated the album is. Anyways the performance...was alright. Nothing remarkable about it. As for the whole rocker thing- She was rumored to have written "Plenty of Material" or "a hundred songs" for the album- but the record label was in charge of placing whichever songs on her album. So...yeah. Idk.

  3. warrior is one of my favourite albums, but her live performances continue to under impress me . kesha i love you gurl but step it up.