Monday, 22 April 2013

[Vocal Profile] Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé

Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 2 notes (D3-F5)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Her lower range, which sits just above the second octave, doesn't produce the healthiest of sounds, being foggy and pushed, but it quickly gains a surer footing as it climbs.

Being somewhat of a vocal chameleon, Sandé can change the tone and timbre of her midrange: lightening and imbuing it with a breathy, airy quality [Breaking The Law]; or keeping it fuller, darker and with a maturer quality to it [Read All About It Part iii], all depending on what is needed. Sandé can also play with her intonation to give her delivery a different sound: for instance the jazzier inflections in Daddy contrasted with the more contemporary delivery heard in Next To Me. These qualities work together to give the midrange brilliant dynamics and impressive versatility, all while highlighting the musicality and sensitivity of the singer.

Sandé  is equally as comfortable in her belting range as she is in her midrange, with songs like Heaven being sung almost entirely in the belting range of her voice. The quality of her belt is one that is clear, cutting and clearly well supported. Due to her excellent "mix" (between her head and chest voice), Sandé retains a fair amount of weight, character and texture even up to an F5. Her ease within this part of the range shows a brilliant technique is at work.

Her head-voice isn't used for protracted periods but instead Sandé switches to and from it to add interest to her melodic lines. The fact that she can do so at all, apparently with ease, suggests she has the skill to sing in this part of the range, but chooses not to. The notes themselves sound more akin to falsetto, being light and breathy.

Vocal Negatives: Underutilised head-voice, and weak lows. At times the chameleon like quality of her voice, though showing skill, makes it harder to immediately identify- for instance sounding like Leona Lewis here, and Beverly Knight here.


  1. Still mystefied at the interest this, to my ears, very average singer manages to attract. My tentative theory...she is an intelligent, wellspoken attractive personality. She presents extremely well but so far I have only been disappointed with her singing everytime.

  2. I didn't even realize she was popular.
    I mean I've heard "Next To Me" on the radio a few times but that's really it.
    It does stand out a bit though, seeing as it's really the only song I've heard (in mainstream music) that sounds reassured about a love. Maybe it's become popular because it goes against the grain of the "woe is me, how will I ever know if he truly loves me?" stuff that is out there, and strays from the party music as well but is still bouncy as well. Just my two cents.

  3. Yea so true I kind like her song though it is the only one I really listened to

    Opie Ever Is Europe ready for a new Beyonce jk

  4. I knew she was popular in Britain, and I remember her getting some serious hype on that VH1 segment that introduces new artists. I remember VH1 showcased "Next To Me" and that was nearly a year ago. I remember thinking that the song and her voice were nice, but I had no desire to research her music further. It was actually my brother that recommended I listen to her, although he forewarned me that some of her lyrics were straight "we can all save and change the world" cheese.

  5. I just felt the need to put my two cents in regarding Keri Hilson. I personally felt that her decline in popularity can be attributed more to her arrogance and the fact that she lacked tact when discussing certain topics (Her alleged beef with Ciara and Beyonce). I'm not one to side with stans, but I think the hate she receives is deserved. I always got the impression that she considered herself on a higher musical plane than beyonce, and while she does actually write some of her own songs (not just her name on liner notes like Beyonce), I don't find her any more interesting musically.

    Also, you're not alone with forgetting Emeli Sande's performance during the olympics because I didn't remember it either.

  6. I've heard the theory that she' been riding the wave of "Adele-type music".

  7. So much negativity thus far! I actually kind of like her, but each to their own.

  8. I agree, Keri was arrogant. Part of why I wasn't disappointed to see that ship sink.

  9. I have some friends from the UK that state she's known, but I've never heard anything positive said about her really. Just "catchy tune, I'll give her that". I don't mind "Next To Me", but I don't consider it the best thing I've heard in recent times. I don't think she's bad at all, I just think she is average.

  10. I think it's a case of the former. I'm sure if it was anything near real good you'd have remembered.:-)

    I wil take your wise councel to heart and not subject myself to the pain. LOL
    Though I did see one song in the Dutch chart I am going to check out.

    I feel your pain! I just listened to someone aspiring who I'd say is about at my level of singing. Trust me...NOBODY cares to hear that. ;-D

  11. LOL that's how some of us feel about Lana. ;-)
    Take heart, obviously you are far from alone in liking her music.
    And like I said...nothing but good about her in any other way than her singing.
    Woman is very intelligent and charming.
    Did you know she is actually a surgeon as well? She promised her parents she'd finish her education before getting into music.

  12. Get yourself together don't hate (never do it!)

  13. Hadn't heard that theory but other thsn nationality I dont see them have much in common. I would tend to disagree with that theory.

  14. Yes, that is anyway exactly how I feel about her music.

  15. Like I said, I am not up to date with the chart scene but from what little I know looks like one Beyonce is considered plenty and I think she is pretty much too ''relevant'' to be looking for a new one.
    From what I gather, the ''european'' songs/artists popular are very different kind of acts.

  16. Jealously is the ugliest trait.

  17. And like I said...she performed twice to boot. ;-)

  18. That's a good way of putting it I guess, although I wouldn't go as far as saying that I could do without her. I do like her and some of her music.

  19. Turns out the song I wanted to check out is the Dutch entry to the Eurovision songcontest. I don't think it will stand much of a chance but I do like it. ( @ William...I sure prefer an Anouk over an Beyonce. )

  20. I think "filler artist" describes a lot of artists currently out there.

  21. Oh Opie, well at least you aren't filling our inboxes with audio clips and videos ;D

  22. I'd say the majority in pop anyway.That's what you get when the business aspect takes over. :-(
    But if you want to hear real music...get yourself over to Franklin, Tennessee for this one!

    Great idea to have everybody stay on stage and jump in when they feel like it. I'd so be there if I could.

  23. Nope, just with comments. I know my strengths. ;-)

  24. And that's perfectly alright :)
    It's just what she is to me.

  25. I've been through Tennessee before, and it's quite the musical area. And that sounds like a wonderful event. I may try to go, now that I've heard about it. However I don't think it will be likely.

  26. You know what's funny? Emeli addresses that aspect of the pop music industry in her song clown:

  27. It's a pretty cheap ticket for such a line-up wouldn't you say? I don't know really but if I had to guessI suspect most popacts are quite a bit more expensive.

  28. She's not actually a surgeon. She graduated with a degree in Neuroscience and then followed into med school (quite a common option) but then dropped out in her fourth year. To be a surgeon you need to not only complete the MBBS degree (med/surgery degree), but also then take an internship, a residency, sit registra exams and then specialise. She would've been at least another 3 years at it before being a "surgeon". I'm in med school - it's a bitch of a pathway and doesn't even nearly stop at university.

    BUT that isn't to demean her achievements. A degree in Neuroscience and a further education within Medicine is formidable in anyone. I love her voice, though she underwhelms live on her more belty performances, and I like a few of her songs - Clown and Breaking the Law, mainly.

  29. Her piano pieces are quite pretty, albeit simple. And her voice is very versatile. I love her tone in "Daddy".

  30. Idk, her analogy is definitely dramatic, but I'm indifferent to it really. Although I do find her a bit hypocritical for making this song and video, when she basically "Gave In" for success.

  31. You're in med school?!? That's awesome! I considered med school myself because I was studying neurobiology and physiology at my university, but I'm currently taking a year off. Also, I don't know if I have the academic discipline needed for med school.

    I think Emeli had a pretty smart career plan. It's always good to have something to fall back on.

  32. Yeah I just finished a gap year between my neuroanatomy degree and am now in med school! It's very intense but it's not unmanageable. I want to take some time off and move to New York or back home to London for a while and pursue the big dreams, but it's a little intimidating haha.

  33. All the negativity is rather mystifying, that being said her album was the highest selling in the UK by a long way last year, selling 1,200,000 albums in the UK alone.

  34. My bad. I understood she had finished her studies. But nevertheless, it's a positive. I was trying to buck up Reiko complaining of all the negatives. :-)
    Med school btw doesn't run the same course in every country. But your point is taken Mperry.

    And good luck to you in that endeavor. I'm sure that's not an easy goal to achieve.

    As for Emile's music...just remain of the opinion it's average to my ears. And that song Clown was a bit too victim for my tastes.

  35. Lol are an American. I'm a European with parents who lived ( and fought) through WWII and have Israeli friends who lost family to the nazis. It's a closer to home subject I guess.

    I don't know how much she ''gave in'' but though I do despise the people and practices she sings about, I hold the artists equally responsible. I find it annoying when they assume a victim role.

  36. Why is it mystifying? I thought people where quite clear on why and what they don't like?
    And there are, just in the UK, roughly 38 million people between 15 and 54 years old. 1.2 million albums sold should logically not lead to being mystified at plenty of people not being terribly impressed with Emile. ;-)

  37. I wonder which pressed soul disliked my comment this time.

  38. She's very popular in Western Europe atm. I find it kinda strange she's not all that popular in the US yet. Immense talent IMO.

    In Belgium, they're really overplaying that one song 'Beneath your beautiful' though. I've really heard enough of that.

    Clown is fantastic though.

  39. Well I live in Australia and her song "Next to Me" is the most annoying song I have ever heard. I was told she was the next Adele....... But my favourite song from Emeli is "Mountains" and "Daddy"

  40. Your ";-)" faces are so funny to look at, it reminds me of how my grandma texts me lol. It's mystifying to me as I thought her talent was overly obvious, but to each there own I guess :) Still in terms of music fans surely having the biggest selling album of the year, that has spent its entire 'life span' in the top ten would suggest more people are impressed with her than most other artists?

  41. Yeah shes MASSIVE! I think that's where the Adele comparisons come from. She actually went to med school with my cousin funnily enough

  42. Wow, was not expecting that response! LOL

  43. Really? Your grandma on a tablet as well?
    Yes, there are lots of artists in the UK who sell less. But that is unconnected to my point.
    Of course the people parting with money for that album are impressed. I'm saying those who aren't buying the album are equally obviously not impressed and are a way bigger group. It is therefor not a mystery there are plenty of non impressed here.

    As for her '' obvious'' talent. I don't think anybody here said she isn't talented.
    I know I certainly didn't. I'm only saying as a vocalist she seems to me an average talent.
    I therefor haven't listened to much of her work. I don't know how good her songwriting is.

  44. is she as big as Adele? And wow, beats me how she had time to go to med school and become a recording artist!

  45. nope just this cute little flip phone that she vaguely knows how to work :)
    You're missing the point, if a majority of the music consumer is impressed doesn't that debunk your theory? I would say the "way bigger group" has little to with Ms Sande, rather they don't buy albums full stop, within a margin of course.

    You just contradicted yourself by saying no one said she wasn't talented and then calling her an average vocalist, does that not ring as a negative connotation? I'm no hardcore stan of hers either so I'm more or less in the same boat as you, however obviously I just found her voice alone quite beautiful but that is rather subjective of me. However I still stand to reason that the negativity was confusing to me, someone who thought her voice was unquestioningly stunning, but again it was subjective and presumptuous of me I suppose.

  46. Not quite, but she's certainly in the same ballpark, sales and exposure wise . Her name actually is Adele funnily enough, she changed it because "Adele" was blowing up so much!

  47. I'm not in the mood for a good debate unfortunately haha but I do see your points to a certain degree, while I retain my original stance. But as an extensively trained singer I find your tone comment quite abrasive but I'll let that one go ;)

    Yes it can be frustrating, but I'm learning to see that opinions are very funny things in terms of their fluidness, resistance and highly personal nature. :)

  48. Not meant abrasive at all. Just meant to say there is the voice itself and then there is technique. Personally ...there are singers I just love the voice and don't mind a shaky technique, there's others who technical ability compensate for the voice not being my favorite in itself and there's those I like both or neither.
    I don't see how this could possibly be abrasive. In my experience it is like that for most people.
    I said I find her to be an average vocalist. I meant the way she sings is nothingspecial as well as not finding her voice paricularly beauiful. You just talked about her voice beautiful. Hence my ''tone'' remark.

    No voice in existence has proven to be ''unquestionably stunning''.

  49. Yes but as a singer I took that as a criticism of my knowledge of the voice, I am aware of all aspects of a voice before I make a statement about it. See your using your opinion as your said 'debate' which is undermining your argument. I myself found it "unquestionably stunning" which was a matter of my taste so to me it proved so.

    I'm aware of the grandeur of Adele's presence in sales so I'm not quite sure what you're trying to prove?

    Again your opinion, to me my extensive training is an extremely valid aid to your argument about tone, which I interpreted as belittling it. True but I'm not about to share personal details with internet strangers am? haha ;)

  50. First off...very wise imo to not share personal stuff on the net. I'm just saying the logical result is that claims regarding personal stuff therefor fall rather flat.
    It seems a case of extremely long toes to be offended over something I could not possibly know.
    My remark about tone was not an argument. It was an explanation. Well...attempt at anyway.
    Of course your training is of aid to you...point is, it's not to anybody else since we only have your word for it.

    Well, for one thing Adele's number prove even more so that your use of salesnumbers and claim Sande's numbers constitute ''the majority of music consumers'' is incorrect.

    Rather obviously if you think a voice is stunning, you do not question yourself, you really think so. Which is why in most casessuch

  51. Whilst I thought that Heaven was a pretty good song, I just find her a tad boring....vocally that is.

  52. ANTHONYSAVAGE2 May 2013 at 07:22

    Wow I see a lot of shade with Emeli............lets be nice

  53. i don't wanna be mean but i never heard of her

  54. I like the others here share your view! Spot on dude ;)

  55. I think what really put me off her was her performances at the Olympics, I thought she sounded dreadful! I also agree with your statement regarding the victim role she seems to be wearing on that song!

  56. I LOVE HER VOICE. ITs a plus that she's an also songwriter.

  57. Where are you from? She's everywhere these days! Although mainly clogging up the UK's airwaves and TV screens...

  58. One reason is because she was quite literally on almost every TV show possible, usually more than once, like X Factor, The Voice, the opening and closing ceremony (I think the was at both anyway) of the Olympics, etc. and it was a bit much. Plus a lot of her stuff was overplayed on the radio, and some of them were ok songs, but nothing that amazing. And yeah, she's talented, but these days there's very cases of great talent equalling a lot of sales, unfortunately.

  59. Another reason is because she was seen as "the next Adele" and so had to "follow in her footsteps", and Adele was still going strong at that point so I guess most people were like "oh, another clone I see..."

  60. I think the reason why she isn't as big as Adele is because she came in her wake, and not many people seemed interested in someone so similar.

  61. I was kinda on the fence about her in till her performance at the royal Albert hall came on and I must say shes one of my favorites now. Her performance was 10 times better than the album.

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