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Thursday, 27 June 2013

[Video Spam] Watch New Music From Fatih Evans, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus!

We all know I'm pretty terrible at keeping on top of new releases and such- which is crazy considering I "run" a music blog. But I'm not sure if anyone else even caught the release of this new video from Faith Evans. Knowing my luck, it's an old song/video and Faith's team has only just posted it to her Vevo but since I've never heard it before, I'm posting it!

Dumb- no, I haven't resorted to name calling, that's the song's name- is an energetic, Motown-inspired romp, which pairs Faith's raspy and soulful voice with a quick tempo and playful sound to dizzying effect. Yep, the video is #BUUUUUUUDDGET but a quick wiki tells me why: the song isn't from a new album but from a compilation album, entitled R&B Divas, which was released last year. So I was kind of right and wrong about the song; it's old, but the video is new.

Still, I'm glad to have our first lady of Bad Boy back!

And while we're at it posting missed videos, this next one from India Arie sailed right by me without as much as a ripple! Taken from her upcoming fifth album Songversation, Coco Butter is another neo-soul jam from the singer-songwriter-producer that'll revitalise and renew your corrupted soul!

Like Faith Evans above, Alicia Keys new song Tears Always Win, channels a vintage sound. However, like the entirety of this era from the piano playing Diva, I'm once again not feeling this song. Surely Alicia has made a video for every song from album The Element Of Freedom by now! Time to move on, me thinks.

There was once a time when a Mariah Carey remix meant new vocals, new arrangement and a totally different take on the song that was being switched-up. But those days seem to have passed and Mariah is once again serving-up a remix that is pretty much the same as the original, only with a rapper pasted in. Totally unnecessary "remix", but hopefully it'll do the job and shunt #Beautiful into the Billboard top ten.

And finally we have Ms. Miley Cyrus and her new musical direction- she wanted something "black", didn't you know! Check out her new single, We Can't Stop, which had already generated an impressive 35 million views since the the 19th of June! Is this due to the quality of the song or the ripples that the video, and some of Miley's latest comments, have caused ? I'll leave you to decide!

Also, feel free to post any videos that you want to discuss with each other in the comments below.


  1. Alicia needs to re evaluate the musical direction she is going in. Mariah better impress with the next few remixes she released. And I have one word to describe Mileys video. Ratchet.

  2. Adding grunts and one verse by ASAP in a song, should barely qualify as a remix.

    "Miley wanted to do something black" HAHAHAHAHA video is a fucking mess as is the song. So desperate for attention.

  3. I like Myley's song and I like the video. I do not like the article by the loooooooong toed ms Stewart. It was quite full of..... well something. ;-)

  4. meh the miley cyrus song is catchy but she's another celebrity who has fallin into the "twerk,booty,hipster,ratchet and tattoo" trend thats going around. if you look at jessie j, Miley or gaga they are all flaunting there backside now because its a trend and this whole twerking fiasco is fuelling it . none of them a few years ago would ever do the over the shoulder ass up kinda photos but now they are, cant help but feel nicki minaj has had something to do with this and bringing different stereotypes into the public eye.

  5. My belief is Myley is still very much searching for her musical niche.
    Other than that I agree but I like this vid because aside from the twerking crap, it also had some less often used imagery. Most videos I have seen of this ilk " partying" is depicted as drinking, dancing and making out. I liked that in this video they also showed people pulling pranks and doing silly stuff like building stuff from french fries.

  6. Rather disappointed in Mariah's remix, but hopefully it'll jumpstart the song on urban formats (which is where #B is struggling.) She's supposedly recorded a new video for the remix too... IDEK. This era is shaping up to be a mess.

    For Miley... I will forever love the song (it ranks- for me- just ahead #B and behind The Way as one of my faves this year.) Vocals are not too shabby, although there is a lot of processing so IDK. The video though- seems like a Gaga-influenced preteen party.

  7. Mariah is apparently recording a "new hip-hop remix" and a dance remix, which I heard will have entirely new vocals.

    I don't like Miley's new song. She just sounds so hoarse and awful, imo.

  8. Mariah's apparently planning a new hip-hop remix, and a dance remix (with apparently all new vocals). She already released the Spanglish version (and it's a mess!) but I hope the two versions that matter actually do well. Mariah's remixes are still there - just ask her rerecorded vocals for Triumphant.

  9. Never used to be a fan of Miley until that song and this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um1dZVoVmwE

  10. How does she sound hoarse, though? Her voice sounds smoother now than in her previous album.

  11. My corrupted soul was bored with both Faith and India Arie (yes, that was an intended pun. Two actually)
    But happily I did finally find my Keys.( correction..three)
    That's the Alicia I really like!

  12. People are so tough on Miley, but like Opie said, I just think she is trying to figure herself out. I don't think she is as crazy as many people believe and being around the same age as her, I can relate to what she says. The video is quite interesting and gets the people talking! It was a smart move because the imagery was so bizarre and awesome that it could become iconic.

    That being said, Miley will turn out fine and I can't wait for her new music. Her collaborations with Pharrell will probably be the best work she's ever done. People underestimate and dismiss her too often...

  13. I was hoping I detected shade, but upon closer reading, I think it was just a mistake. Isn't Alicia's latest CD called "Girl on Fire"? "Element of Freedom" was her last project. Both are forgettable, so the mistake is understandable.

    Also, apparently India's CD was released this week. Seems like her sound hasn't changed/evolved too much. Think I'll pass.

  14. milezstan101shedabomluvher29 June 2013 at 17:07

    My belief is Miley us amazing. full stop

  15. GUYS! I actually kind of like the Hip Hop remix.

  16. well i really really like the new song from miley though the twerk didn't work for me. the other videos bored me

  17. i think alot of it is her saying "hey,im not disney channel anymore". but i agree some parts of the video were cool and fun apart from the twerking stuff.