Wednesday 10 July 2013

[Single Review] MutyaKeishaSiobhan: "Flatline"

This is not the sound I was expecting MKS (Mutya Keisha Siobhan) to be launching their return to music with, so colour me surprised! I'm just not sure whether it's a good surprise or not at this moment.

Definitely sounding maturer than their last outing together- hardly a shock considering that was over ten years ago- new single Flatline sees the ladies taking an 80's pop route that initially brought to mind Fleetwood Mac's Big Love. However as the song played out, it quickly becomes less reminiscent and more contemporary, oozing the freshness that was/still is so synonymous with trio.

Producer, Dev Hynes has done a beautiful job with the song's arrangement: balancing it so it's structurally interesting throughout, but left with enough sonic space for the ladies to implement their brand of killer vocals (which are stunning!). The overall effect is one of quiet beauty, rather than that which smacks you around the head with its plumage, and that's where I worry because the song doesn't come off as immediately radio friendly. Their name alone should be enough to get Flatline on heavy rotation- which is half the battle won- but it's still undoubtedly a risky choice for a first single.

Cool, well constructed and exceptionally sung ( I especially love Siobhan's part in the bridge), Flatline is pretty great; it's just not as strong a first single as I was hoping. Still, critics are going nuts for it, so, fingers crossed, that's a positive sign of impending success for this overdue reunion.

Rating: B



  1. Yes I get dem tingles when those girls harmonize together!

  2. You know I am soooo stoked you decided to review this DD! I have always loved the 'Sugababes' and this is by far my favourite line up and in particular Siobhan.

    I didn't know what to expect when they dropped this last Thursday but I was so impressed, the production is as you say both retro and fresh but more importantly it sounds like it should for these ladies. The harmonies are absolutely incredible, partly due to the incredibly artistry of each member as well as their own uniquely distinctive voices!

    My only critique is that of the release date, I mean the 1st of September? Thats just too far away for my liking! Thanks a million for doing this review, these fab ladies deserve all the exposure and success going, and for me its nice to have a girlband back in the game that I can truly respect!

  3. What an aptly titled single because Heidi, Amelle, and Jade's careers flatlined when this single surfaced. I'm glad Dev Hynes came correct with the production because he defintiely seemed to be recycling a bit of his material with Sky Ferreria and Solange.

  4. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan11 July 2013 at 08:11

    I've liked them since a while now, I like the single, but I honestly think it's just a little above average... not really enough for a comeback.

  5. EvilTroyandEvilAbed11 July 2013 at 13:04

    I had a very odd reaction to "Flatline". It's definitely different that what I was expecting, going for a more 80's pop/indie pop vibe (clearly Siobhan's influence), and it left me a little confused at first. But, I know people throw out this term a lot, but I truly think Flatline is a grower, and that'll probably function best, because those songs tend to have a longevity if they break out which (being the first MKS song in a decade, it'll probably do well in sales on that fact alone).

    Second, it's a given but it still needs to be said... their vocals are ridiculous both individually and as a group. I love Mutya (and her ad libs are killer during the final chorus) but I think Siobhan steals the show. She sounds phenomenal (love her going lower on "put your guitar back DOWN" and I'm loving her part on the bridge.

    Honestly, I could keep going on, but I shouldn't. I'll just end by saying that I've come to love Flatline (it's definitely a song you should use earphones for whilst listening to it because laptop speakers don't do it justice) and I'm excited to see what else they come up with :D

  6. EvilTroyandEvilAbed11 July 2013 at 17:18

    Yeah. I really hope they move up the release date. Mid August would give them enough time to build up radio and get promo in place IMO

  7. Indeed, I was hoping with all the positive press they have been getting with the song that the demand would be so much for them to bring the date forward, here is hoping anyway :)